• Yes



    Better than Drakes version...sorry drizzy!

  • based

    haha, SO MUCH BETTER! fucking white rappers, who would of thought?

  • ATLien

    Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!! Can't wait for the mixtape!

  • yeah

    Fucking horrible

  • jerm

    definitely better than drakes version.

  • jojoba


  • shithead

    fuck off vonnegut. shit lyrics, shit production, shit vocals

  • V’s UP A-Town Down

    Finally a release date for $Free.99!!! heard about this tape a while back so I've been waiting for them to drop something new. And from this video I'm anticipating fresh and unique!

    BTW...shithead, yeah,& jojoba are all cocksuckers

  • http://www.rap-hip-hop-music.com/ hip hop music

    I was never familiar with his music but got to tell this one is great..

  • http://berpwillie.bandcamp.com Berp Willie


  • JQ

    This is garbage imo. If your looking for a white rapper check out David Versis also out of toronto apparently working with 1da, here's a snippet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q53WP6nYMFk

  • locked


  • merk

    @JQ that david versis shit was weak