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Mckenzie Eddy – Mckenzie Eddy’s Greatest Hits (Album)

blame it on Meka April 13, 2011

Since the intro already dropped, why not offer the entire project. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Mckenzie Eddy – Mckenzie Eddy’s Greatest Hits (Album)

  • Sly

    this chick cool, im also lookin forward to the ski beats…see what i did there?

  • JETS

    This bitch annoys for some reason. I dunno why, just from those vids.

    Also that song Curren$y had with her on Pilot Talk 2 was really out of place especially on that chill ass album. Kinda whack too.

  • Leslie

    An addiction prevention program. If you’re gonna blaze, you will most likely be blazing with one of you’re friends. If you actually care about this person, you would do it to them. Thanks guys. I wanna hug you guys. They would tell each other what happened earlier in their day. The re-occurence during the high would trip them out, thinking everything kinda like dejavu? Yea. So when ever they blaze they will be with a friend that could tell them what was spoken. Key words will stick. Thanks guys.

  • red

    I think you left out a few of your points in that random ass paragraph.

  • zbMrOG

    Muscle Car Chronicles any1????????????

  • Ryuk

    McKenzie is crazy dope .

  • is she signed to JETS wtf is her affiliation with anything hiphop besides the currensy collab

  • never fucking mind, she is a founder of that dame dash shit

  • nikisasha

    never mind, she’s the girl that’s banging Dame’s brains out every night – that’s why she gets mixed tapes and out of place guest appearances and shit.

    artistry >>>>>>>> booty

  • Lollapalooza

    this is weak – it’s not even mastered right… is she really with the JETS, what’s up wit that shit?

    If she’s a jet then I’m sad for Spitta, bad taste…

  • t flames

    I think the album is cool but id rather listen to this

  • stevereich


    dame startin to look like a big fish in a lil pond