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Kendrick Lamar – HiiiPoWeR (prod. J. Cole)

blame it on Meka April 13, 2011

Mixed & recorded by @mixedbyali. Props to @daveisfree.

Remember when I said this a few days ago? Well, here is the first single from Kendrick’s upcoming #Section80 album, as well as the very first collaboration with J. Cole. Enjoy.

PURCHASE: Kendrick Lamar – HiiiPoWeR (prod. J. Cole) [via iTunes]

  • slim


  • ziplockp

    this shit is serious.

  • random

    cole redeemed himself from that Bei Major shit lmao

  • Lol233
  • Del

    tryin to hussle niggas 99c at a time

  • ChriZ

    INSANE. cant wait for the j cole kendrick collab album
    Beat is ridiculous

  • #chief

    so dope!

  • panoble

    Ya’ll can’t pay 99 cents for a song? I hit the link based off of the names involved

    Hiiiiiii Power

  • Long awaited.


    Now click my name to peep the basics…

  • asada


  • T$

    *Plugs in headphones… Flicks the lighter…. Nods head to this Fiyahh ass beat & Kendrick spitting..

  • This shit is dope! I can’t wait for his next album….

  • derek

    kinda wanted him to spit that accelerated flow on a really hard beat for the first single. however this shit kinda smooth, thumbs up

    thug life…..thug life

  • highlife

    Nothing less than amazing.

  • Shzntt

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus i really listen!

  • g.o

    its no on iTunes no more?….

  • Roe

    K Dot thank you i been waiting on this..

  • damn, c-section is blowing the fuck up. here goes. also, my name links to a post with every kendrick song ever released. don’t be a stranger.

  • kennyis22

    wtf it’s the itunes link didnt work

  • Sylver21

    Cole’s production is gettin better with each new i hear him produce…Kendrick was spittin somethin serious on this. this project they got coming may be classic. #greatness

  • Sylver21

    Cole’s production is gettin better with each new beat i hear him produce…Kendrick was spittin somethin serious on this. this project they got coming may be classic. #greatness

  • 206grindin


  • flavaaaflav

    that is all

  • jesus. never expect anything less than excellence from Kendrick. and the itunes link doesn’t work, even from inside the store. You gotta just go straight to the buy button when you see after searching “Kendrick Lamar”

  • PRalines

    oH-MY GOD! i wasn’t really feelin the beat but kendrick lamar is sooooo dece

  • mighty

    does anyone hear a lil kanye/pusha in this? but either way this shit is serious

  • Shzntt

    whatever these other rappers beating around, Kendrick Lamar ”
    said it”

  • Ray

    iTunes link isn’t working! I wanna buy this!

  • bluewindows


  • dEt0X’

    dam this shit go hard!!!
    now were just waiting on that j. cole single!!!

  • ibracadabra


  • this is exactly what i expected…this boy is serious…j cole did his thing on the beat

  • illlesttt

    carrying on where pac left off… Kendrick is a beast…

  • Tune

    I Tried To Take This Nigga Serious But This Motherfucker Sound Like Elmer Fudge When He Rap

  • LupeFaco

    cd gonna be nuts


    I’m impressed. Hell crazy Nas & Kanye West influences in Lamar.

  • RuanHoll


  • search Kendrick Lamar inside iTunes. and you’ll see the HiiiPower single under the results (like the 4th result I think). But you can’t click it to see a description or anything. Just click buy and it’ll work.

    i would post it on my megapost, but i actually want people to support artist’s like Kendrick

  • Timothy

    Rick ross
    Wiz khalifa
    Lil wayne


    Take fucking notes on how to rap
    And yall sheep ass people praise them smh!

    Thank you K.dot

  • 32424

    when that link to download was posted it was at 40 downloads…now in few min already 250 downloads….like 10 people downloading every seconds damn this song heating up things
    kendrick and tde ent killin hip hop 2011

  • jwiii

    He borrows/jocks So Appalled rhyme patterns & even the chorus. It’s dope but I keep thinking of West when I listen to this. Excited though to see what else he has waiting.

  • Scubbba

    This is chrickta chronicccc! shit man. Kendrick and Cole are my favorite in the game right now. can not wait for their album!

  • El OH El

    my ears came :O!

  • Ignorant Genius

    did he always flow like pusha mixed with kanye?

  • 32424

    358 downloads now damnnn

  • jwiii

    nah, not that i can recall. it’s dope but distracting. kind of feels like j. cole & him just listened to Kanye’s new album and said “hey let’s try this out” shows how crazy influential kanye west

  • Jon

    Kendrick with that Pusha Ton flow on this 1


    hot lyrics on point
    true hip hop
    kendrick destroyed the beat

  • Snagz

    Not a Kendrick fan, but I have to admit, this is dope. This whole song from beat to lyrics is just a breath of fresh air. I am tired of hearing dudes on rap about weed, how they are underrated, selling kilo’s, and whatever other generic topic you can think of. I don’t care if it’s kendrick or any other rapper hip hop just needs for music like this.

  • Damn!! :o This shit is fuckin dope.

  • Snagz

    Btw when does his mixtape/album drop?

  • MetalJacket

    crrrraaaaack music! TDE cant do no wrong in my eyes right now!

  • Being frank…Sinatra!

    Pusha mixed wjat kanye is what Im hearing..

  • MY NIGGA!!!!

    And fuck all you free download niggas, don’t be a bitch and support good music!

  • Being frank…Sinatra!

    mixed mith kanye

  • “does anyone hear a lil kanye/pusha in this?”

    Nope, sounds like Kendrick Lamar to me. Dope

  • jwiii

    you’re not listening if you don’t hear all the BORROWED/JOCKED kanye west rhyme patterns & accent patterns from MBDTF Kendrick Lamar used on this track. I can even point them all out to you if you want. Open your ears. Hell, even the beat is like a slowed down Chain Heavy.

  • Ableton Head

    Yeah near The End he Was Sounding Like Pusha T

  • KendrickKillin

    I used a dollar off my little sisters account to buy this shit!
    Love Kendrick man no homo
    Cant wait for the project.

  • Jcole is that nigga!


    New HipHop site, with great articles!

  • Jonnie

    @jwii you act like he’s trying to hide the fact that he was doing some Kanye impersonations..smh Kendrick lyrically is better than Kanye anyway, this is the first time he’s even done something like that so he was apparently having fun with it

  • GR

    NICE SHIT. Please use Soundcloud more often in the future, 2dopeboyz

  • saul

    MARC! whats Gooooood?

  • jwiii

    Jonnie, you’re in denial. Stannery!

  • pat

    very impressed. cole is on his ‘Ye lately. he is just as good a producer as he is a rapper. love this fucking duo

  • PRG

    i think we all know what will be the album of the year.

  • figgy

    crazy inspirational. these lyrics are too deep.

    frightenin’, so fuckin’ frightenin’, enough to drive a man insane…i need a license to kill.

    enough to drive a man insane, so insane. the reason why lauryn hill don’t sing or kurt cobain loaded that clip and then said “bang.”

    the drama it brings…crazy.

    Kendrick Lamar on that lyrical shit, mayonaise colored benz, he’s pushin’ miracle whips.

    “everyday we fight the system..we been down for too long but that’s alright. we were built to be strong ’cause it’s our life.”

    that is all.

  • graveYard

    @jwill dude did the so appalled hook on purpose wtf is u talkin about? im sure u was 1 of the niggas who got mad offended and called jay-z a bitter after his 1st few bars on “I just wanna love u” weren’t u.. yeeaaa u were lol.. smh

  • Knowledge

    We are seeing history at this very moment.

