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Machine Gun Kelly Speaks On His Tattoos, Cleveland & More (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas April 11, 2011

Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently sat down with Machine Gun Kelly. He talks about what “Lace The F*ck Up” means, his tattoos, his life growing up along with his struggles, Cleveland, where his name came from, crazy groupie store where he experienced a threesome, being on the XXL cover & much more!

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  • jwiii

    what’s with this bullshit you’re posting?

  • U Cnt See Me!!!!

    White boy dope af.

  • LaneAboveLames

    Best Rapper representing Cle besides Chip

  • iceyjesse

    wait…so did this guy make the xxl cover or not?

  • djdYUhurd

    nah he’s not on any covers… this dude is embarrasing to white folk. Asher roth and eminem are cool cus they are themselves. this dudes just a corny wigger

  • nicnai9

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  • spitfire1051


    Game ft. Chris Brown – Pot of Gold

  • Doc Rovers

    mgk >

    love the “fuck lebron” part too, and im not even from Cle

  • Dialekt

    This kid is not a wigger by any means, don’t be ignorant and hate without even doing your research, he’s the nicest white emcee out right now on the come up. Stop hatin’ and lace the fuck up, what up Kells!

  • jwiii

    this kid is another suburban wack ass rapper. he went to shaker heights school which is about as middle class “nice” as you can get before you start heading towards the richer areas of cleveland burbs. note, that shit ain’t even Cleveland proper. ahaghhg. i hate this kid. from this fake ass accent which keeps on switching up. it’s like duke said above. he’s just a wigger

  • I didn’t think I could find a white rapper in 2011 that I hated more than Mac Miller… but Machine Gun Kelly is a douche hahahaha. Act like yourself homie.

    PS- Miss Peas… you post some real real questionable stuff

  • Wahht

    He grew up in Denver and went to school in Shaker, come on man you’re not from Cleveland.

  • jwiii

    Actually, asshole I’m on. Collinwood bitch. And, like I said, don’t buy into this bullshit. MARKETING 101. This kid is a joke. I can’t believe these fucking blogs are into this shit.

  • Master Pee

    “The industry is wack” – Kool Keith

  • gtfoh

    when the whole ink your whole body hype dies down what will all these kids do?
    dude looks like a fucking nazi with that chest piece
    and its so obvious he puts on an act.. be yourself..

  • Sean

    This fucker is terrible. Another Jackie Chain. Just be yourself and stop perpetrating a ridiculous stereotype. He actually has flow but I won’t even pay him much attention because he looks like a clown and says clownish things.

  • Quadruple Cleveland O.G.

    Kid Cudi went to SHAKER and he reps Cleveland, This white boy been rappin for a long time in cleveland, local niggas never really paid attention until a couple a yrs ago, & shaker is on the borderline of Cleveland which is considered the metropolitan area of CLEVELAND,

  • jwiii

    Kid Cudi is a horrible example. Is duke even an MC? He’s more an indie artist who dabbles in spoken word. Shaker is about metropolitan as Beachwood. That’s to say it’s not. It’s a fucking burb. Nice green and flush with nature. Stop pretending otherwise.

  • TeamEST

    EST thats my team hoe!! everyone needs to lace up because he’s taking over!!

  • http://bluusheep.blogspot.com/2011/04/new-artist-review-machine-gun-kelly.html#more

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