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XV – Zero Heroes (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 15, 2011

With the likes of J. Cole, Just Blaze, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump and more contributing, the latest freelease from Warner Bros. signee XV is now available for everyone to enjoy. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: XV – Zero Heroes (Mixtape)

  • Mr.J.O
  • Bigwill


  • yep

    EPIC vizzys back on his shit

  • Kristina Rose the porn star?

  • eman4444

    is okay to download from ?

  • holla if ya swalla

    vizzy never got off his shit..

  • derrick
  • solking10


  • yung204

    yoo this is doppe as mixtape
    peep this

  • Big Meech

    XV is sick, I’m happy that he got off his Vizzy Zone shit, cause I wasn’t feeling that. But he can bring heat, I love how he features a porn star on his album. You know he made her suck his dick one time per second she is in the song. XV, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Big K.R.I.T. > the rest of the newcomers

  • Conor K

    YES Finally ive been looking forward to this forever!!!!

  • mark

    how come the track with jasmine sullivan isn’t here?
    i didn’t dl cause i thought would’ve been on here smh

  • K-luv

    ahhhh… maan it’s finally here.. been waitin’ on this for a long time..

  • red


    And Big Meech your post got me pumped. I thought Vizzy Zone was a huge let down, I’m hoping this is something special like all his other tapes.


    99999999999999999999.99/ 10

    MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bryan

    textbook stuff with kendrick lamar >>>>>>>>> all

  • the third ear

    the track featuring Kendrick is dope

  • Pete

    dat kendrick joint is just…..damn!

  • markjaystrong

    “how come the track with jasmine sullivan isn’t here?
    i didn’t dl cause i thought would’ve been on here smh”

    He cut the tape from 18 to 15 and I guess he decided to leave that one off. That track is sick though. He produced Famous by the way. Which is hotter than a few of these tracks. Everyone should download that as well.

  • triso


  • :O I totally forgot this was dropping today! I ain’t even an XV fan (dude can spit though) but after looking at the track list I’m hyped for this!

  • Why are people trippin’ on Vizzy Zone?!

  • Duffman

    XV live is pretty damn amazing.

  • Pauly Dee

    Tape is dope….especially that Kingdom Hearts shit. Been playing that shit lately. And what are you guys talking about?!! Vizzy Zone was on point…I mean, it wasen’t better than his others, but it was still good!

  • schoolboy

    dope because of no annoying ass djs yellin on the tracks

  • Fuck dat Nigga

    15 is a nigga I can fucks with (no homo).
    That’s right, I can romanate my numerals and shit.

  • red

    So good this is much better than Vizzy Zone. I’m on 8 tracks in but this is shaping up to be 1 of the best mixtapes of the year.

    Good looks XV now get your ass touring in NY by me.

  • red

    K. Dot steals the show yet again on Textbook Stuff.

    Best rapper of my generation? If he keeps it up I’d say the answer hands down is yes.


    wichita represent!

  • Lets see what it do…..

  • Lucus

    XV is so dope. Toughest tape this year thus far.

  • rUSh

    mediafie link please

  • rUSh


  • LKnowledge

    @red if you think he’s the best rapper of your generation you should know he doesn’t like the name K. Dot. And vizzy zone was a whole different style of mixtape for XV.

  • sjsjssj

    im confused at how i can think XV is so dope yet i cant get into any of his stuff enough to listen to it more than once

  • Oak

    This is a great week for Hip-Hop!

  • T$

    ^Great month for hip hop… a bunch of underground tapes have been dropping…

  • red

    Fine, I apologize for the nickname. Kendrick Lamar is possibly the greatest rapper of my generation and I think with 2 more good CDs he will establish himself as so.

  • @LKnowledge Since when did he not like the name K. Dot? He’s called himself that on a loads of tracks after he changed his name. Night of the Living Junkies is one of ’em. Also he tweeted about a song called K. Dot vs. Slim Shady that’s supposed to be on Detox a while back.

    @red I’d agree. He’s my favorite rapper, period. Asides from Kendrick I can only count like 3 people pushing the boundaries of Hip Hop.

  • I think the artwork is slick, but I don’t get the correlation between everyone on the cover. I hope they aren’t people that inspired him, cause he got Halo n’ Xbox 360 on that shit. And if it’s things he likes, he has himself posted on the cover twice – that’s so vain that it’s masturbatory. Whatever the case, dope ass cover and I’m downloading right now.

  • whYSe

    this should be his debut album

  • MCR_1

    Dope x 1,000,000.

