• ivemar80

    No comments?
    This is good music.

  • Cali Grown

    ^ Straight up.

    I met Percee P at a 1982 album release show here in LA. He even spit a verse on stage. Dude was selling some of his music, I really wanted to buy some but I was broke ass mufucka.

    Salute a legend people.

  • snorlax

    Beat is chronicrock. pearce p is average

  • http://oddfuture.tumblr.com rap bandit

    sad fact: he is on public transit (buses and the redline) in L.A. selling his albums on the street, fucking Anika gets a nice hotel and does hipster gigs spinning with PB Wolf. help grand papa Percee P out!

  • http://berpwillie.bandcamp.com Berp Willie

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! this track his hitting!!!!

  • dalivest1

    I seen P at a little record store in Pasadena Ca...yeah support the brotha


    Best flow in Hip Hop... And Madlib on the beat.. Damn

  • Ali

    Percee P is a fuckin legend, dudes flow n multi's are original yet that style is timeless

  • Yasser

    I dont know about his history but that Perseverance album was tight