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Kendrick Lamar's 3rd Solo Album...

blame it on Meka April 11, 2011

... is going to be called Section.80, and its first single will drop tomorrow. You may now get excited.

Rapper Big Pooh – RapperPooh-A-Lude f. Kendrick Lamar & Ab-Soul (prod. Focus…)

  • Quickstrike

    Anyone that gives this a thumbs down,, Kill Yourself

  • ballin


  • And I was just saying to my self the other day "self Kendrick should gear up to drop a album being all his XXL brethren have done so" besides all this hype he's getting is well deserved but might be in vain if he waits for Dr.Dre's mysterious Detox Trash!!!! Realtalk

  • Oh Yes!

  • facemask

    This nigga still sound like he got throat cancer.


    i cant even complain if anybody hates on this guy..his music is phenomenal and thats all i care about..

    *thumbs up*

  • MCR_1

    F*ck yeah!

  • a


  • MH

    Co-sign @SUPERSLIM64

  • Slim


  • ck47

    3rd solo album? huh

  • Scott

    @facemask, and he's still one of the best new comers..

  • Shy

    this is a must cop.
    Kendrick >>

  • RussDa59

    I'm confused wasn't OD a mixtape and KL EP an...EP? So wouldn't this be his first album? And now its not called good kid in a mad city? I jizzed nonetheless but would a little fucken clarity kill u meka jesus h

  • whoa there

    Kendrick Lamar is better than your favorite rapper.

  • Skeme

    Where The Fuck Is The Skeme Tape 'The Statement'???

  • red

    This could easily be album of the year for me. Can't wait for the single.

  • asdf

    i havent been listening to any kendrick for a while. ive been playing a shit load of ab-soul tho


    Same boat sir..... That LTM goes too hard..... Heavens a better place/ I hope you all DIE!!!!!.....

  • Oak

    I thought it was going to be called "Good Kid in a Mad City"?

    Regardless still dope. I'm def anticipating this project.

  • J-Sayne

    Kendrick Lamar > Anyone else.

  • DrE

    ab soul just released the best project ever released on Top Dawg Ent just my 2 cents...

  • unclesam

    HOLY SHIT! This came out of the blue!

    But please, give us that damn J COLE TAPE!

  • Moses

    As Ab-Soul will say. "Hell Yeah"

  • ya bah

    J. cole and k dot got big things ahead of em!.. this is outta no where tho.

  • whats his other 2 albums? someone answer this shit!

  • YMC

    Track I made sampling "Wanna Be Heard" by Kendrick Lamar off of the Kendrick Lamar EP:

  • D. Stew

    And he Better play this new single in Chicago when he comes to perform on 4/20

  • feining liquor often

    Co-sing the LTM, bumping it none stop, best shit in 2011 by far.
    Im really looking forward to this though, Kendrick is 2dope.


  • J.West

    Whoooa Out Of Left Filed Cant Wait

  • J.West

    Whooa Out Of Left Field Cant Wait

  • 40ozDropout

    heads up, im already smelling all the wiz khalifa dick ridas coming straight for kendrick lamar...

  • Good Kid in a Mad City was/is gonna be his major label debut and he said in a couple interviews it was only a tentative title and that he had a few others in mind but didn't wanna put 'em out there.

    Can't wait for this though, this dude is my fav rapper.

  • @YMC I clicked your shit homie shits pretty Wack my nigga go back to the drawing board you sound dead rapping and maybe that's cause you should kill yourself my nigga

  • Roe

    Just made my Fucking Day @_coolassdude

  • 20ill11

    Good news! Now I got something to look forward to tomorrow lmao

  • herojima

    @YMC dope shit kid, beat was tough and you got a unique flow

  • Yeah

    @RussDa59 naw OD was not a mixtape.

  • DP

    @4ozdroupout what does wiz khalifa have to do with kendrick lamar? I'm pretty sure his name was never on this post.

  • Cali760

    Can anyone name his other two projects?
    All I know is the O.D. project...

  • Cali760

    NVM I got it.

  • M&M

    Um... Don't you mean debut album???

  • M&M

    Oh, and btw... His first two so-called solo albums were mixtapes...