  • yugang

    Man this is fire. Nuff said

  • T$

    Mahnnnn dude just gained a fan…..No lie..Boi dis underground Rap shyt is Ridiculous//

  • jwii

    I’m just pointing out the details of what I hear when I listen. Y’all is taking offense that I’m pointing them out. I even give him credit by saying he’s either paying respect as in borrowing influences or he’s possible not and just straight jacking. I even said I was impressed on first listen. Y’all stans need to check yourselves and allow a vibrant discussion of a song beyond “YO! THIS DOPE!”

  • LoGiC

    itunes link isnt working. here it is


  • MH

    That polaroid picture on topdawg for this song is the homie Nicks picture…

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=152363988157265&set=a.149203978473266.30285.100001509951171&type=1&theater <— proof

  • Maga D

    This goes. But the fuck I look like buying a single? I’ll wait till the album drops, or somebody posts a link. Buying singles is for bitches.

  • Sylver21

    after re-listening to it with an ear for kanye and pusha, i can def hear wat you guys are talkin about…well, i noticed the obvious nod to the “so appalled” hook on first listen…but yea…in the second verse, the Unhhh!!!’s are kanye-like. and the third verse, the musical chairs/pedestal line sounded a bit like pusha…now im racking my brain to see if i can remember K lamar with these same cadences before…

  • Maga D

    And Cole can produce for people outside his self? haha. Good beat, he also produced on Fashawn’s newest tape. Wonder if K.R.I.T. can produce for other people?

  • HD

    Download hit the name

    Pure amazing song

  • Maga D

    Btw, #Section80? WTF type of title. Actin like this is Twitter, haha. Work on the title KDOT.

  • coop

    beat is tuff as hell coles production is nasty and kenrick murders it on some real rap shit. makin real music way above these mediocre emcees. salute

  • Jonnie

    @jwii nobody is being a stan or getting offended..you’re just making a big deal out of nothing and pointing out the obvious

  • LupeFaco22232
  • jwiii

    if i was just pointing out the obvious what you so mad for? come on, son!

  • This Song is fire.
    Yall niggas stupid.
    He sounds like himself… go listen to The Heart Pt. 2
    I can understand if yall are saying he sounds like 1 rapper but 2 at the same time? smh lol


    this is the best Cole production I ever heard. Kendrick sound super nice with the lyrics. great song.


  • marty mcfly

    Wow This is dope , IN MY OPINION this is the best song both of them have done so far. That beat is crazy too , sounds like something Evidence would do.

  • mighty

    haha knew i wouldnt be the only one who would hear ye and pusha

  • Oak

    @Maga D

    Cole also produced for XV.

    And yeah KRIT can produce for other cats. He produces a lot of Smoke DZA tracks and he did “Glass House” on Kush & OJ. Nuff said…

    On Topic: This track is better than I expected which is saying a lot because I think Kendrick is a really good lyricist and song writer. I was also surprised by the beat. Cole did his thing on this one and he is definitely improving his craft. Good to see music like this coming out. I’m happy to support stuff like this.

  • Ryuk


  • rick jon

    best 99cent ever.. go to itunes from you computer itunes to order.

  • marty mcfly

    BUT ( here it comes ) People saying Kendrick is better then Kanye? I dont know about that.

  • tony

    ,,, sounds like Kanye not TDE Kendrick..dissapointed

  • lol

    if u think about it why pay tho?

  • Bran

    Whover those people were who put a thumbs down are some supreme haters and wouldn’t know good music if it slapped em in the face.

  • Maga D

    @Oak: Glass house is the same track from KRIT WUZ HERE, so it’s a KRIT song that Wiz was featured on. But I heard that XV track too, pretty good. Me personally though, Gotta say Kendrick’s on another level than these cats, Cole included.

  • jwiii

    Stop that nonsense talk! It’s easy to replicate a style once it’s laid out in front of you. It’s hard to create one. Either way I just think they paying respect to the style by trying to replicate it themselves more than they are trying to put it off as they’re own.

  • Maga D

    Marty: I’d say yes to that, not even close. Lucky KDOT doesn’t make beats though.

  • word, i was thinkin he was soundin like pusha at points as well…

    shwateva tho, still dope…

    ferreal ferreal

  • Dot Em Peg

    “Who said the black in the Illuminati, Last time I check that was the biggest racist party…” WHAT??? K-Dot > Everybody

  • bob

    listen to night of the living junkies… he “jockes” kanye in that 2 at the beggining of each verse… its dope cuz obvy ye played big roles in lamar…he deff did for cole… (“whats scary to me) henny make girls look like hallie berrry to me” k.dot is more lyrical when he changes it up but w the cool kanye start… CHILL yall this aint nothing brand new to kendrick…
    btw dope track

  • Mrs. Jones

    Complain about paying .99 for a song? Who does that? If you don’t have a credit card or .99 cent, you have no business checking blogs all day for new music.

  • Yo

    This is dope but dude3 jocked ‘Ye and Pusha here.

    I kept waiting for him to say “…fuckin’ ridiculous” in the hook.

    And any motherfucker sayin’ Kendrick > Kanye….eat a dick muffin.

  • Yeah

    Itunes link doesnt even work -__-

  • CZ

    LOL at the people saying he bit Kanye lines. If you don’t understand why he is referencing specific lines then you shouldn’t be commenting about the song. There is a clear intention if you listen to the song.

  • Oak

    @Maga D

    Man I been thinkin the same thing lately. Dude spazzes on his shit. But at the same time I think KRIT, Cole and Kendrick are all gonna have their own unique movements. 5 years from now at least one of these dudes will be on top.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Dope, dope, dope. Expect nathan less from Kendrick. Them TDE boys always come correct.

  • marty mcfly

    I think sometimes people should bite Kanyes style from his last album cause it would only push the culture forward creatively. Kanye makes up new styles like its nothing and he dont give a fuck anyway cause he knows his style has to many layers to be fully copied. Also Kendrick and J cole are obviously checking to see how much their fans want a project from them. They can only prove that to the machine behind them by numbers. @ Maga D , the student cant be greater then the teacher and it think its clear that his whole style on THIS SONG , from cadence to flow to even rhyme scheme is 100% Kanye west. Again though im not mad at that cause what Kendrick is saying still holds alot of weight if you understand what hes saying so its all good.

  • mvdec

    he referenced charolettes webb – fuck the world- i told yall, second golden age of hiphop is about to be here

  • pretty dope stuff, i just can’t wait for rappers to stop talking about whether or not rappers are in the illuminati. that topic was dead before jay and ye even brought it up. considering all the serious issues facing black people that aren’t an alleged conspiracy, but can be found in any newspaper, we have way more pressing matters to discuss…

    and what’s with the weird reference to demons taking him over? the funny thing about the illuminati denying rappers (ye, kendrick here) is they’re always making some sort of reference to the devil or demons, which is what the illuminati allegedly is hooked into. jay with that out of left field line about “jesus can’t save you” in a song about new york was pretty odd too. it’s like he forgot what song he was doing and started kicking leftover lines from “lucifer”.

  • mvdec

    and he screamed thug ilfe at the end – smh – him jay elect and jcole , thats all im sayin

  • Kendrick went straight in on the lyrics as usual & J. Cole on the boards! Beat fit Kendrick flow perfectly too!

