• Hank Moody

    lol the chorus sounds like 5 On It too... yea this is a funny little track tho- but of course its Phonte so it still sounds great.

  • bobbychalkers

    Thank you Tay God

  • 91&^UP


    thank you Tay God.

  • BAHIAsupreme

    swagg hahahahhaha LOL phonte is the best

  • Jonesy Stark

    All hail Tay God, swag on them hoes, Tay God!!!

  • GR

    LOL, this reminds me of Cheatin on the Minstrel Show.

  • SWAG


  • Pops

    Crazy how Tigallo sounds better when he's just fuckin around then a lot of these new r&b cats do when they're really trying.



  • Onederin

    Great on so many levels. *dead*

  • Big O

    killin'em tay. big-up son.

  • Pyro

    This brightened up my day. Tay god!!!

  • Age

    True hip hop....listen up!!!

  • Maga D

    Zo! & Tigallo love the 90s? Please?

  • smh

    this ol' wyclef lookin mother fucker

  • Musikfiend