• red

    What is this? Are they all Cannon mixtapes? This would be a good time to stream before downloading.

  • jetlifeballer

    she has some nice nails

  • NiggaBot2k

    Ok....Players Anthem is not a sex song....granted TITS is in the chorus....but come on now...dumb motherfuckas

  • Jeffrey

    Best cover ever

  • Jake101

    Man I woulda gave it thumbs up if I saw the real cover :-(

  • wuuut

    fuck is up with the two different looking hands, same nails.. that fat fingered manly lookin right hand?

  • http://suuup yeaaa

    hahahahah two hands fer sure wuuuuut the hell

  • http://soundcloud.com/hunke hunkE

    UGK feat. T.I. - Back In P.A.T.
    [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/ugk-feat-t-i-back-in-p-a-t ]

  • Bigwill

    I wish I had four thumbs so I could give those titties 4 thumbs up

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  • southcakc23

    the only clowns giving this mixtape a thumbs down are you shit stains on the hip hop culture who have no place for respect for history in your opinion of what is really hip hop. These are classic party records that Cannon put together for us......