  • Hindsight

    Wow, the Kendrick Lamar/J. Cole combination is a problem

  • WACK

    This beat is WACK! It’s just a fucking loop of instruments, TO BE Honest! BEAT IS WACK, LYRICS IS FIRE THO

  • jwiii

    Jay-z’s line about RELGION in Empire State of Mind makes perfect sense. God/whatever religious belief you chose can’t save you if you ain’t ready to save yourself. He’s talking about the corrupt churches in the community. Open your mind. Jay on some real shit and too many block it out because he discussed a topic too many won’t address. Saigon also discussed it on GSNT. Y’all need to stop acting like hip-hop disappeared. From Saigon to Reks, it’s always been around even with Nas & Jay

  • BeRight

    @Maga D the name of the album is Section.80 not #Section.80…people just put that on their

  • Mr.J.O

    J. COlE + K.DOT IS HIGH POWER!!!!!!


  • ASE
  • Jonnie

    @jwii what makes you think I’m mad? over-analyzing my comments bro and yes it is obvious, first thing I said to myself is he got a Pusha T flow on this and the hook is like So Appalled

  • Queens

    do some of you know how many different times kendrick flips his flow,and cadences?…this dude has a myriad of songs where he’s rapping different on all of them…making a big deal out of that shit with him is retarded..this dude murdered this song…he even made a dope hook that had variations in it…kendrick is a billion times the mc that kanye is…catch up on kendrick’s catalouge..

  • marty mcfly

    @spirit equality , the illuminati aint about devil worshipping. They were just accused of worshipping the devil after the people who were believed to be a part of the group declared that they wanted religious independence. The illuminati was a fear tactic put in place to keep people afraid of anyone who claimed to be enlightened in the 1800s.

  • v.p.

    BEEN sampled. but k. lamar is proper.

  • mdz

    WTF, ITUNES? It keeps saying the item is unavailable…but if click on the “$0.99 buy” button, you can download. If you feelin it, support and download…cheap ass. Yall probably be buying 0.99 tacos at Jack in the Cracks, but can’t buy 1 song to keep hip hop alive and especially your favorite artists? Fuck outta here cheap bastards…you can expect these artists to keep this good music going without no funds!

  • Unknown
  • B. Emerson 909

    Why would anyone click thumbs down on this???

  • ThatA

    Okay, Kendrick is on some other shit, I’ve never been so speechless after listening to a song. There is no such thing as overrating this guy.

  • B. Emerson 909

    Anyone who says that j. cole’s beats are “wack” is DUMB AS FUCK..
    at least he’s not some over hyped beat maker like lex luger

  • unclesam

    Super, super dope. The only evidence you need is that snagz (notorious Kendrick hater) said it was good.

  • marty mcfly

    Just listened again and I think Kendrick just made me a believer but why J cole didnt rhyme on this I dont know cause that really would have been crazy.


    this is hip hop look at those downloads

  • Sylver21

    @bob jus cuz he says “uhh” at the beginning of the verses in “junkies” doesnt mean that’s kanye. its the way he’s doin it here, like a pucntuation at the end of each bar. and sounds like ye here too. I’m referring specifically to ye on “hell of a life”. he ends certain lines like that and thats what this reminded me of….but i agree with @queens point that K lamar has a plethora of flows and rhyme schemes. it makes it that much more difficult to pinpoint his influences.

    but once again, this song is sick. why not pony up the dollar and support a dope artist?

  • Mischief

    This is music I’d buy. Sold.

  • Shy

    How can anyone hate on these 2?????

    I wont lie,
    I laughed prretty hard @ that ‘Elmer Fudd’ comment.
    But its still: Kendrick n Cole >>>>

  • 9thWonderbread

    Thank You Based God for this extra rare treat!
    Kendrick & Cole>>>


  • LOL

    jcole will blow up when lil b blows up
    so dont hold ur breath

  • LupeFaco

    cant wait for the CD

  • Bp

    are yall fucking stupid? how many times have you heard another rapper using the rhyme pattern of another rappers ONE line? that ‘So Appalled’ cadence was obviously used intentionally. smh come on, listen to the song. this is historical; y’all worrying about the wrong shit.

  • Swaggbitch

    Omfg this shit is amazing. #hiiipower

  • Teddy

    Shit I didnt expect a paid album this soon. I figured he’d wait till Dr. Dre releases a track with him and do a couple Late Night spots until this drops. OR atleast until after he drops that album with J.Cole. But oh well. Thats cool. I’ll still buy it.


    another faggot beat by A. Hole. this kenEAT-A-DICK Lamar Odom nigga with some carjacking rhyme flow. nigga trying too hard to sound like Pusha T and Kanye West. what the fuck is a “hyroglips”? nigga needs to go back to get that G.E.D. education. this nigga is all over the place with his wack rhymes. nigga throwing in that thuglife stamp at the end of the track thinking that supposed to solidify him as a rapper. funny shit is this nigga’s album will probably drop first than A. Hole’s shit. speaking on A. Hole, that nigga needs to stop making these BS faggot beats. A. Hole YOU DONE FAILED ALREADY!!!!

  • Son of S.A.M.

    Kendrick and Cole definitely make some powerful music together. This is black power Hip-Hop music. The drums in the beat are nasty. I know people are already waiting for the instrumental, I know I am. Epic.

  • 20iLL11

    ^lmao NYC/BROOKLYN fucking kill yourself already you’re not clever at all. Get off doods dicks hating will get you nowhere.
    This track is talent working with talent

  • 11111


  • u know kendrick fixin to blow up big when he has nearly 150 comments in few hrs

  • StickyRice

    I see the ye influence in a few lines, but not as much as u r all sayin, and every artist is influenced by others it’s just aout what they add and how they put it together

  • DayO


  • jwiii

    It’s more than the So Appalled influences. This entire song is purposely borrowing from Kanye’s MBDTF sessions. Listen to this beat then go listen to Chain Heavy. You’ll hear the similarities in the music.

  • AZ

    this song is amazing i love it

  • Ceno

    This track is insane, beat is crazy.

  • DL Kendrick Lamar’s “HiiiPower” @ gudskunc dot com…



  • DL Kendrick Lamar’s “HiiiPower” @ gudskunc dot com…

  • Cali760

    IDK what’s better the beat or the lyrics???

  • K.

    Remember the Monster freestyle? far as im concerned Kendrick can keep stealing Kanyes shit. hes better at it. Kendrick can match anybody for that matter.

  • 2TimeJeff

    @NYC/BROOKLYN … how u gone say “what the fuck is a “hyroglips”” then say “nigga needs to go back to get that G.E.D. education.” when you don’t know what the fuck a HIEROGLYPH is ? .. that’s the most ignorant shit I seen all week & I’ve seen A LOT of ignorant shit.

  • woww

    you all are retarted. first off, Q-Tip produced Chain Heavy so Cole isn’t bitin Kanye at all, nor is he bitin Q-Tip because they don’t even sound that similar.

    2nd of all, kendrick isn’t biting anything from kanye besides the so appalled line. kendrick RIPPED this beat to shreds. Cole production is getting amazing between this and “Smallville”. Can’t wait to see the gems he saved for his album and the mixtape with Kendrick.

    stop inventing reasons to hate on cole and kendrick, they’re simply on a different level than all these other lames.

  • TheE

    iTunes link is not there?

  • gotdamn

    5 star dishes food for thought bitches
    i mean this beat isssss fuckin RIDIC’LOUS

    fuck yeezy and that wack ass album
    cole & kendrick are the fuckin freshman startin on varsity, all the seniors need to sit they ass on the bench and watch the power shift

    new school get wit it

  • IMF

    shiiit, i listen to it 20 times in a row, it’s fire!