  • 9thWonderbread

    this is Amazing! (no pun attended) i didn’t like some of XV’s past work, but this right is great. he should have added some of his own production to this tape too because his production>>> (see: Famous, I Have Dreams, Now Jump). So Overall: 9/10! Keep up the good work Vizzy.

  • 9thWonderbread

    ^forget the no pun intended part, i thought the song was called “amazing”, but it was called “awesome” smh. i should get some sleep lol

  • SupaDupaLT boiii. We do it better.

  • jfalpha

    This mixtape is fucking awesome!

  • Trey

    Hate to say it but, he is massively overrated. his producers make him sound good. He has a couple OK songs but, he is overrated couldn’t listen to this like that. Now kendrick lamar? dats my dude right there his is the best out beside j. cole. go cop dat HiiiPoWeR!!!!

  • TheE

    The Art work to this is crazy nice

  • cloud9

    ^He’s actually a pretty lyrical rapper to be honest, to me his beats are really iffy, that’s why I can’t get into him like that, I don’t think he’s overrated.

  • boywonder

    if he was “overrated” he woulda been an XXL FRESHMEN..
    he more underrated than overrated

  • LKnowledge

    @yaboyrampz “no more k. dot my mother had named me kendrick fuck a stage name that’s the name that i was givin…i said my name is kendrick lamar. i changed the name cause i was tired of bein like ya’ll now finally i’m ready to tell the world who i are.” Need i say more?

  • Jonesy Stark

    Vizzy Zone was meh and a disappointment for me. This one here’s heat so far. LMAO @ naga puttin’ Kristina Rose on this joint.

  • valence

    @red if you think he’s the best rapper of your generation you should know he doesn’t like the name K. Dot. And vizzy zone was a whole different style of mixtape for XV.

    ^^^^^^ Wrong. Ab-soul called him dot in a recent interview. If he didn’t like that name, his homies wouldn’t be calling him that.
    He probably switched to kendrick for marketing purposes, still goes by dot though

  • …FUCK

    And Wtf is up with that link????

    Says I gotta wait 12min to dl cuz I aint a fucking member.
    Step your game up who ever dicided to go with this bull shit.

  • mazoomy

    XV is a beast!!! Lovin the mixtape/album, just like everything he releases.

    I hope he reads this cuz I got a suggestion for him:

    Chrono Cross – Scars Across Time

    Get Seven to flip that into something for you to rap over, and I will have an orgasm.

    Or some music off Distant Worlds. More video game inspired music in the vein of When We’re Done. Thank you.

  • mazoomy

    Meant Scars of Time, not Scars Across Time, but whatever.

  • 32424

    3 gig – over 5 genres- ultimate mixtape
    google it now!!

  • Maya

    this is dope. smallville is STILL one of my favorite songs… j. cole is a great producer

  • My thoughts on the mixtape below

  • Textbook Stuff feat. Kendrick is dope. opening track has an epic instrumental, thank you Just Blaze. this is going to be a good weekend..

  • kb

    Trey you want to talk to overrated. You already mentioned him, J. Cole. I still like J. Cole but I think his album when it comes out in 2016 will be mediocre.

  • unknown
  • mike

    Feelin this, real dope.
    Good effort, I was into Everybody’s Nobody but didn’t get into Vizzy Zone really.


    J Cole is overrated??????????? Kb dont know wtf is good

  • Cloud 9

    @Kb i like J. Cole too. very big fan. but im scared that his album wont do as good as predicted. and i dnt mean sales i mean musically. but imma still support dude. but on this topic. CAN WE GET A DIFFERENT LINK! fuckin sux ass! MF this shit!

  • Cloud 9 Bam! solved my own problem =)))


    but since im on the page this tape is real nice… solid beats throughout and I always feel XVs vibe he got a different style goin on beats like foreign exchange and all that type stuff.. replay value on this tape for sure

  • getoffhisd

    i like his music and all, but i don’t see any reason to say kendrick lamar is anywhere near the best rapper of our generation. he honestly sounds like he has raisins stuck in his nose. someone a few months ago decided they liked him, then someone else saw that he was being liked, then everyone jumped on his bandwagon to try to look cool on a blog’s chat board. cool it everyone. the dude is solid, but he won’t ever be famous or even important to the history of hip-hop because he just isn’t that good. it’ll be like jay electronica. huge buzz for a long time, nothing major comes out of it, and then you all will find a new dick to hop on

  • GooN

    XV really did some shit on this one. That last tape he dropped was so so. But on this one here he got back on his shit mad props.

  • mazoomy

    Well said getoffhisd, couldn’t agree more.

