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Vintage: The Wu-Tang Clan Circa 1991 (Video)

blame it on Meka April 12, 2011

I’m in tears at how this video evokes memories of bad clothing decisions, absurd haircuts and the movie House Party. Get familiar with a pre-Wu-Tang Clan Wu-Tang Clan, starring the Genius (GZA), Prince Rakeem (RZA) and their backup dancer/human beatbox machine (Ason Unique), courtesy of the good folks of ego trip.

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  • Maga D

    Still haven’t checked out GZA’s first album. Damn.

    You knew this was gonna happen…

  • wow, wutang!

    yo, but its hard to choose a best in wutang… i love em all… they all add flavor to the group… they form like voltron!

    …but if i really hada choose, i think i would say GFK has the best solo discography…

  • Julian

    The best thing about that time was that no one cared how they dressed or looked. Fuck materialism.

  • marty mcfly

    All the members of Wu are dope but Meth is the best cause of stage presence and rhyme scheme cause to make your rhymes by connecting cliches has to be the most hardest style to master in the group.

  • ChileOld

    “Bad Clothing Decisions” ?????????? FUCK U MEKA !

  • outKasted

    I’m pretty sure GZA reached back to 91 on Wu-Tang Forever and used part of that freestyle on there. Ahead of his time to say the least.

  • Funny when ODB said “Ill give it to you raw” and the chick quickly responded with “Give it to me” <—- 5:12 mark HAHAHA dope vid.

  • hahahaha i like how you referenced “their backup dancer/human beatbox machine (Ason Unique)” without clarifying that he is in fact Ol Dirty Bastard

  • jonrud00

    Who is the guy hiding from the camera

  • browneye

    Whoever disliked this deserves to get fucked with an ODB dick

  • Judging by the blogger’s comment his is a young jitterbug that focuses more on the fashion than the movement Wu-Tang personified smh.Hell look at today’s fashion. C’mon son lol!

  • boner

    anyone notice it looks like the girl has a milk mustache?

  • wittyunpredictabletalentandnaturalgame

    What happened to the “Funky Ason Slide”?

  • red

    Choosing a favorite Wu member? If you’ve listened to Triumph you’d know that’s impossible.

    I always get real pumped whenever GFK is about to come on. He’s so mad at god knows what. He’s got to be my favorite. Word to Big Ghostface.
    Method Man comes in at second.
    Raekwon comes in at third.
    RZA fourth.
    Inspectah Deck fifth.
    Gza 6th.
    I won’t front, I never paid Masta Ace & U-God much attention.

  • Baron-Von-Marlong


  • JT

    @meka.. I really do not understand how you “are in tears from the memories” of Wu-Tang, when most of Odd Future is parallel to their shit. Try listening to Liquid Swords one time then listen to Domo Genesis’s song Tang Golf. I don’t care about you and you’re tension between them just compare quality ass hip hop because that’s who you are

  • shay stacks
  • real deal

    @JT- you compare odd future to the WUTANG CLAN and i’ll fucking cut you. go to bed you got school tommorow, pussy

  • shittzzzz

    bad clothing decision?!! hahaha 2dopeboyz are becoming 2dopequeereyeforastraightguy.com hahahaha pussies!

  • zbMrOG

    Odd Furture = horrorcore WuTang

  • this site is bollocks

    absurd haircuts? you sound like an idiot. that’s just how people from nyc rocked then.

  • marty mcfly

    Odd Future is more like D12 then Wutang. Lets be serious most of you still have know clue what Wutang was rhyming about. Odd Future is easily understood as shock value.

  • marty mcfly

    no clue…. Wu = Wisdom of the Universe

  • JT

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksOsmMODOfw Odd Future over RZA’s 4th Chamber beat. @real deal you’re an ignorant fuck. @zbMrOG Learn to spell and they don’t make horrorcore you fucking idiot listen deeper than the music before you put it in the box.

  • BillyOcean

    I’m not interested in the Odd future debate or old wu-tang fashion but I just wanna post to ridicule the idiot who said “listen deeper than the music”…

  • AshinBlunts

    Yeah that I believe was quoting Tyler, the Creator.

  • flowcrazy

    It’s the last bit of Sandwiches

  • memebased

    @BillyOcean Fail

  • uraniummice


  • Dopefiend


    Migga please. ODDFUTURE is wack as fuck.

  • JT

    And by the way i would suck tylers junk if i could hang with them, I fucking love them


    LMFAO this is great

    And to that faggot comparing OFWGKTA to Wu Tang, fuck outta here..

    OF are some of my favorite new artists and sure they got the similarities of 99 Eminem and have the character of Wu, but you fucking high or some shit thinking their on Wu’s caliber? Dumb mother fucker smh

  • IllicitMC

    Meka, fuck what these clowns are sayin…just do you. I hope we see more old school videos like this from Ego Trip and The Box and stuff

  • Unknown
  • casperml011

    “Have you ever asked yourself Where have all the good guys and ladys gone?. Open your eyes to the possibilities and date singles of other races, visit
    — Bla ckwhi teCu pid *C 0-M —” ;) ;)

  • zbMrOG

    love gettin ya retards all pissy, @JT please explain the “deep meaning” of the video for EARL? is there a deeper reason he’s ripping out his teeth n drinkin blender full of shit. wow deeep. Of course Wu Tang has more depth than OF, thats a GIVEN. “Ask her for a couple bucks, shove a trumbet up her butt. Play a song invade her thong my dick is havin guts 4 lunch” Earl Sweatshirt off EARL..kinda shocking huh(just n example)…i got all the tapes jus pick a song. the shyt is ill but if you dont think some of it is for shock value than your dumb. Put ya self ina box & your head ina vice. JETS FOOL


  • hahah Cool to see this video.

    *sees c section argument

  • rey

    ny hip hop<3

  • cahlo

    GZA looks like Beavis lol