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Shyne – Trunk Full f. Gucci Mane [NoTags]

blame it on Shake April 15, 2011

No comment.

DOWNLOAD: Shyne – Trunk Full f. Gucci Mane (prod. DJ Pain 1)

  • Eng


  • Jet Life

    Why the fuck Shyne tryna sound like Rick Ross?

  • ado

    kill yourself, gucci. you’re wasting oxygen.

  • Johnny Blaze

    SMH.. ever since Shyne was skull fucked everyday in jail his voice hasnt been the same

  • KingGhost519

    The two people that “Like” this shit, need to cut they ears off.

  • derrick
  • sK
  • marty mcfly

    What the fuck was that about ? This nigga talkin bout bangin all the way in israel or belize or where ever the fuck hes at with his payos haircut lookin stupid. COMEONSON

  • KidCassette

    LMAO shits hilarious

  • Rebellious

    i thought maybe shyne was just fuckin with us with this new voice/flow….10 tracks later…jokes on him….this is sad

  • red

    This guy again?? C’mon…his verse was so bad it made Gucci’s part amazing.

  • It’s fucked up when Gucci Mane verse actually sounds hot next to yours.

  • Rio$

    it sounded promising till shyne started………….SMH shyne what happened to your voice and flow………#MUSICISSTILLDEAD

  • 13yearoldwhiteboyfrommontanna

    This song > Nas, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Pac, J Cole, MF DOOM, Jedi Mind Tricks, Lupe Fiasco, Big L, Big Pun, Wu-Tang, and everything else in the game.

  • ken

    i laughed so hard when shyne started rappin, niggas like the Charlie sheen of hip-hop geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez , this guy terrible , he should just stop rapping and go back to school. PLEASE NIGGA STOP THE EMBARRASSMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kardash libido

    Dj should’ve kept the tags. Gucci recorded his 16over a prepaid phone.


    prison took away his manhood

  • forrealrealz

    One of the saddest stories in hip hop, really. Dude was on point before he went to prison. Now he sounds like an everyday dude that tries too hard and needs to realize that rapping isn’t what they were made to do. Puffy, BIG brought you up — you brought Shyne down. Way to go playa. Give yourself a pat on the back/kiss in the ass for that one.

  • tre

    what the fuck.shyne damn it you was supposed to come out prison a dope emcee again, youv have become as shitty as the man who brought you down, puffy.

  • Jay Stay Laced

    *waits for freestyles*

  • dizzy

    this beat knocks,seriously

  • marty mcfly

    Puff aint bring this nigga down cause puff is the one that gave him a deal in the first place. Shyne was the one pulling the trigger in a club full of people like a dumbass.

  • dsdsd

    This shit GOES. Fuck what a hater Say

  • Sutt

    2many haters,go back listening to ur radio bullshit

  • Ray

    Stop saying no comment like your a boss

  • Caramelo Ant.

    LOL @ 2DOPE MAKIN HATE !!!!!!!!! LOL !!!

  • Puff Diddy

    I Shook my head for the whole 1:40 i actually listened to, than laughed as I read these comments

  • huh?

    26 people need to be skull fucked while playing on the 405.

  • dirty

    the artwork is cool

  • shyne sucks off gucci mane every day

    quit posting this bullshit. i was ready to call meka the dick eater but shake? c’mon man. quit posting shyne he’s full of shit since jail. dude has ptsd or some shit and his brains scrambled. and gucci mane? why in the fuck would he even make it to this site? you just put the 2 worst so called artists besides minaj’s bum ass and wayne on the same post. fuck is wrong with you?

  • J

    What a waste of a banger.



  • really though this shit sucks

    Like my nigga….when you make GUCCI MANE one of the WORST rappers ever SOUND GOOD you know you suck. Give it up.

  • shyneinthetrunk

    shyne u suckkkk so badd i rather listen to pots fallin down the stairs u fuckin suck and ur a sad case… being jewish isnt helping u be a better mc u fuckin loser!

  • Strangefamous

    Shyne sounds like he’s constantly having a bowel movement

  • MamaSaidWhat?


    Shyne <

  • Sutt

    To really,okay thn,cuz I’ll head that on the radio,at. Chatting shit, ill never hear tht tune on radio

  • truthteller

    @shyneinthetrunk : maybe, but being jew made him to be signed with CASH MONKEY record that’s obvious!! he’s so lame, +10 years in the game, never dropped sthing good, now he lives in jerusalem, sucks jews dick and do that israeli propaganda and BOOM!! JACKPOT! CASH MONKEY signature, album coming soon, many feat and prod, pharell williams… i’m no antisemit, but this is a joke and explain why music is not music anymore, it’s all about who u pray : jared evans, mike posner, drake,… come on this guys are no better than average, so why it’s so easy for them???

  • mike

    what the fuck shyne

  • Shyne just needs to focus on getting a regular job in Belize. My heart broken, Shyne was the shit back then!!

  • YE

    yeah of like always yall fucking gaylords keep on hating on shyne, 10 yrs in the max did yall motherfuckers forget that shit, SHYNE IS THE LAST REAL RAPPER!! music is supposed to feautur reality, pain, real shit,, HES MAKING MUSIC FOR THE ONES LOCKED UP, FOR THE ONES THAT DONT HAVE FATHERS, THE ONES THAT LIVE IN THE SLUMS…REAL RECOGNIZE REAL