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One-2 – God Speed (prod. Komplex)

blame it on Meka April 13, 2011

New music from the Treacherous Records representative, as a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming double EP History/Destiny.

DOWNLOAD: One-2 – God Speed (prod. Komplex) | Mediafire

  • Meka LIkes Testies

    prime example of how ignorant Meka is. and a pussy ass white boy too.

  • Beavies

    Man this is WHACK!! Get outta here with this bullcrap.

    You can put this n00b on your site, but you couldn’t put ODD FUTURE on?
    Who’s laughing now?? Fuck your website. GOLF WANG.



  • GlenDavis

    ^^^co-sign, seriously this guy sucks..
    i don’t really even like odd future…but y didnt you post their music? its better than most new shit

  • n

    This ain’t on his ep read here


  • J

    ^ lol… and these dudes just HAPPENED to post together in this order at the same time.

    One-2 is dope.

  • giuseppe

    One-2 is consistently dope. This song isnt quite up to his usual standards, though. Try listening to his other music before you go about spouting bile.

    machine gun rap flow: dope
    uno mixtape: dope
    kabob & vodka: pretty dope

    Nobody cares what you have to say, and we would rather not have to sift through it every time you dont like something.

  • D Rico
  • fsdfdfdsdf

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  • The first 3 guys up there, please, kill yourselves for trashing what is obviously a dope ass thought provoking track, and then bigging up those odd future muthafuckas like a faggot ass wolf gang group always do. One-2 is a wayyyyy better artist & rhymer than any of those odd future kids put together. None of em can spit anything close to this god speed track but some sub-par shock value bars. U bitches are whack biasely bashing another talented artist just cause u never heard of him, real talk.

  • @giuseppe dude, what are u talking about? one-2 went in on this! I guess u dont like when rappers get deep and spit spiritual complex type of lyrics cause thats the only way u can say this that aint up to par.

  • yugang

    Wow, did any of u dudes at the top actually LISTENED to this track before trashing it or are u just using this post to talk shit about about an artist u never heard of and then attack 2dopeboyz to promote odd future???

    SMH. Anywho, this track is dope & mad deep. If u cant respect that then ur whole perspective is wack (kendrick lamar voice)

  • killamic

    How can anyone hate on this track is beyond me. Then again, it would be these odd future groupies, who delusionally believes their the second coming of hip hop *scrath that* music, to come in here with that bullshit, acting like this track aint any good. Funny how all of u came in at the same time!

    This track is dope and so is the rest of his music. Please actually take the time to LISTEN to this song and explore his mixtapes before u dismiss him please?!?! thanx.

  • killamic

    prime example of how ignorant Meka is. and a pussy ass white boy too.

    Meka LIkes Testies said this on April 13th, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    by a pussy white boy, are u referring to one-2?? u probably are.

    1. Hes persian Armenian, born in iran, raised in sweden, lives in los angeles, ca. so u got his ethnicity wrong.

    2. Odd future are pussies compared to one-2 actually since hes more street & rugged than them (not gangsta but street)

    But nice attempt at trying to hate on an underground artist just cause he aint popular.

  • Another deep thought provoking track from One-2 & Komplex with another dope ass piano-driven production so I don’t understand how anyone can hate on this!

  • One-2 is sick, everything he puts out is pretty solid. This Komplex beat is a banger too.

  • xpand

    smh @ how immature & stupid ppl be acting (referring to the dudes at the top of the c-section)

    Man One-2 is easily becoming one of my favorite artists of the underground. No one hardly knows about him but i dont give a shit, not when dope tracks like this are put out their for us to listen to. He’ll get his break soon enough, once that ep drops along with the album ppl will wake up and recoginze. This song is gonna be on repeat for a while, i hope he can get this lyrical on his ep. History & Destiny, hurry up and put it out already! Xpand/C.O.B.!

  • one-2 is really well rounded as an artist, he spits hard, nice punchlines, and can deep like this one so even if you don’t like his music you gotta respect that

  • Nash

    This is dope thanks One-2 is consistent.

  • Crooks N Banks

    odd future is some bandwagon character shit. fucking fakes making characters for their rap image. fuckboys. one-2 fucks wit horseshoe gang- hes superior to most, nuff said.