  • LupeFaco

    wow alot of people know of this dude now

  • B. Emerson 909

    Kendrick & Cole>>>>>>>>>>>NYC/BROOKLYN comments


    <3 J. COLE

  • how can u buy this withut i tune?? n wens the album comin out?

  • D

    thats crazy. wow, kendrick. cole. i’m speechless

  • wattsup

    kendrick is a fuckin beast. too bad his voice is annoying and he’s short and ugly or else he’d be marketable

  • IllyKay

    This shit is crack. I’ve replayed it like 6 times already

  • sahlay

    this is pretty dope. keep going Kendrick, keep going.

  • BAHIAsupreme



  • SEAN C & LV

    kendrick is a fuckin beast. too bad his voice is annoying and he’s short and ugly or else he’d be marketable

    wattsup said this on April 14th, 2011 at 6:08 am

    what the fuck?? NO HOMO, LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • J.Chronic

    Glad finally niggas putting ah ear to Kendrick back in the day I knew niggas said this dude was ass they talkin bout he on now bitch you ah bitch niggas shame on you shame. SMFH

  • Z

    I can see a remix to this with Kanye West !

  • Joe.

    how can you thumbs down this the fuck is wrong with niggas ears.

  • Lifter & O!mega

    This is fire… I really think for his next show in LA at the EL Rey Theatre J.COLE is gonna be there performing their new shit… People don’t sleep anymore, what more proof do you need that this kid is single handily is bring the west back on the MAP… I wanted to keep him to myself when I found out about him, but you can’t this kid contained… THE MOST LIKES I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THIS PAGE!

  • Samet

    support this is only thing im going say

  • tell me kendrick aint the hardest out right now boiii. this dude is major and its gonna be big things in 2011! this song is hottt

  • H-21

    I’ll wait til the album is on itunes to cop it

  • Moses

    J.Cole, Big K.R.I.T. and Kendrick Lamar are my 3 favourite up and rising stars. I haven’t listened to this yet but i know its gonna be fire. Now all i want is a Big K.R.I.T. and J.Cole Collaboration.

    Hell Yeah

  • bro namath


    J.Cole, Big K.R.I.T. and Kendrick Lamar are my 3 favourite up and rising stars. I haven’t listened to this yet but i know its gonna be fire. Now all i want is a Big K.R.I.T. and J.Cole Collaboration.

    Hell Yeah

    Moses said this on April 14th, 2011 at 7:34 am

    or all 3?

  • dope but no progression from the last album #FACT



  • G-Ryder

    dope song, same sample as a Fat Joe song which escapes my memory at the moment

  • cloud9

    Krit already does produce for other people…

  • cloud9

    Soon as this nigga get some shine now all of a sudden he biting shit, people these days

  • Bigz

    DOPE SHIT!! Kendrick, Lupe and Game three rappers that spit real shit!

  • FuckThePolice

    J.Cole is like the Kanye of 2004

  • kreez

    download link is not working……annoying first song im legally buyin in a while

  • Dr.Dave

    woowww this shit was worth the wait man damn!

  • a

    Speechless… i had crazy high expectation for this trak and he its even betta than i thought it’d b. definitely worth way more than 99 cents, some of y’all niggaz is just too spoiled and cheap

    Hiii muthafuckin power

  • a

    for the ppl who say the link aint workin on itunes, just open ur itunes and search kendrick lamar, and when u see the hiiipower trak, click on buy, don’t click on the title to open it. worked for me

  • Song is dope. My Boy International O cooking up something for the summertime, so get ready!!!

  • swagggg


  • B-dizzle

    ITS GOOD! but Totally sounds like PUSHA T n KANYE flow…but its all good! lol

  • panoble

    I hope all of ya’ll don’t think he sounds like Kanye because he’s rephrasing “So Appalled” in the hook. I really hope ya’ll aren’t that simple.

  • JaySpaceE

    This does have that Pusha T type flow on it I was waiting for an “UGHHHH” but doesn’t change anything as this was a dope song.

  • Bigz

    best song ive heard in a long time!!

  • AMV

    The Ye and Pusha references are done on purpose…sheesh…people sometimes miss the whole point.

  • ZRo

    This shit is fire. Been listening to it all morning.

    Lamar >>>>

  • triso

    Fiyah mix

  • depot

    i had my doubts about kendrick. his style was a little suspect but im lookin at him now like a new sound. he’s doing all the right things. looking forward to this collab

  • red

    This was unreal. Wasn’t expecting this to come out so soon and the song delivered.
    Kendrick proves yet again why he’s the best.

  • So yeah, Kendrick included those type flows and lyrics for a reason. People don’t actually listen to the song anymore, do they? And it’s weird how people go from being on the fence about Kendrick and then a song produced by J. Cole comes out and now they like dude. His first two albums were fire too..

  • Melly

    Meh, nothing great at all. You ryders see “Cole” and get instant boners.

  • Cakester

    ^Look, a slow nigga! Step on him!

  • GawdBless


  • K’dot

    in the beginning what does he mean put three fingers in the air?

    But song crazy dopee , Kendrick went in as always & Cole steppin his beat game up.

  • yep

    2150 thumbs up! Ok!

  • K’dot

    this one of the realest songs i heard in a while. He bringin hip hop back .

  • The Ye and Pusha references are done on purpose…sheesh…people sometimes miss the whole point.

    AMV said this on April 14th, 2011 at 10:41 am

    ^^^^thank you!! anyway this song is fire, lets not pick this track apart and over-analyses it.

    and yeah kendrick IS lyrically better than kanye for the simple fact that he flipped this style of rapping better than kanye (trying to flip pusha t’s style) and can flip many other styles of rhyming that kanye simply cant do. Anyone whos listened to all of lamar’s shit knows that.

  • bro namath


    in the beginning what does he mean put three fingers in the air?

    But song crazy dopee , Kendrick went in as always & Cole steppin his beat game up.

    K’dot said this on April 14th, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    1. the sky is falling
    2. the wind is calling
    3. stand for something or die tomorrow

  • bro namath


    in the beginning what does he mean put three fingers in the air?

    K’dot said this on April 14th, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    1. the sky is falling
    2. the wind is calling
    3. stand for something or die tomorrow

  • Braniak

    This Shit here…..this shit right here……this shit Fiya!

    witness the rise of a star*


  • The Truth


    kENdrick LaMAR is Illuminati/Jesuit/Society of God/Mason

    3 fingers = 3 6’s = beast sign = 3 i’s = 3 eye = “enlightenment”

    higher power is how he pronounces hiiipower

    Marcus Garvey was Illuminati, as well as Malcolm, Princess Diana, and many other notables who decided to dissent and were killed for it.

    If you like this song… Satan has won… your heart over.

    Be mindful of what he says. The devil speaks cunningly through wicked tongues.

    I will pray for J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, and all of us.

    Satan is a liar and the truth is not in him!

  • jojo

    i heard this yesterday…and thought Pusha T flow… a LIL BIT. But If Kendrick starts talking about Illumnati and God and disgustingly rich scenes of excessive amounts of wealth… then i see why fools will say Ye and Pusha-T… I will say this…KENDRICK keep the flow in COMPTOM brah… lol NOT THE HEAVENS AND PARIS..

  • Braniak

    This Shit here…..this shit right here……this shit Fiya!

    witness the rise of a star*

    WestCoast Finest!

  • “in the beginning what does he mean put three fingers in the air?”

    There are three i’s in HiiiPower.

