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Smoke DZA – T.H.C. (The Hustlers Catalog) (Album)

blame it on Meka April 11, 2011

Cover Art by Eric Bailey

Now you can have the album that uses this artwork, as DZA drops his highly anticipated next album. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. To Whom It May Concern (Prod. By V-Don)
2. The World (Prod. By V-Don)
3. Cool Shit f. The Kid Daytona (Prod. By 183rd)
4. Early Days Of George (Prod. By Hi-Tek)
5. Gotta Get Paid f. Big K.R.I.T. (Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.)
6. Know Better (Prod. By Lex Luger)
7. Fuck Is You Talkin Bout (Prod. By Alejandro Chal)
8. Loaded (Prod. By Lex Luger)
9. Winning f. Mookie Jones (Prod. By BC Of Necronam)
10. Roll Up, Pour Up f. Killa Kyleon (Prod. By Cardo On The Beat)
11. Uptown 81 f. Kendrick Lamar & Mara Hruby (Prod By. Hit-Boy)
12. 1st Class f. Big K.R.I.T & Big Sant (Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.)
13. Profit f. Trademark Da Skydiver (Prod. By 183rd & Kenny Beats)
14. White Papers f. Devin The Dude

DOWNLOAD: Smoke DZA – T.H.C. (The Hustlers Catalog) (Album)

  • Ryan Oliver


  • Hoody

    DZA goes!

  • wtf

    Finally this came out.

  • Dez

    Some of the songs just turn off at the end while its in the middle of the hook. Its weird but the album is pretty good. Not better than George Kush Da button.

  • Early



  • wndjawd

    he might not be the most complex super mc, but his music is really awesome when im high, and thats all that matters.

  • Mad It Took Dza SO Long To Put The Tape Out

    Took forever….

  • Dez

    Nvm thats my iTunes fuckin up smh. Dope album

  • brianbrown

    About time

  • Rio$

    dont care for smoke dza but ill check out the big krit featurs

  • Ryuk

    Saw him with Krit live. Permadownload.

  • britches

    no spitta? no ski?

  • youngdruglord
  • unclesam

    i’m disappointed that ski and spitta ain’t on the tape, but i’m glad that trademark, kendrick, krit (well not surprising really) and devin’s on it, that accounts for something anyways

  • mtrx

    One of the most slept on. Production on this tape is crazy.

  • THEdopeboy

    I expected spitta as well but Dza is gonna be on Covert Coupe so its all good.

  • John Doe..Dope sorry John Dope.

    It’s good, but i heard half of the tracks before. Most leaked recently but i have had “White Papers ft. Devin The Dude)” since May 20, 2010

  • basick

    this shit is trash!

  • lamar

    @yungdruglord… dope ass song where can I get more?????

  • smoke dza got some heat…

  • TB


  • JustSayingg

    @basick you probably didn’t even listen to the tape so shut the fuck nigga

  • SB_SB

    @Dez naw nigga it’s happening to me to.

  • cock

    ten days late but dza’s one f the nicest out

  • colb

    @dez & sb_sb….ahhh sheeeit me too!! rrrriighttt

  • SB_SB

    @colb haha yeah son it must be the album or some shit. i can’t even skip to the a certain part of a song.

  • Oak

    ^Wtf? Im having the same thing lol.

    And Im sick of those detroit zuu faggots advertising in the comments and then creating a second comment to act like anyone gives a fuck about their shitty ass music. I hope you mothafuckas read this shit too. Your shit is wack a fuck bitch ass advertisin ass mufuckas.

    DZA’s tape is ill though.

  • a nigga

    I’m so glad he doesn’t get on those lex beats i thought thats what this album was gunna be about but it turned out to be fuckin amazing #righhht

  • Prof. Maple


  • Braniak

    i’m so glad he didn’t put that wack ass collabo with the white kid.


  • Prof. I Don’t Give A Fuck

    @Prof.Maple it’s about damn time he changes up his beats but one beat ain’t gonna make a difference he still sucks. all of his beats minus track 6 sound the same

  • lonestar playa

    @ Prof. I Don’t Give A Fuck……….i ain’t lyin lol! dem lex luger stans act like 1 out of the 100 sum’n beats he awready did is gon’ make a damn difference to him finally switchin up a lil!

  • professorpurpa

    can you pleaase fix this album? it ends too early on songs and you can’t skip around on itunes. not cool.

  • Dre aka shlOOb

    that winning track is smooth as fuck

  • red

    Is it working yet?

  • SB_SB

    @red naw still fucks up. Someone needs to hit Jonny Shipes and Smoke DZA up on twitter tell em to fix the damn album

    @oak cosign

  • HindSight

    The Early Days Of George… That joint is too nice

  • random guy

    i thought my itunes had a virus or something lol. good to see that im not the only one having problems with songs ending early with this album

  • Jrt123

    Just convert the tracks in Itunes to AAC versions & your problem is solved.

  • red

    I just got it from mixtapetorrent, maybe for whatever reason everything will be good. If it works I’ll keep you posted.

    FYI I’m using Zune.

  • word pimp

    On Smash has the correct link

  • SB_SB

    @Jrt123 and @red and @wordpimp thanks lol

  • Are_ehh

    i wish he released this on 4/20 it would have been sick to have this and covert coupe on 4/20

  • red

    Yea I used mixtapetorrent got to track 5 and everything seemed in order.

  • colB

    @everyone that help..thx alot mayne!!! & sb_sb…shit worked homie!!! officially burnin now!

  • skratch


  • FUCK EVERYONE WHO SAYS LEX LUGER IS ONE DIMENSIONAL (producer of know better) BLAH BLAH BLAH…..smoke dza is wild, so is everyone on their tape does their job, i love the jodeci sample…. adding to the great projects this year.

  • Washcloth: the son of Towelie

    The first few Lex Luger beats I actually enjoyed listening to.

  • mann some of the songs cut off half wa thru correct dat shit asap

  • GR

    This is getting mad slept on.

  • Scuba

    Bumpin the tape all day. DZA givin us another classic.. for free

  • SvenskarKanHipHop

    does anybody know who produced “white papers”? it sounds like something ski and the senseis would do but it would be nice to know.