• solking10

    Dope but are those a few of the same songs from his last tape?

  • billyho

    dope ass shit from the A

  • O’KSEA

    Been waiting on this tape to drop! fuck yeah!
    ATL FTW!

  • cloudkicka

    @solking ya but that Donkey Kong gets consistent burn still. I put that joint on and women lose it. It could be the new "make it rain"

  • gbreeze

    Here's megaupload link i made, fuck bandcamp.....


  • http://twitter.com/sonnyis2funny Sonny Gillespie

    I been waitin for this to drop.. and seein as how Yoga Flame and Donkey King got constant repeat from me on the last project I have little issue with them appearing on here. Awesome

  • Nate Dza

    This is Big Marc from Da Backwudz