  • AntLee06

    I like Kendrick’s music alot. The lyrics were on point as usual but one of the greatest thing about TDE is their unique production.. This beat sounds like something I can buy online…

  • unknown



    kENdrick LaMAR is Illuminati/Jesuit/Society of God/Mason

    3 fingers = 3 6’s = beast sign = 3 i’s = 3rd eye = “enlightenment”

    higher power is how he pronounces hiiipower

    Marcus Garvey was Illuminati, as well as Malcolm, Princess Diana, and many other notables who decided to dissent and were killed for it.

    If you like this song… Satan has won… your heart over.

    Be mindful of what he says. The devil speaks cunningly through wicked tongues.

    I will pray for J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, and all of us.

    Satan is a liar and the truth is not in him!

  • ^^^^ im leaving hiphop smh…

  • @unknown…thats your opinion. this shit makes my day.

  • unknown

    AAWWHHH F*** IT.

    5 star this shit.

  • Mike live


  • The Truth


    THis iS not OPinIOn, it’s TRuTH.

    I am in the industry.

    AND i CAn eXPOSe all your FAVorite ARTists from Mos Def, to Jay Z.

    From Rock n Roll, to R&B, THIS decePTION runs DEEP.

    Why do you THINK they are all talking about EVOLUTION,YOGA, ALIENS, & UNITY, NO GENRES, NO GENDERS?

    SOmething BIg is about to POP off.. AND they’re PRAYING FOR IT.

    Before man and God, SATAN is coming to rule THIS world.

    And you are helping him, whether you know it or not.


  • cloud9

    This nigga releases one single and now he’s apart of the illuminati…yeah whatever

  • The Truth


    ONE SONG? More LIKE his ENTIRE catalOG.

    LOok AT his ALbum covers and PHOTOS.

    Look at who he sURROunds himsELF WITH (i.e. Ab-Soul and the rest).

    yOU CANNOT walK IN the DARK & The LigHT.

    You ARE EITHER one or THE otHER.

    AND kenDRICK is misgUIDED, speaking AS an agent of DARKNESS.

    The Kanye, Tupac, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and MLK references speak voluMES as to his allegiance.

  • Satan

    Are you looking for an exciting new opportunity for world domination and absolute power? Do you enjoy driving stupid people absolutely crazy with even the most basic symbolism? Do you desperately need a scapegoat to blame for the utter lack of success in your life? Are u just bored?

    I will be holding open Illuminati applications tomorrow (Friday, April 14), from 9 AM to 5 PM. Interviews will be held in the administrative building of Hell. Business-formal attire is requested.

  • The Truth < cn u please expose kanye? o wait he rapps about gettin head , money…
    tbh i dunno bout the illuminati thing but its pretty obvious most arent "christian" if thats wat u mean.?
    but im interested…wat u got on mos def?

  • Satan said this on April 14th, 2011 at 1:52 pm <<< *deeeeeaaaaaaddddddddddddd***** looool

  • The Truth
    question …wat is the “right side” u speak of?? like whose on it..r u ?? n how can u be on it..nt that i belive in ur version of the truth just interested in what u have to say

  • The Truth


    MOs Def is the “LIGHT” side of the ilLUMInati

    He represents the agent of conSCIOUsness and ENlightMENT, for thOSe who tend to/but not always REgeCT the JAy Zs, CAM’rons, GUCCi Mane’s of the INDustry.

    Mos DeF IS a Magi.

    And in witchcraft a magi is a MAgiciAN.

    hE ReleasED an albUM CALLed “TRU3 MAGic”

    And in he has a songs like “supermagic” and “wHITe DRapES” that CLues you in ON his Illuminati connections.

    He is in the same vain as Erykah Badu, Jay Electronica, Common, Andre 3000, and so on…

    THEy are ACTive practitioners of WIcka and other DARK & WHite MaGIC.

    WANt MOre PrOoF?

  • The Truth Lies

    So… because he might not hold traditional Christian beliefs, that means he must automatically be part of an enormous conspiracy bent on world domination and the rise of Satan?

    Wow. Who knew. I dont go to church and I can do some card tricks… am I in the Illuminati?

  • DL Kendrick Lamar x J.Cole “HiiiPower” @ gudskunc dot com…

  • The Truth


    I am A siNNER, but I coME to YOu with The UNdeniABle TRUTH.

    “Right Side” was never a term I used.

    God is the ONLY true ENLIGHTENMENT and He is that spirit/conscious that tells you there is something wrong when you’re about to do something wrong.

    EVEryone HAs That SPirIT in THEm but Few CHoose to LisTEN.

    ask God to DirECT yoU by PRAYING GENUINELY and HE shall ANswer you in a WAY thaT YOU will KNOW thAT it’S hIM.

    No two PEOple have the SAMe coMMUNICation with GOD.

    just ASK.

  • The Truth

    I fOUnD oUt ThE TRUth AboUT tHe illUMINAti anD nOW I CaNt FiGUre oUT WhICh leTTErS tO CaPITALizE… DaMN u LuCiFER foR maKINg Me LOoK LikE A sTRoKeD OuT ReTArd!

  • The Truth

    @The Truth Lies

    ASSUMptionS are NOT vaLID.

    LEave YOur EMotionS out of THis AND heeD THE truth.

    There is only ONE PATH to God. We all have OUR own vehicles.

    But all roads lead to HIM. bUT not ALL will GET throUGH to SEE heAVEN.

  • yikes

    There is no God. Any rational person knows this.

  • The Truth Lies

    @The Truth

    Actually, you were the one making the assumptions, as I pointed out. I would appreciate it if you would either respond directly to my previous comment or present the additional proof you claimed to have, because at this point, youve fallen WAY short of actually making a case.

  • The Truth


    Then how do you exist?

    And recognize that many theorist and scientist believe in a god.

  • panoble

    sheesh, all this Illuminati shit is the perfect example of what religion can do to people.

  • Amaan

    ^^^ lmao classic

  • The Truth

    @The Truth Lies

    Your questions are jaded, meaning they are framed in a way that reject any possible way of properly answering.

    You reveal your rejection of the Truth in how you frame those questions.

    So I will simply say this…

    Illuminati is a front for satanic means, just like Catholicism, the Jesuits, Society of God, Bloods, Crips, and many other secular and non-secular groups.

    Research, if you care. If not, continue to go along your path.

    We will bOTH meet OUR maKER.

  • The Truth Lies

    In other words, Ive put you into a position where u cannot possibly talk out of your ass any further. You’re wrong, and you lose.

  • The Truth


    i AM not REligious.

    Look up a word before you use it. Please.

    God Bless you.

  • The Truth

    @The Truth Lies

    This is not a game to me.

    But if you think you won.

    Congrats, I guess.

  • shall we give The Truth his troll award now?

  • red

    At least you’ve provided me something to laugh.

  • yall here me, then whatever

    i find it funny when people say these guys ain’t illuminati and the stuff is so blatant in their videos and music.

    like really jay, you needed all that in you on to the next one video? and you alicia keys, i see your fake witch self. and you too ms. lauryn hill– they got you all caught up now. and smh at mos def… i thought you were one of the real ones. i will not defend these artists. they’re out to make money and souls can be corrupted in that process. stop defending these dudes and saying it’s just music. that’s like jews in nazi germany saying, well it’s just words when hitler was speaking. smh at you c-section trolling stans.

    *drops the mic*

  • Such Prevalent Ignorance

    ^U can tell exactly how ignorant this fool is by his name.

    We HEAR you, then throw bottles at your dumbass.

  • AMP

    ^ And stay away from the mic. Seriously you sound like a moron.
    Comparing the Nazi’s to these alleged Illuminati rappers.

    Didn’t you hear? Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar are going to take over the world by praying to Satan and their music is going to control the mind of the masses.
    Seems plausible.

