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The Cool Kids – Bundle Up (Video)

blame it on Meka April 11, 2011

Directed by BBGUN

Before When Fish Ride Bicycles drops, enjoy the first set of visuals from it> Or, go ahead and cop Mikey Rocks’ latest mixtape that dropped a few weeks ago. Your choice.

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  • dswag

    honestly cool kids have to be one of the freshest and most consistents groups in hiphop. they got a unique sound that they work within to its dopest final product. yeah

  • red

    I need to find this on something other than Onsmash. Has anyone found a different link?

  • fuck

    that onsmash player is shit.its not working.

  • yeah I need to see this now. Please fix this

  • Never seen a video like it.

  • Doc Rovers

    only like 25% of this music video was actually music…but its cool kids so who cares

  • red

    Okay if you google bundle up and check the urban everything link there’s a vimeo link.
    Thank god, Onsmash can suck a fat one. Why would I not be able to buffer?

  • red

    Ah shit wait maybe thats BTS footage

  • KidCassette


  • Vigilante

    This is BTS footage.

  • Key

    this IS the video

    shit is funny and fresh too

  • Dopesir

    OnSmash=worst vid site ever created. wtf.

  • SpeakersBlown

    you guys are stupid as fuck, OnSmash doesn”t even host the video they just put there player around it, but the video it self is still being played from Vimeo or Youtube.

  • Dez

    this was a dope ass video. Very creative. Never seen nothin like that

  • AGoNY

    Remind me of Tropic Thunder

  • t flames
  • aHometownHero

    mockumentary of the making of a music video. its more of a short film than an actully music video. dope concept. glad to see BBGUN finally make something that wasnt just a one shot

  • zig

    Best music video I’ve seen in mad long.

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    oh wow this was dope as hell. lol it was made for me and I put it on my face wtf?

    The whole mockumentary idea was crazy, and well executed, definitely cant wait for When fish Ride Bicycles to drop

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