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Young Guru Talks Jay Electronica, Unreleased Jay-Z, etc (Video)

blame it on JES7 April 9, 2011

Hip-Hop’s #1 engineer speaks with HHC about Jay Electronica, who he refers to as “The One,” the organic progression of Exhibit C as well as unreleased Jay-Z material (says he has about 4 – 5 albums worth of unreleased material).

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  • JAyP

    thats great & all but where is Jay Elec & J Cole’s album at?!!

  • cherocks

    i need a jay elec album…cmon good!

  • aha

    who is this cat and why is his name young Guru

  • aha

    so when he is old his name will be Guru GTFO
    dont desereve this name



    You’re an idiot, he’s an engineer not a rapper, it’s just a nickname. And even though he passed (RIP) the word “guru” isn’t epitomous to the rapper of the same name.

    He was probably nicknamed that because he’s good at his craft and is knowledgeable, which you can tell from this interview.

    Idiot. prob didn’t even watch

  • daman

    @aha Young Guru Been ENgineering FOr Jay-z For The Longest. He Is Not A Rapper & He Didnt Take Guru Name Smh!

  • marty mcfly

    You never heard of young Guru? WOW I think engineers should get more credit in hip hop because they are almost artists themselves. Anyway when I first heard Exhibit C my mind exploded cause I could understand where he was coming from. Like the line “Its quite amazing that you rhyme like you do and that you shine like you grew up in a shrine in Peru” Its because in ancient times the people in Peru would build shrines out of gold that were huge and crafted with alot of detail. His music got so many layers of creativity its incredible. Hip hop needs that album , Jay Electronica = The One…

  • Most of Hov’s unreleased shyt be having raw gems uncut diamonds… I think the shyt doesn’t get released a lot of times because it doesn’t serve Hov’s corporate interest or it can’t be marketed alongside an endorsement or business venture.

    And just like my analysis on my website about Jay-Z’s Armand de Brignac venture, shyt suggests that dude has a lot of not so obvious endorsements that he strategically places within the music…. All his raps have to be gateway to those bigger bucks/ purposes.

  • Rebellious

    let’s hope we get a Jay-Z Lost Tapes album/mixtape sometime in the future…definitely would love to hear his collab with Movado

  • krow132

    LOL @ niggas who dont know Young Guru. I dont know Jay-Z has been shouting him out forever on his albums as his engineer. smh

    anyway, I completely agreed with him. I think one of the worst crimes Jay-Z ever committed was not finishing Dead Presidents pt. 3. Or he did finish it and it was waaay to short. That song was so dope.

  • name

    Young Guru outside of a bookys

  • I’m not saying i’m biting Jay Electronica, but as an 18 year old and one who is on a different path, i truly look up to this dude. It’s literally my dream just to have a conversation with him and just freestyle with him. literally. Young Guru is incredible and 4 to 5 albums worth? is the world ready?