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Spec Boogie (of The Lessondary) – AfriKingStyle

blame it on Meka April 7, 2011

Spec introduced himself to a Madlib beat for your enjoyment. His World Tourist project will drop soon.

DOWNLOAD: Spec Boogie – AfriKingStyle | BandCamp
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  • GR

    Fuck, that beat is sick. Is that Madlib?

  • ^
    “Spec introduced himself to a Madlib beat for your enjoyment.”

  • Unxpekted

    I swear real hip hop is getting spotlight again. Oh wait nevermind we will never hear this on the radio. Blogworthy

  • this shit goes………..

  • popason

    sheesh! …. hella tight. he WENT IN.

  • B-Line

    the line where he says _ “don’t fuck with a girl that doesn’t read books”_ I ain’t gonna lie that sounded real corny but he made it work when he said ” a girl can’t give you something she don’t have” all i got to say was damn that shit was sick,,,

    props definitely a dope little freestyle

  • bob

    this is one of the most refreshing tracks ive heard in a long time. Really solid stuff, dude has my attention