  • AMP

    And for the record your name would be ya’ll (you all) hear me not HERE.
    I don’t know about you, but we learned those differences in elementary school.
    A little less time on conspiracies and a little more time hitting the books would do wonders.

  • RuanHoll


  • yall here me, then whatever < the thing i dont get is mos def has always been negative n positive (eg. ms fat booty)

    so considering the product he puts out hasnt changed what makes u think he is NOW in the illuminati…

    same question with jay z dude was rapping about "aint no nigga" with a 17 year old foxy brown talkin about crack deals talkin about killin and talkin about hoes…in 96..
    hes always had not to positive a message..so y was he cool then? but not now? how did he change to something more negative in ur opinion??

  • LupeFaco

    why does the comments get worse as u scroll down ??????

  • marty mcfly

    First off I wanna know what can the illuminati offer to a a successful rapper? Why do you have to make up a false reason why Jay z is so successful? Maybe it was hard work that got these artists where they are. 2nd people need to stop with this Kendrick is better the Kanye West because thats crazy. It aint just a few lines that Kendrick is delivering like Kanye , its every single word of the song is Kanyes flow from top to bottom. I know Kendrick has more then one style but on this one just keep it real. And if all this illuminati shit was true , there is no way a rapper could be involved because that would actually be a threat to a organization that wants to rule the world. If there are world leaders and bankers and devil worshippers that move in silence then I dont see them having rappers with huge fanbases being able to be apart of that. That would be a conflict of interest.

  • LOL

    cuz people here really love there hip hop
    never seen a forum talk about music so passionately and insanely





  • marty mcfly < nt necessarily.. i dnt belive they are part of the illuminati..but are they part of a group who consistently put out negative music that influences ppl..YEP..thats proven already. the rap game on a whole is dominated by negativiey just check wshh ONE of the most viewd hiphop websites..they doin a good job leadin the masses away already without being in a secret world organisation.

  • marty mcfly

    As soon as a new rapper comes through the door with cosigns and a little following , you same people that are Kendrick fans now are gonna start saying this guy is better then Kendrick and Pusha T writes Kendricks shit.

  • Braniak

    Man ONE track = A hole Debate.

    Good point marty mcfly

  • red

    That negativity isn’t sponsored by a group.

    It’s called urban culture.

    I’m majoring to become an urban planner and my 1 dream would be to find a way to repair “broken” communities.
    But when urban communities idolize Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, and stuff of that nature it’s clear they don’t want change.

  • ^what? they don’t want change???

    no, red, you’re not willing to fight to get them out of their negativity.

    weak excuse. you’re the one that’s hopeless, not them.

  • marty mcfly

    @ BillyClint , These rappers come from the street and they are telling the truth about society and the truth is that the streets are negative. Jay Z talks about his life just like Mos Def and their lives and if that comes across negative then its just the truth. The world is not happy land and its not full of positiveity , anyone acting like it is is lying to themselves. How can anyone say Jay Z is being negative? Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it?

  • marty mcfly

    Jay z hides jewels in the music that we have all learned from. If your a fan of hip hop , even if you dont like Jay z there is no way you havent learned something from Jay Z.

  • Saturday Is Record Store Day

    @red Thats some cool shit man. Unfortunately, it seems like the easiest, or at least the most obvious, way to salvage a broken community is to separate the people that want to improve themselves from those that perpetually live at the status quo. As it stands now, we do this via the Judicial System, in black-and-white fashion, with almost no goal of rehabilitation. Hopefully youre the one that teaches communities to help themselves, instead of just trying to hack out the cancer.

    …ps, just ignore @p.gooden, the naivety and ignorance is obvious

  • red< i dont mean a group as in literally…

    martymcfly< jay even said it himself.."truthfully i wanna rhyme like common sense..but i did 5mill i aint been rhymin like common since". he addresses it on moment of clarity but says he does it for a greater good "so how can i help the poor if im one of them". its obvious the majority of stuff is negative dude.

  • red

    Trust me I haven’t given up. I’m only a student so I can’t do much but I do my part. I organize community centers, I turn brownfields into community gardens, and I do all sorts of volunteer work.

    Still, how long those community gardens turn into a shithole is only a matter of time.

    If you have some suggestions on how to get kids who glorify selling drugs, acting ignorant, disrespecting others, and so on please get at me.

  • Saturday Is Record Store Day < p.gooden has a point tho…its not only rap listeners fault, its poor education , housing, benefits, the jail industrial complex system (which is run for profit) disproportionate stopping of blacks by police, prejudice,
    despite that gucci n em make it worse for some youngsters by changing their minds if the trap rappers dissaperaed tomorrow there wud still b a hell of a lot of work to do.

  • red

    Oh yea there’s no question about it. Trap music isn’t the root of the problem but I do think it’s one of the problems.

    I’ve racked my brain over this problem for about a year now, but I’ve hardly made any progress in finding a silver bullet for repairing bad neighborhoods. And even if I did find something I don’t know where I’d find the funding to implement it.

    With all their flaunting of material wealth you’d think the Gucci’s would do something meaningful to help their city, but I don’t think they even want to see it change.

  • Saturday Is Record Store Day

    Oh, no, thats not what I meant at all, and if I misinterpreted @p.gooden’s comment, then my sincere apologies.

    I interpreted his comment as saying that everybody was ready or able to improve, and that their success was simply a matter of @red’s will to change them. I found this to be intensely immature and naive. Naive, because there ARE people, and many of them, that are simply unwilling to put forth any effort towards bettering themselves or their surroundings. And immature because its not @red’s responsibility to improve anybody in the first place, that job lies with the members of the community. I mean thank God for people like @red, but they certainly cant be blamed for the faults of others.

    But no, youll never catch me claiming that rap is the root of all evil, and I didnt mean to come off that way.

  • red

    And thanks @Saturday Is Record Store Day

  • marty mcfly

    @BillyClint , Jay has to make that choice to gain position cause at the end of the day , the culture is gonna need money to make a big difference. Jay Z builds water pumps all over africa so the people there can have fresh water. Its in his nature to be a hustler and to be number one , he cant fight that he wants to be on top. I think the majority of his stuff is positive but he just comes from negative streets. @ red , what people in the streets need is SELF LOVE and not just because you have money or some material shit. Everyone has something special about them but until they find what it is , their gonna act destructive. Once they find what their gift is and what makes them happy they are forced to think different. They have to be shown examples of successful people who make positive changes in different areas of life and business. They only reason people look up to rappers is cause they dont understand themselves. My cousin told me he wants to rhyme like 2pac , I said why would you do that cause what if you were destined to rhyme greater then 2pac… Those kids need knowledge of who they are and who they can be.

  • red

    @Marty McFly

    I feel you 100% on that. Role models and recognition of self worth are exactly what grade school students need. Still, I help organize workshops, talent shows, after school programs for grade school students and a lot of the times turnout sucks…
    I wish I wasn’t blazed right now I could definitely have a better conversation on this subject.

  • Phonograph

    ^Actually, lets have a #HighConversation about community planning.

    (Dolphins…. on the ROOFS nigga! Fuckin Ice Cream Trucks that sell steak! Ban everything with a Yankees logo! Monkeys for everybody! Free Huey!)

  • red


    LOL. Not so sure about any of that reversing poverty. And Yankees over everything.

  • WELLL?

    marty mcfly are u the same marty mcfly that performed at peabodys in cleveland for the chip show?

  • Phonograph

    Lack of monkeys is the single greatest source of poverty in North America. Look it up.

