• http://theshogun.bandcamp.com M.Will the Shogun

    this is awesome

  • Marco. G



    historical, BX niggas

  • http://brutoleeonis.blogspot.com Bruto Lee Onis

    I'm not surprised Foxy thought that beat was trash, That bitch has had a hearing problem most of her life. As well as not writing ill Nana or even picking the beats. What happened to her career when she started making her own choice?
    And how the fuck do you hear the beat to Whoa! and turn it down?

  • Tone Riggz

    Armageddon never got the chance to really establish himself as a solo artist...if you listen to his lyrics though, he's dope...

  • http://nyc.com zany blunts

    "And how the fuck do you hear the beat to Whoa! and turn it down?"

    ^^^^^^^^ferreal man... i was all =O

  • 730

    @brutoleehonis ur name is wack its corny & u probably ride dick you simply sound like a hating ass punk who dont get much pussy you gon lose ur life makibg a mockery of anyones hearing impairment u dumb idiot

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/mselect M-Select

    terror squad session like whoa!

  • http://brutoleeonis.blogspot.com Bruto Lee Onis

    Nigga please, Imma lose my life? for making fun of deaf people? Im not gonna entertain the pussy remark cuz if any women in your family saw me, they'd be giving up the pussy. Ok tough guy. You cant have my dick in your mouth so you'd rather say my name.
    730? thats so original, change your name to your bedtime you sensitive ass fuckin homo! Fuck you and any handicapped person in your family. Fuck Foxy and her fucked eardrums, Fuck your faggot ass fingers for typing that bullshit! Fuck your retarded mother for fucking your invalid father and making a shit stain like you!