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    Any New Jon Connor Is An InstaDownload.

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    im a bit confused at what this post description is suppose to mean. Frankly, as a Michigan native, I am pissed. Clearly whomever wrote this is ignorant, and should try to devote at very minimal, one day off the mac, and encourage his/her mind to READ a book. First an foremost, besides the comment being poorly written, it lacks any type of credentials. any being with obtainment of any common knowledge of history should be able to recognize that weak, failing and corrupt government and school system, affixed with an economy in shambles is the perfect recipe for civilian destruction. violent, revolts and yes, killing, are all common factors shared when a region is failing. it should be no question to why people in Michigan are resulting to crime, their pissed, put down and broke. nothinew.tumblr.com

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    Ohhhh shit....i see 2dope posted SOMETHING Lupe related???

  • alwayszzzz

    this shit is fire....i fuk with jon connor, he is next up!

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  • Real Hip Hop

    Yoooooo Jon Connor is so much better than a lot of these rappers that have deals. Who ever get's him will get a Diamond in the Ruff. And he should have been on XXL Freshman class cover.

  • Rod Strickland

    This dude goes in. He is a problem I now a lot of these rappers are shakin in their boots hoping he don't get a deal. He is making this kind of noise with no deal, can you imagine what he could do with a budget behind him