  • otis da bomb shit!

    i disagree… kendrick comes with some actual substance and those raisins in his nose make him sound different from the other 99% of lame “talent” offered today. J. cole and Kendrick’s project is about to be ground breaking and u guys who just want to be different and hate on rappers who people like can go suck a baby dick. before y’all negative energy curve ima cut y’all off…

  • Y’allniggasretarded

    @ kb-You know what you’re right when J. Cole album come out in 2016 it probably won’t be as good after dropping a lot of 10/10 mixtapes. Straight lame.

    Also XV is okay. Dude sound like every other rapper out right now though. His beats pretty much give him that extra push. Also dude was not an XXL cause of some petty beef or w/e. He probably woulda been on anyways, but he said he would refuse it anyway.

  • bubbles

    this is crazy dope. the only thing I didn’t really like was the album artwork. They’ve got a decent alternate cover at

  • Dutchboy


  • goodmuzik

    this shit fire…real talk and Seven on some other shit with his productions…that When We’re Done is DOPE. Props to XV. and at that nigga who says XV sound like every other rapper…that’s nonsense. XV got his own sound and he got a different mindstate than most the niggaz rappin’ nowadays that’s why I like him.

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss/Teddy/D. $cience” Stan fka Answer Me!

    @getoffhisd – that someone decided to like him a few months ago BECAUSE of “Overly Dedicated” … dat shit deserves praise and a following!

    Dah well! Anyways, I’m with you on dat Kendrick would never be mainstream famous (tho dat dont mean his music is less dope bcos of it) thanks to his ‘raisins stuck in nose’ vocals!!

    XV can take his place in mainstream, so what if he’s a lil short on “conscious” subject matter.

  • Sha

    this is the best mixtape i heard this year so far…VIZZYY!!!

  • jiz

    Only 3 tracks in and shit’s dope. Wussup with The EQ’s, tho? The highs are makin my ears bleed!

  • gonnauy8

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  • Yall sayin this guy is over-rated are talkin out your ass right now, real talk. Over rated is Wiz Khalifa, XV is a legend in the making and this is proof. Honestly this could go down as Mixtape/Album of the year.

  • red


    I really have to disagree with you.

    Right now Kendrick is top of the game in lyricism, beat selection, subject matter, his TDE crew is dope, he gets good features and is featured with other respected artists.
    No one you won’t hear Kendrick on the radio, but what does that mean?
    Another thing, Jay Electronica has potential to be in the same league. I still think Act One is one of the greatest mixtapes I have ever heard. Unlike Jay E however, Kendrick Lamar has no problem delivering more product and even better none of it ever seems watered down.

  • BlackMAmba24

    J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are probably the best lyricists of our genaration.
    But XV is like Kanye West they may not be the best lyrically but they make the best music, and they prob still top 10 in lyrics.

  • Ender

    As far as Im concerned, Jay Electronica doesnt make music, he makes audible art. And Im not just trying to say hes good, Im saying u need to appreciate it as art in order to really get it.

    U dont treat Jay Electronica like u do with any other music- dont listen to it in the car or the club, dont listen for a catchy little noise or hook, shit, a lot of times u shouldnt even listen to it with other people. But in your home, at night, with a good blunt and a bottle of Crown Royal, with the TV off and just some art on the wall- THAT is the setting for Jay Electronica, and theres absolutely nothing better.

    But after Jay Elect; the best of our generation are J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Big K.R.I.T. (imo)

  • getoffhisd

    don’t get me wrong, i was not saying jay elec and kendrick are bad. i like them both. i understand what jay elec is doing with his music and i think he is damn good at it, but in the end i don’t think he will leave any impact on hip-hop when people not too long ago were acting like he was a god. same with kendrick. half the music i love i listen to knowing it will never find time on the radio. kendrick is good, but he is nowhere near great in my mind. people, like a j. cole, are out there and are coming up who can pair lyricism with a nice sound, and when more people like him emerge kendrick will fade into obscurity

  • Anyone

    “Pictures On My Wall” >>>>>

  • red

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never listened to Jay E with anyone. Everytime I put on Jay E the lights are dimmed, I’m high as hell, and I’m listening to Act 1 from start to finish. Jay Electronica has music that you actually can overanalyze and read into because his double meanings are so deep. Songs like Voodoo Man are untouchable.

    I think Kendrick Lamar really keeps it real. For hip hop heads he will be at the top of their list for awhile. He will certainly have an impact on “underground/blogosphere/whatever you want to call it” hip hop but it’s true, he likely won’t make much of a dent on the bigger picture.
    The way J. Cole is slugging along I’m not so sure about him either.

