• casper wordsmith

    I prefer that other other Nikki ...

  • http://www.zeedubb.bandcamp.com ZeeDubb

    I prefer this NIkki. she looks waay better!

  • ablacktv.com

    DAMN she sexy as hell...I didnt even hear the song, nor will I, but she gets a thumbs up just for being gorgeous in a classy way... @ablacktv

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/NolanLowlife DLREMIX

    I like it a lot!

  • EZPimpn

    Id fuck Nicki, while listening to Nikki... but not the other way around.

  • lonestar playa

    Song is tight! So as her body lol......she can git it

  • seemenow


  • Coroner

    She's better than that other annoying bitch!

  • Nikki Lynette

    If u wanna fuck me then download this


  • Mike B

    I download the song now I wanna fuck

  • Really

    she has a man face and how is her dressing like a hoe classy? fuck out of here.

  • http://3230ent.com TONY 3230

    The Song Is Dope Shes's Official NIKKI L. IS 2020 and her comics are sick i bet she didnt know i knew about that

    3230 ent TONY RUDD

  • AnT

    lol @ Mike B.
    yea she could get it

  • yup

    her voice is annoying as fuck, and ur singin isn't all that, i'll stick with no female rappers thank you and ur welcome

  • mmkayy

    she sounds like left eye