• daddy

    damn nice havent heard from him since the jack johnson sessions...

  • Tevin

    Jack Johnson mixtape was good lets see what he got.

  • the G

    take a loss was a hit! cant wait for the rest

  • cali g

    Dope as hell

  • aaron

    this is too good. gonna have this on repeat for a long time.

  • Cali760

    Wow I'm amazed so far

  • GR

    Really really good sounds from this guy. I love how the whole album is laced with guitar. Much respect.

  • Gitttty

    wowww. dont sleep on this

  • http://www.facebook.com/flocorecords DKennedy

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  • Scuba

    is this the Jack Johnson Sessions guy? that tape was awesome

  • bahler

    definitely the jack johnson guy. that tape was so smooth. cant wait to hear this one.

  • Sean

    Does he have any other works? Besides The Jack Johnson Tape?

  • Cisco1

    That intro is a BANGER

  • quality

    this dude ill. loved the jack johnson sessions.

  • Protege

    never heard of dudde b4 but wow.. that my fault song is flames

  • http://www.mdoti.com Abe

    Coldplay Sessions - 2.7.12 - mdoti.com