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Theo Martins – The Spotlight f. Class Actress

blame it on Meka April 8, 2011

Theo Martins is back with the first single from his upcoming new project.

DOWNLOAD: Theo Martins – The Spotlight f. Class Actress | BandCamp
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  • aaron

    all these people with these ski masks pics are all taking it from tyler. too much biting in hip hop. when something works, errrrybody jumps on it. and theo is in a completely different lane than the odduture cats!

  • whoa there

    lol i thought this was tyler

  • Coolin

    Yes because a 20 year old kid is the first person to wear a ski mask in this culture…are you retarded? That’s like saying Tyler is biting Young Buck. You Odd Future stans are too much…

  • RuanHoll

    3 comments…this is amazing track
    beat has me high

  • LupeFaco

    Theo Martins – The Monocle
    these dudes bring something refreshing to the game, such a crazy insane beat with lyrics that arepure hiphop, more tracks like this i can see em blowin faster then mac miller these dudes are hot , this song is simply stunning
    i got this track on repeat all day dancing
    we need more of this in hip hop

  • red

    @aaron go kill yourself faggot if you really think people are stealing the ski-mask thing from Tyler
    get the fuck out

    i like OF but i’m tired of all these OF stans

    and @whoathere you can go kill yourself too

  • red

    @whoathere so you thought a girl was tyler? wtf?

  • JM

    I thought it was PLIES lmao

  • whoa there

    @red.. when I got on the site..all I saw was a ski mask..simple mistake.. but you can stfu, k? thanks..bitch

  • all these people with these ski masks pics are all taking it from tyler.
    most ignorant comment ever.
    check plies, waka, gucci mane, young buck, o.j da juice man all have had mixtape out over the past 5 years with ski masks. its like sayin the next rapper to hold a gun on the front of his album started it. u ignorant idiot.

  • OH AND the track was dope

  • Refreshing

  • GR

    Fuck a mask, I want that ho to know it’s me!

  • red

    Why couldn’t you say that without stealing my name? OF is lame though.

  • This record has too much bounce … I love it!

  • Gem Star

    song is dope as shit. fuck. swag

  • hgh


  • Anonya

    it was just aiight to me….not bad but not amazing.

  • sam sneed

    What an amazing record. Jeeeesus christ that was fucking ridiculous.

  • this record is super dope…

  • Retro805

    This track is koo but this stolen beat sounds better when thehoodinternet blended “nuthin but a G thang” on it wich came out a long time ago
    Loook itt uppp (:

  • sam sneed

    mashups are gay

  • This song has a great 80’s feel to it.
    Definitely will add this one to my rotation.

  • ddddd

    so amazing
    i love this track

  • Truth

    i never knew music could sould this good at 2011…chorus and beat is out of the universe…lyrics go suprislingly well and punched me in the face…rolled around friday wit a white girl and this song and a blund…..wow i was flyin in houston no one could touch me
    i need more of this in my life