Maybach Music Group Presents: Self Made v.1 (Artwork)

blame it on Shake April 9, 2011

I guess there’s going to be more than one version? Last Sunday, this cover was released (which coexists with the behind-the-scenes clip, after the jump). But today I came across the one above. Either way… Rick Ross, Pill, Meek Mill and Wale’s upcoming compilation drops May 24th. Y’all looking forward to it?

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  • T0KS

    They coulda atleast wear the same colored suits.

  • scags

    yesss its gonna be a dope album

  • how original. sitting round a dimly lit table like gangsters….

  • she

    No audra the rapper?

  • Blue

    Does anyone else realize rick ross scored 3 freshman from 3 years on a row (2009’s wale, 2010’s pill and 2011’s meek mill)?

  • dirtysixchambers

    i honestly cannot wait. i think this tape is gonna be dope as fuck.

  • tb

    they’re trying to get their rosewood on like g.o.o.d

  • @Blue i totally just picked up on that i forgot about wale & pill being on there before i was so caught up with this years list ahahahaha. on the note of my comment fuck yeah i am looking forward to this mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMAYbach 24

  • red

    This should be about as good as an OJ Da Juiceman mixtape.
    Even if the lyrics are on point it’s going to be a monotonous Lex Luger produced steaming pile of shit.

  • Fuck a Audra The rapper she’s wack as fuck and only getting play in a world of few female emcees

  • That Mothafucker

    I think is gonna be good, but not amazing or anything, I hope songs like pacman are going to be on it.

  • Tiiz

    Are these niggas supposed to be having a tea party???? And is that an apple?!?

  • g-off

    i cant get over wale in maybach he’s to good for this shit

  • this is better.

  • Ryuk

    “They coulda atleast wear the same colored suits.
    T0KS said this on April 9th, 2011 at 5:58 am”

    Ol’ matchy matchy non dressing…

  • dunk


  • suicide dawrs

    why does everyone like wale so much? dude is an overrated hipster. yall niggas trippin

  • AMP

    ^ I can’t believe someone is actually sitting at home inventing track lists. Wow…

  • the MC

    why wale why

  • theconcretefloor

    review of the Ross set during the I Am Still Music tour accompanied w/ some pix:

  • monsterrrrrrrr

    why? cause ya’ll niggas ain’t buy his first album. Its a known fact that in today’s sales climate, to really blow up you have to have the hood audience and the aggro white frat boy audience well invested. Ross has had both for a while. Mark Ronson as a mentor and lady gAGa on the single doesnt interest either of those groups. wale is a street artist and interscope was marketing him for Pop appeal which he has but at his core he is a street artist like Fab and/or Jay.