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Buckwild Breaks Down His Greatest Productions

blame it on JES7 April 13, 2011

Complex recently sat down with the Diggin In the Crates producer and picked his brain for some interesting stories behind some of his classic production. A few highlights:

On Biggie’s I Got a Story To Tell:

“That was originally meant for Foxy. Tone from Trackmasters picked the beat for Foxy, and Foxy heard it, then she said, ‘It’s the worst beat I heard in my life.’ But you can’t knock it because Foxy’s album is so dope and has so many hits on it. So fast forward to next year. Biggie does the song, Foxy comes in, she hears it, and goes, ‘Big, this got to be the best record on your album.’ And then I called Tone and said, ‘Yo, this the same beat I gave Foxy. I thought you said she didn’t like it.’ Tone was just like, ‘Man, don’t pay attention to her.’ [Laughs.]

On Black Rob’s Whoa:

“Lenny S gave the beat to Jay-Z, then Memphis Bleek, then Amil, and then other people. They all passed on it. So Rob does the record and a week later I walk into Def Jam, I hear Lenny playing the record going, ‘I told ya’ll this record is going to be crazy! All ya’ll niggas slept on this record.’ That record kind of brought Bad Boy back.”

On Big Pun’s Dream Shatterer (Original Mix:

“I remember we went to Mystic Studio in Staten Island. He went inside the booth and sat on a stool, and just breathed fire through the whole song. I’ve never seen him finish a song without doing punches.”

On Terror Squad (Armageddon’s) Pass Away [Sidenote: I always told those around me who thought Geddy was trash to listen to this joint]:

“That was Armageddon’s record. Fat Joe said that record was about him. I don’t know if it is, but…”

Read the full thing here.

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  • Tone Riggz

    Armageddon never got the chance to really establish himself as a solo artist…if you listen to his lyrics though, he’s dope…

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