  • marty mcfly

    Also red you have to find the chosen ones out of the group. What I mean is , out of every classroom or group of kids or family you have to find the ONE or ONES. The people who are natural leaders and are good people by nature because those people have an effect on the others around them. Once you find some gifted kids who are smart and have influence on the popular kids and rest of the community. Give them the chance to put together some events and chances are the kids who follow them will show up. You mite only find one special kid out of the group but that kid has more influence then teachers do. Its like walking through Queens looking for someone with the intellect of Nas. It mite take a while but once for find the kids you have direction use them to influence the others by giving them tasks that force them to use their gifts and think outside the box. If by doing so you also find a way to show them how to raise money as a group and individually , that always helps.

  • red

    Hmm..thanks Marty, I’m bout to hit the drawing board with some ideas for my mentor.

  • marty mcfly

    @Welll No ive never been to cleveland.

  • LordMort

    Is this the post with the most thumbs up on 2dopeboyz?

  • asef

    what the fuck are you guys talking about? anyway… i need to hear some new j cole asap. his production is always on point

  • K

    Nah…..how did 51 people dislike this? Smh -______-

  • Joey D

    all thumbs in ur asses! niggaz all of ya niggaz. kendrick is a bitch too. big ass condom

  • Yadollah

    Kendrick is a devil worshipper fuck ya’ll niggas. illuminati is here

  • Pauly Dee

    When the illuminati actually reveals themselves, you guys will be some sad somebodies. Just look at the signs. Don’t be another sheep.

  • K’dot

    @ The Truth
    was yo email ?

  • Ill Will

    ya kids left the golden age shit era behind and stickin to some youngass lame niggaz for what? j cole kendrick and rest of these hipster niggaz plus all of ya hipster lovaz. ya hiphop geeks suck

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Dee , Well you let me know when they get here cause its been a few hundred years and they’ve been quiet. Real power doesnt have to hide.

  • Healthy Bill

    @Ill Will

    …. This is about as close to “Golden Age” hip hop as we’ve gotten literally since the Golden Age. Out of curiosity, which CURRENT artists DO u actually listen to?

  • @K’dot

    iF yoU WAnT To geT At mE hit Me Up aT HErE


  • AMP

    I think it’s time for The Truth to check himself in. If you don’t have the courage I’ll make the call for you. Take a deep breath please and let me help you.

  • The Truth < btw which hipop artists do u stil listen to?

  • AMP

    Probably Immortal Technique..

  • @AMP

    ALL i ASk iS thAT yOu pRAy foR me.

    AnD I shALl do THe saMe foR YOu.


    I lISten As pARt oF mY reSEArch. SO moST oF tHEm tHAt iNFLUence tHE youTH.

  • Truthfully

    @The Truth

    Lets go ahead and say that there IS and Illuminati, and they really do want my soul. What difference does that make to me, or you, or anybody anyway? I mean what exactly are u gonna do about it?

    Cuz it seems to me that making youtube videos and freaking out on 2Dopeboyz really wouldnt make any difference at all against Satan’s armys. Do u have another plan?

  • @Truthfully

    THe BAttLE Is nOT minE’s, iT’s tHe LOrd’s.

    ANd alL i CAn dO IS prAY anD INforM.

  • Really

    This song is dope

    @Joey D
    You are a fag

  • AMP

    Truth please stop my stomach hurts I haven’t laughed like this since the first time I saw The Other Guys (which was probably produced by the Illuminati and played in the Illuminati ran AMC theaters playing in the Illuminati controlled city of Buffalo, the largest city in Illuminati controlled Erie County, a northwestern county of Illuminati New York, part of the Illuminati controlled East Coast of Illuminati United States of America).

    The videos prove you’re not a troll (unless you are the most compelling troll of all time) which is simply amazing to me. You must have had a reallllly fucked up life to end up like this.

  • Truthfully

    So then the next logical question would be: Why spend so much time stressing about it? Why worry so much about “informing” people, if it makes no difference anyway?

  • Who gives a FUCK whose in the Illuminati and who isn’t?! I don’t understand how it effects anybody. I could fully post up “666 MURDER JESUS FUCK GOD” all over the net and it would not make one iota of a difference between me and my relationship with God so I don’t see how if another person does shit it effects you in the slightest. You conspiracy theorists need to do something more valuable with your time than chase ghosts and mysteries like follow your dreams and aspirations. And further more even if the Illuminati and all these people are doing corrupt shit what are YOU doing to make the world a better place and counteract it? Fucking Scooby Doo mystery machine ass niggas.

    Aight I’m done lol.


    @ill will

    STFU! You called jcole and kendrick hipsters obivously your dumbass doesn’t know what that word means. Dumb ass…

  • @AMP & @Truthfully

    i Do NOt waNT my breTHRens to tRIp.

    SO i INform.

    YoU MAke it SEem liKE i’M uSINg vILe lanGUAge oR sELLing pOISon.

    BuT I guESS thE trUTH hURTs.

  • @Truthfully Thank fuck there’s someone other than me who sees how illogical all that shit is. Whether you know whose in the Illuminati or not makes no difference to anyone’s life period. Niggas still have bills to pay, seeds to feed and work to be done.

  • marty mcfly

    @ The Truth , all that shit is propaganda !!! I could take any artist or picture or sign or any subject matter and say it has something to do wit illuminati. I could take parts of any movie or parts of any language and say its illuminati. The message people put in the music or in their pictures are what is called Artistic expression. If I draw a picture of me flying on a dragon that doesnt mean that dragons are real or that I worship the devil , it just means I have a good imagination and thats all I wanted to convey. People will of course take something like that image out of context and passed its original intent. If artists like Outkast make albums like ATliens that is called being artistic and all forms of art can be historically taken back hundreds of years and then linked to religion. You cant take over the world by making secret handshakes and signs and flashing them in the media cause that plan would take a million years to even make a small effect and all this talk about the devil and his worshippers… Stop cause truthfully if the devil or any of his people knocked on my door I would beat the shit outta them end of story. Its called ART and all artistic expression can be linked to something evil cause people are always looking for something evil to say.

  • spider mcnulty

    artistic expression = lame excuse. my point goes to the truth. keep on with this debate. i got my popcorn ready.rofl

  • Truthfully

    Actually, more than anything, u seem to be hurting yourself. I mean, its pretty obvious that u have no life to speak of (youve been on the same webpage literally all day long)- has it ever occurred to you that maybe thats because youre much too worried about this silly little theory? Why dont u try actually enjoying this world before it ends?

    And other than that, u seem to be doing your peers a disservice. My grandfather recently died of a stroke that he knew was coming for 2 years. One of the last conversations that I had with him, he told me he would have been much happier if the doctors had never told him, because he was dreading his death instead of living for those last 2 years.

    So really, no matter which way u look at it, u seem to be wasting an awful lot of time and energy. But then again, I clearly just dont get it anyway.

  • You all need to shut it. Truth is the maaaaaaaaaaaan.Who you know posting facts?= when it comes to the illuminati debate? and the dude has videos. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!

    I’m not saying he’s a prophet. But if you ACTUALLY WATCH his videos and READ his comments, the brother is on point.

    And Truthfully, you’ve been on here the whole day too. C’mon, son. You troll more than a homeless man under a bridge. And stop acting all enlightened. You sound ignorant!!!

  • Truthfully

    Hmm… slighly under a half hour = all day, apparently. If youd like, I can link to some great pages that teach basic math to children.

  • ^case and point. smh.

  • iK3yM

    I feel Kendrick when he says, “I’ll be off the slave ships… Building pyramids, making my own hieroglyphs.” He talking about not being a slave to his culture. Its about about knowledge of self (hieroglyphs) and building yourself (pyramids.)

