• marty mcfly

    That Feel The High track is DOPE. Sounds like something Slum Village would do with Blackmilk. Interesting facts about Black Moon too.

  • Illu

    Dope write up, big black moon fan so this is G as fuck

  • james_gotti

    damn thats crazy that you post this. ive been heavy listenin to finsta bundy the past few weeks. not enough people know about them. they made some great music back in 94

  • Jackson

    What's the bass sample from one for the money? I know I have it somewhere but the name is escaping me right now.

  • http://philaflava.com Dred

    nice write-up. i remember hearing the rumors back in the day that buckshot didn't get along with finsta and had him so to say "booted" from black moon but who knows. either way finsta bundy were too ill...i wish they had actually dropped an lp back then instead of random singles here and there. shit i'd love to get a CDQ compilation lp of their singles. i'd buy that shit with the quickness.

    if anyone wants to hear a comprehensive mix of their joints, i actually put together a compilation lp a few years ago with most of their best shit on it. the rip is titled "Finsta_Bundy-The_All-Time_High-2007-SWB" cop that if you can find it, shit is pretty good quality and nice as fuck.

  • M


    you tards need to post this video. It's been out for months.

  • hay

    shit is queer

  • http://keepitclassic.com marc ferman

    I used to have the original 12" records for Finsta Bundy when they were on TAPEKINGZ. Evil Dee & Mister Cee were pushing them hard back in the early 90's. I also used to own THE HIP-HOP CONNECTION in which I turned to MIXTAPE.COM in 1998, so I was in the mixtape game a long time and I liked FINSTA BUNDY

  • skeme

    (2)DEEP posts are DEF my favorite part of this site..makes me go thru my vinyl collection to listen to other DOPENESS from back in the days..PROPS KNOW

  • chronwell

    In the summer weather wearin hats made of sweater! Love it!

  • http://www.thecomeupfoundation.com/ doublex

    i love the 2deep sessions, they're always sick to find classic old music. thanks guys