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Dom Kennedy – CDC f. Casey Veggies & cARTer (Video)

blame it on Meka April 14, 2011

Directed by Topshelf Junior

This song is my shit. Dom’s The Original Dom Kennedy – perfect for those who know what a whoo ride really is, not that Urban Dictionary definition – is available now.

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  • Tree92

    Raw as fvck!!!!

  • T0KS

    pretty dope track right there. but im still shooked off that lamar song haha im phased. been bumpin it on replay

  • DK

    Dope video .I thought Casey Veggies was a lot younger.

  • that’s a dumb pregunta

  • Beatboy

    I’m blowin up, now tell me how you feel

  • Red
  • T0KS


    Veggies is 18 turning 19 soon if i’m not mistaking.

  • JP

    Casey is 17, he’ll be 18 in july.

  • Shit is banging……

  • MH

    Casey is graduating High School this year…


  • Lee

    Can’t say I know what a “whoo ride” is, but I fucks wit Dom

  • Toby

    This song is 2dope.

  • No hate but Dom should’ve swagged this one out on his own. Casey is aight but neither him or this cARTer dude came hard enough.

  • Jazz

    What is a “whoo ride”?

  • .. how does this have anything to do with lil’ wayne

  • VOTP

    I just turned from listening to Odd Future and to this. Whoa, what a difference! This is garbage music compared to it (bad lyrics, boring beat)… and I even like Dom Kennedy. Can someone please enlighten me on why this song is any good? Meka come on.

  • Oak

    ^Odd Future makes crappy music over good beats. People need to quit acting like they are on some other shit by listening to OF. I dig their creativity but not their ignorance. All of their fans are assholes who don’t respect any music unless it is “shock rap”. At the end of the day, they are the same as Lil B; rapping in such a way that is not common in hip hop culture to gain popularity and rapping about subject matter that is “shocking” to high school kids and catholic nuns. In short, those cats are a huge gimmick that you are playing into.

  • ^^co-sign with oak

  • helloworld

    imo this isnt a good song at all, someone who thinks this is hot, why so?

  • und

    this song goes hard. fuck you guys talking about?


    @ oak couldn’t have said it better myself man. Odd future is dope, but their fans are complete faggots

  • sheee

    veggies ftw

  • K. Wilson

    Yo this video is kinda weak, yall trippin haha

  • yo this video is kinda original. the women are cute and the beat is pretty bumpin. best track on the tape. i approve. thumbs up.

  • lol anyone notice the girl cooking next to dom? yea though it goes CV DK C………. Agreed?

  • Quickstrike

    I like it but Dom should of had another verse or something, it feels like he’s the one who featured

  • mks

    co-sign with oak

  • 2dope2quote

    Imma disagree with Oak. I’ve never been a big Dom or cARTer fan and i’ve given all the shit they put out the run through based on popularity, but thats not to say they aren’t on their grind and do their “own” thing. I think one of the most important aspects of an artists is originality, and your a fucking lie if you tell me you’ve heard some shit like Odd Future before (I’m talking combination instrumental and lyrical aesthetics) I won’t dispute the fact they use shock tactics but didn’t NWA, Em, 50, Notorious, Pac, Jedi Mind, Clipse? (and the list goes on) I’m a huge Odd Future fan because not only are the niggas young and hungry, some of them are talented as fuck. shit, I’m ready to go spray paint OFWGKTA somewhere. FREE EARL

    this is an odd future fan posting on 2dopeboyz, somebody better jump me.

  • DickRider ^^^

  • Veggies killed this shit…

  • Ryan

    for the love of god make more music like this
    its 8am and i got this song on repeat….beat is fuckin raw
    this is pure hard core hip hop
    lyrics im dancing too wtf

  • haters going to hate


  • Dez

    Dom lacks lyrics.

  • Faso

    Dom is the shit, but this video is so weak. With the attention hes getting now, and semi-fame I dont know why he chose to make such a simple ass boring video.

  • VOTP

    @ Oak. “All of their fans are assholes who don’t respect any music unless it is “shock rap”.

    ^ Yeah argumentation reached its highest there I guess – generalising huh? Understand this please: I’m not hating on Dom Kennedy, I just don’t understand why this particular song is any good besides comments saying that “It’s going hard…” and whatnot. Odd Future might relate to high school kids, but they also reached respect among older people as well (at least here in Europe). So why take sides in the 2DB vs. OF instead of just admitting that they are a part of revolutionising rap positively. You have to be pretty thick-headed to claim otherwise. Being an Odd Future admirer doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with not liking old school hip hop and so forth, but I guess people don’t think that far – they just lump all Odd Future fans together. And lastly, don’t compare Odd Future to Lil’ B (you know why hopefully).

    I like Dom Kennedy, dont get me wrong – I just don’t like this song… but I like Odd Future too. Hope that’s not too confusing for you all.

    No hate, just saying. Peace.

  • Dylan Alexander Royster Fleming

    OF is incredible and everyone on here (Including Shake & Meka) know it. It’s sad and disapointing that there’s this 2DBZ vs. OFWGKTA beef. Casey is pretty cool but had a REALLY annoying voice on Customized Greatly Vol. 1. All OF fans are NOT assholes. Everybody else that I’ve met that likes them is pretty cool. Seriously though, I use to be a juggalo so I’m use to hearing crazy shock rap lyrics and Bastard was not the first time for me. I love OF’s beats and unexpected lyrics.


    c’mon guys, just post some OF & squash this beef