  • marty mcfly

    Get up off them slaveships , build your own pyramids , write your own hieroglyphs just call this shit high power. – Kendrick is using artistic expression that anybody can take out of context and turn something thats meant to be spiritual and artistically beautiful into something evil. Stop saying rappers are working with evil forces to hurt the world. Cause the the people in hip hop come from poverty not from rich families who have controlled wealth for centuries like the Rothchilds. Hip Hops original intent was to be a force of change for the better and to be the voice of people with nothing. Not be the voice of rich people with evil plans of world domination. Stop watching science fiction movies and go out into the real world.

  • VOTP

    Kendrick Lamar is the real shit! Goddamn this is Hip Hop!

  • strangeperson

    @TheTruth if these rappers are in the illuminati how are they doing the devils work cole inspires some kids to go to college and kendrick is allways on some enlightenment stuff but I just wanna know what they are possibly doing to corrupt the minds of people everywhere

  • Franklin

    Once upon a time, everybody in the world believed in the Illuminati, but then they created a brainwashing drug that made everybody dumber so that they would forget. But now, people have gotten so dumb that theyve actually started misinterpreting stupid, meaningless crap in music videos, and theyre starting to believe in the Illuminati again. Cut it out fools, youre gonna get us brainwashed again.

  • http://www.kidswastingtime.com/
    We the two dopest boys
    Shake and Meka the two bogus boys

  • iK3yM

    @ marty mcfly

    You said, “Kendrick is using artistic expression that anybody can take out of context and turn something thats meant to be spiritual and artistically beautiful into something evil.” I completely agree with that statement and I think that is what is great about this song. It can be taken anyway. It challenges people to think and maybe change their attitude on some subjects. I think that is what a true artist/song is supposed to do.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^Exactly , I know when Jay Elec comes out all these conspiracy theorists are gonna go to work with all their evil propaganda but its cool cause there are people who will defend this hip hop shit at all cost.

  • Anybody feel bad for the Rappers in the Illuminati who aren’t famoous?
    If so go support my music. troubledmindz.bandcamp.com

  • iK3yM

    @ marty mclfy

    Yeah, I feel you. I remember when Jay Elec dropped “The Announcement” and people started talking crap about how he’s w/ the illuminati cause he’s signed w/ Roc nation. But, I see what he’s really trying to do for hiphop. Him, Kendrick, and others. Now that I think about it, I would absolutely love to see a Kendrick Lamar and Jay Elec collabo! That would be pure epicness…

  • Braniak

    I’ve watched some videos….Man makes you wanna scratch your head.


    @ The Truth

    You say “kendrick is in the Illuminati” yet he disses the Illuminati in this very song. And then you say “Tupac and Martin Luther King was in the Illuminati” when its a known fact that Pac is against the Illuminati and MLK is a Christian. What a joke. Also I used to watch your vids until you got to Lupe Fiasco and thats when I saw that you are truly miss informed.
    There was little stuff in your other vids that brought up red flags but they was small enough for me to ignore them. But now I know that you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • iK3yM

    ^^^ Are you talking about Jay Electronica?

  • IZM

    Im not worried about the Illuminati at all anymore, and all thanks to “The Truth”. Really tho, think about it- it cant be much of a conspiracy if EVERYBODY is in it.

  • LARS

    theres sum dumb niggaz in here i swear
    Kendrick and j cole along with krit are the best i fux with kanye but yall really dont get wat he was doing on this track with the flows??? smh @NYC/BROOKLYN u making bk niggaz like me look badd ignorant ass

  • This is serious


  • ThedayIfellinLovewithHipHop

    Its too bad that the subject has went from the great music to the basics of illuminati. I don’t care about the illuminati (though you should really type in illuminati in backwards .com) Its too much to stress over when things not right in our world today. Any who, Kendrick mf’n Lamar and J. that nigga Cole just delivered something epic. Kendrick may have sample a line or a flow but his lyrics reach somewhere hip hop hasn’t been in a low time. His lyrics is motivation. inspiration. Don’t think to hard and allow a common flow or sampled line or even a illumanti theroy distract you from good music. Hip hop got a future. Embrace it. Don’t hold it back.

  • ThedayIfellinLovewithHipHop

    *not low. long!

  • els

    i need a clean version of this so bad for my radio show

  • sdilla

    Kendrick fucking Lamar oh! and is that Alori Joh I hear???

  • RealHiphopper

    This Shit Is Ridiculous, Damn Hip-Hop Is Comin Back Check Out These Dope Niggas From Brooklyn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn8-kA0JdLA

  • chef


  • Phareaux King

    If you still believe in illumanti then pAC DIDNT SAY IT LOUD ENOUGH THEY NOT REAL if so how is it we been talking bout em the are boogey man tactics fuckin idiots Peace to the godsand goddeses who hear the message of our ancestors and our future. #HIIIPOWER TO K. DOT and OH YEAH WAIT TIL YOU HEAR MY SHIT Phareaux King True Wizard http://soundcloud.com/pkhigherworld/01-build

  • Ill Will

    @really! oh really? thats why many people recognize hipsters as faggots. LOL

  • Ill Will

    @Healthy Bill im just listenin Grandmaster Flash and da Furious Five
    all year long and nuthin more. if u dont so so u mad.

  • RealHipHop

    keep on killin em baby

  • Dutchboy

    3334 dumbs up? Damn that’s tha shit!
    My favo track out right now

  • Healthy Bill

    @Ill Will

    So, in other words, youre one of those grumpy old niggas that has actually hated on everything hip hop has done in the last decade, while labelling everybody under 30 a “hipster”. Look, Im not gonna tell u what to listen to or like, but if u havent liked any rap since Grandmaster Flash, then why the hell are u still on a hip hop site?

  • red

    ^Comothafuckin sign Heathy Bill.

    What the fuck are you checking for? A (2)2Deep post every other week?

  • Ill Will

    i was kidding yo. u guyz didnt reach? LOL
    Black Hippy FTW

  • worldofac

    back to the actual song..
    THis is 2Dope!

  • AMP

    I guess not haha

  • Healthy Bill

    lol my bad then I guess. Sarcasm doesnt translate into print. But it is good to see that youre not actually a babbling douche. (Although I will admit I was trying to figure out a good reason why some seriously hardcore 90s hip hop head would be named “Ill Will”)

  • Hjack2111

    The sample is dirty projectors “No Intention”

  • EsDot

    Anybody with a domain name can do the illuminati backwards trick. (Typing in illuminati backwards with .com at the end brings you to a government website). The person that owns domain name just wrote in the code to redirect it to nsa.gov.

  • ddave

    Kendrick did not do bad on this beat. But this beat is more tailored for Game or Joe Budden.

  • Pauly Dee

    It’s actually pretty amusing about what the Truth said…but I still believe the Illuminati is real. I mean, just look at the signs and the things these artists DO! Stop being a sheep for the illuminati and the government.

  • Dorian

    Whoa I didn’t even notice cole produced this lol.

  • lol

    killed it …………………man .. kendrick .. j also should ‘ve jumped in .

  • KiNG.SLiM

    Every artist that’s made it big these days have referenced Satan and illuminati in one way or another. Funny how this ENTIRE song references illuminati.

  • Me

    Loved this song dope as hell. Funny how people think they know these artist and know there devil worshippers. Why people can’t have God given talent? Man Congrats Kendrick you’ve come a long way blodd sweat and tears. TO all the people saying he’s part of the illuminati fuck off.

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