  • an EP is different than a mixtape and OD was not a mixtape. they both had original beats done by Mixed by Ali and done by SounWave.

  • kb

    yea its his debut ... meka doesn't know what he's talking about

  • kdot

    doktor_kosmo this is his first official studio album

  • a

    wow i cant get over the amount of idiots here.

    Kendrick Lamar's first album: The Kendrick Lamar EP
    Kendrick Lamar's second album: O(verly) D(edicated)
    Kendrick Lamar's third album: Section.80

    Kendrick Lamar's first major label studio album: Good kid in a mad city (rumored title, going to b released next year)

    Get it? Got it? good

  • red

    And for the fans Kendrick also has C4 and No Sleep to NYC. Supposedly there's another tape too but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  • LordMort

    ^ Call it mixtapes then...

  • @kdot ok but like Meka said it's his "3rd Solo Album"

  • yes

    tde ent.
    kendrick blowin up big 2011

  • @kdot read @a comment

  • the third ear

    its his 3rd Solo Project you idiots..he even said it on his twitter..there's a difference between a album and a EP and a album and a mixtape...Kendrick Lamar EP is a EP!..Overly Dedicated is a MIXTAPE..Section 80 is a ALBUM

  • P.

    look up the definition of album - a mixtape is an album. the "EP" was something like 17 tracks first of all and 2nd guess what...it's also an album

  • Dorian

    Let us go

  • JordansOrgans

    Damn, I'm fuggin amped now

  • @abake6

    album..mixtape..ep..lp...who gives a fuck what they are?

    ITS QUALITY MUSIC...just enjoy it.

    when he's ready to drop his real album, go out and support it. until then be appreciative of the fact he givin us free music.

  • hella amped for this release though, believe that.

    i made a megapost of everything he's done AS Kendrick Lamar. that should answer all of your questions.

  • as far as the stuff he's released as K.Dot... it's not really my style. y'all can look it up if you want to, but he's a lot different (and better imo) of an artist now.

  • Maga D

    GET IT.

  • Sylver21

    @bucknasty i checked ur blog. dope post on kendrick, u had a few tracks i wasnt even aware of. everybody check it out, u may find somethin new.

    but yea, im most def lookin forward to this project

  • thanks man, i appreciate it. might do one on ab-soul this week, except y'all gonna have to buy Mentality still haha.

  • yea, props to bucknasty
    you just got bookmarked
    thanks for thos misc tracks

  • yea, props to bucknasty
    you just got bookmarked
    thanks for those misc tracks

  • Datsword!

    Word TDE lookin good! Jay Rock got Black Friday, Schoolboy Q got da Setbacks joint, Ab-Soul wit da new Long Term Mentality & K. Dot wit a new joint on da way! Top Dawg goin in 4 da '11! Ayo niggas need 2 peep Schoolboy Q Ft Ab-Soul-Druggy wit hoes! shit is ill! Check out Ab-Soul Ft Kendrick Lamar-Turn Me Up Some! West coast is doin it big. Ya cant even front on that.

  • "wow i cant get over the amount of idiots here.

    Kendrick Lamar’s first album: The Kendrick Lamar EP
    Kendrick Lamar’s second album: O(verly) D(edicated)
    Kendrick Lamar’s third album: Section.80

    Kendrick Lamar’s first major label studio album: Good kid in a mad city (rumored title, going to b released next year)

    Get it? Got it? good"

    ^^^^^^^^this is what i was thinkin too.... shwhateva tho

  • yugang

    Kendrick Lamar stays on his grind. Long as he keeps releasing music that is quality, i aint mad.

  • unc23

    still waiting...............

  • figgy


  • Damnnnnn......this track just turned me onto Kenrick Lamars shit....FIREEEEEEEEE....POWERful Music


    look up the definition of album – a mixtape is an album. the “EP” was something like 17 tracks first of all and 2nd guess what…it’s also an album
    wtf yo!? mixtape = album?! GTFOH... more like a compilation w/ "freestyles" (emcee's rappin over other rappers beats), mixed and/or hosted by a d.j. at best.
    plus kendrick's "EP" stands for "experience"... just to let yall know...