Maino - Ooh Ahh f. Rico Love

Be right back; someone is asking me the answer to some random-ass math question, and instead of providing an answer I'm asking why the fuck are they asking me this shit to begin with.

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  • Mike

    The answer is 288.

  • h4z

    Its 2

  • TrueHopTunes

    The answer is the # of thumbs up divided by the # of thumbs down this will get

  • Mathematician

    its 2!

  • random

    I could see this getting a lot of thumbs down on this forum, but a lot of spins on the radio. Mainly because it's a bass heavy, girlie-man sung chorus, sexual song. x + y + z = success?

  • 48/2(3+9)=

    motha fuckers i thought i left that equation shit behind!


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