  • Ender


    I mean as long as Ive got a copy of a song, it doesnt really matter to me whether or not it gets popular. Its obviously nice to see a good artist do well, but at the end of the day thats their thing and Im over here, u know? Unless they either fall off (which none of them have shown any signs of so far), or drop out of rap altogether, Im still getting good music (fuck everybody else lol).

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss/Teddy/D. $cience” Stan fka Answer Me!

    Agree with these ^^ last few comments. Especially @red’s response to @getoffhisd !!!

    Keep the good discussion rolling !!

  • marty mcfly

    I think that artists like Kendrick and Jay Elec are putting their trust in the fans to make them blow instead on the industry and to be honest thats a gamble. I could name on one hand the artists that got on just because of fans support but I could name 100 artists that got on cause they play the industry and radio side of the game. What im saying is Those artists are dope but unless the fans demand to see them in the major spot light then I dont know if it will happen. Kendrick at least can make commercial shit at times like the Jordan song but Jay Elec is making some other type of shit that the industry as a whole will never get behind unless his fanbase makes it possible. As far as Xv I never listened to any of his shit but MAYBE ill check this tape out later. As far as TDE my favorite member is Jay Rock followed by School boy.

  • marty mcfly

    And when you hear Kendrick and Jay Elec make something for the radio in the future dont start bitching about they sold out or they fell off. Remember what their capable of and understand that gotta get in position in order to be successful as a artist and that means joining forces with radio whether you like it or not.

  • red

    Marty you have me wishing there was a tv channel for the hip hop that’s huge on the blogs but not accessible for the mainstream. It would give the artists somewhere to go.
    To be honest I don’t want to hear Kendrick Lamar on the radio. His style of rapping, his subject matter, and just his overall image aren’t for any sort of mainstream. But at the same time, I doubt a rapper of his caliber will be content to keep dropping $7 albums every few months with some decent tours in between.
    There needs to be a bigger venue for these guys.

  • marty mcfly

    The game needs a tv channel like that , there has been some in the past on local stations in different cities put they either run out of financial gas or they dont get enough viewers. Lets just hope one day that platforms like Creative Control become like MTV in the future.

  • marty mcfly

    and I mean like MTV as far as actually being on Tv. Good lookin out to the blogs like this one keeping the underwater artists visible.

  • red

    Yea I was thinking if indie labels, production teams, and content labels could get their money together and put out a nationwide channel to put everyone on.
    It’d be so sick if I could turn on TV and watch an XV music video, an interview with Kendrick Lamar, follow a Pac Div tour, watch J. Cole in the studio, etc etc etc.
    Getting regular postings on websites like like 2Dopeboyz and Rap Radar should be a stepping stone, not the ultimate result of blog “stardom”.

  • VIZ_e

    Probably the last mixtape before vizzy goes mainstream and people start to hate him just because of that.

  • kb

    J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are probably the best lyricists of our genaration.
    But XV is like Kanye West they may not be the best lyrically but they make the best music, and they prob still top 10 in lyrics.

    BlackMAmba24 said this on April 16th, 2011 at 11:42 am
    J. Cole the best lyricist of our generation? stop it lol

  • marty mcfly

    I say Lupe if were gonna talk lyrically the best of this generation.

  • jlkjlkjk

    jajajajaj @ xv being the kanye west of our generation

  • Pauly Dee

    Vizzy is better than Kanye lyrically IMO.

    Also…XDD I JUST noticed Steve Carell on the cover!!

  • cbanks13

    kendrick killed that track yo. dudes on another level!

  • What makes this a great mixtape is the production. Everyone who pitched it on production really stepped it up. Two thumbs up.

  • aHometownHero

    i wasnt ever a XV fan (Vizzy Zone was weak) until the past a couple song leaks and this mixtape just cemented me as a listener. Interested to see what he keep comes with.

  • Thegame’scomingfullcircle

    …theres already a ton of dope mixtapes this year:

    Lincoln Way Nights
    Rocks Report
    Fear of God
    Return of 4eva
    Southern Lights
    Zero Heroes, etc.. dare i say, its feeling like the 90s


  • NutsAreBiggerThanYours

    Blu and Lupe have been the best of our generation

  • Doping

    Holy shit I’m so addicted to All For Me.

  • NutsAreBiggerThanYours

    i honestly haven’t been a XV fan for the past year because his last 2 mixtapes were bad, but this….. this mixtape…. is on some squarian shit! might have just knocked off everybody’s nobody as the best vizzy tape

  • Statechamp

    Mos definitely the best mixtape of the year so far. Some songs are album quality I’d say.

  • Moses

    This mixtape is very good. XV doing his thing. Seven is a fucking monster, his beats are too much. A lot of the tracks has the potential of been a single.