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Curren$y x Alchemist – Covert Coup (FreEP)

blame it on Miss_Peas April 20, 2011

The captain of this pilot sh*t is still delivering heat with his latest mixtape, entirely produced by Alan The Chemist. Presented by Diamond Supply Co., shout out to Nick Diamond & Brocky! (Immediately skips to track 2) Tracklist and link down bottom. J.E.T.S!

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y & Alchemist – Covert Coup (FreEP)

  • 9thwonderbread


  • Spicoli

    Jet life Jet life

  • Oak


  • 206FRE$H


  • midnighkat

    JETS FOOL!!!!!!!

  • Yeah

    Jet life Jet life Jet life

  • Oak

    Not sure which artwork I like more. Both are pretty dope. Link is slow AF though lol.

  • okaaaay

    Curren$y is dope but wus gud with they fans? almost as groupie-ish as them odd future fans. u can enjoy the music and not dick ride… juss sayin. best post miss_peas made, thas saying sumthing

  • solking10

    Curren$y >>>> Wiz

  • RobbyRob


  • Tony

    anyone having a problem downloading?

  • Spicoli

    So everyone is just going to leach off of the diamond supply link? No one is going to be able to download this shit. Come on….

  • Riptide

    Hope y’all are working on alternate links. One link can’t serve everyone.

  • Blackaristocrat

    Link crashed

  • wacxka

    has anyone downloaded this bitch yet?

  • holdupni66asholduphos

    Need new link… must light up

  • Spitta Nigga


  • real talk

    someone please re-up? new link? someone? anyone? bueller?

  • ADP

    yeah link is fucked, saying the zip is either empty or was corrupted in transfer

  • killanick

    damn people are blowin up this download. link is slow as hell. may have to wait till the morning to cop this.

    jet life till the next life

  • cityofdevils

    what happened with that other cover??

  • Dez


  • Dorian

    We need an alternate link bro

  • T$


  • David Stern Boss of All Bosses 3 coming soon

    ok seriously…………whats good with another link

  • for smokers tees

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Wut happened to da other cover? O well they both hot n most likely this will be hot too

  • d easy
  • rick

    why the fuck aint the download working

  • Craig

    sup with this link??!!

  • Fin

    D Easy you the man

  • Yeah

    D easy’s is legit link. LOL at the diamond supply site crashing.

  • Illuminati is here

  • someone put up an ALT. LINK….PLEASE!!!

  • real talk

    thanks a lot d easy. JETS fool!

  • Allen

    D easy i love you for posting a direct dl link

  • austin

    U niggas dont read the comments above… d easy linked:

  • Regy

    d easy ftw

  • Fuck This

    Am I tripping I can’t even download D Easy’s joant fuck!!!

  • Ericjavierrodriguez

    Hulkshare link works fine

  • David Stern Boss of All Bosses 3 coming soon

    if I could virtually give you a joint, d easy, I would

  • yugang

    Shit, i’ll check it out just cause i love alchemist beats, liked freddie gibbs verse on a song off this and i just started getting into currensy w/ the first pilot talk album.

  • jetlife27
  • Yeah
  • Ace

    *Turns on CPU*
    *Logs on*
    *Logs back on 2dbz*
    *Sees Racks on Racks*
    *Sees Covert Coup*

  • yep

    mixtape of the mothafuckin century

  • d easy = 1/ diamond supply = fail

  • dr.dave


  • Luke Ri
  • realize

    JETS all day Curren$y the best out

  • dope!!! jets… fooo.

  • Old Dirty Travs

    thank you d easy

  • Damn this is sick as hell. I’m not even a fan of Curren$y, but he is sick over these ALC beats.

  • BOOM

    d easy is the MAN

  • Damn I can’t believe this shit’s free.

  • @SterlingSkiTGOD

    such a sick cover hah.. jetlife .. al-al-al-alchemist … best believe Mobb Deep is back too

  • 4/20 bitchhhh smoke ya sumthing

    THIS IS FUCKING GREAT! I would have honestly paid…wow

  • zbMrOG

    AHHHHH thanx 2dope 4 droppin this early in the 4/20 holiday!!

  • yep

    Take this opportunity to roll up!!


    Halfway through already, damn its hot. Good way to spend 30 minutes.

  • DayO

    \m/ FOOL.
    HAPPY 4/20

  • Faco22

    2nd track is the fire beat
    heres a sample
    Curren$y ft Prodigy – The Type.mp3
    (got a play preview in there- FIRE BEAT!!!

  • Ericjavierrodriguez

    Went through the whole thing without skipping a track, definitely Fire. Covert Coup and Returnof4Eva are the by far the best projects of the year… so far

  • RuanHoll

    HAPPY 420
    got a bowl lite

    DOWNLOAD THIS and the NEW C-PLUS-All city fire album jus out every track fire
    perfect 420 start

  • Pac-16

    I thought there were more tracks

  • LFL

    everything is fire thus far

  • GR


    Cosign @ Ericjavierrodriguez….Two of the best projects this year were free. Would’ve easily paid for this.

  • AnT

    Holy shizznit.. JeTs f00000LLLLLLLLL

  • Fuck This

    nvm D Easy thanks bro hulkshare had me fucked up but i figured it out

  • jetlife

    jet life. spitta spazin, alchemist lacin beats. sure win, charley sheen.

  • LOL

    my favorite 2 tracks

  • Jerry The King Lawler

    @Pac-16 you thought wrong.

    @Ericjavier don’t forget Ab-Soul – LongTerm Mentality & CunninLynguists – Oneirology

  • GangstahGumbo

    Jet life to the next life.

  • Jerry The King Lawler

    this and Big Krit’s are proably the BEST free-release stuff

  • Gunzo

    Guns Fool!!!! This is dope. Peep -

  • GR

    TRACK 2 everyboddddyyy.


  • JeffR
  • Ryan3322

    how high u gotta be to produce track 2

  • Braniak


    Bout to take a plane.

    I’ll stick with the other cover better.

    JET SET!

  • marty mcfly

    This is dope but the star of this show is ALC by far.


    dont tink i ever wanna stop smoking ever it connects me to another dimension

  • Dr.Dave

    Damn did Curren$y step his fuckin bars up or is it just me?

  • RuanHoll

    track 2 and 9 are top of the month hip hop !

  • real talk

    Dude never disappoints me. Big ups to Spitta and Alc for this shit, and Gangsta Gibbs for absolutely destroying Scottie Pippens. Oh my lord his flow is so nice

  • GhostfaceRwk

    wow jus wow

  • Grimzz

    MANNNNNNNNN…can someone put this shit in a torrent??…i’ve been waiting for this allllll day and this public internet shit is killing me lol

  • Ab-sunk

    yo currensy son i mess with you but in the 1st line did u have too use big boi’s lyrics from skew it on the bar-b ft raekown

  • dddddd

    jus me or he sounds much more harder got a focused voice and persona

  • dz8taco

    Success Is My Cologne and Life Instructions are my top tracks
    alchemist did his thing tho

  • ????????????????????????????????????????


  • RuanHoll


  • bak3ray

    that beat on ventilation..

  • streetleeroy

    my nigga spitta got raps on raps on raps

  • Shy

    Finna light up to this tomorrow.
    #West #Jets #ALC>>>>

  • curren$y


  • homeboyidkwhodidwhatbutiwasinthecutrollintropicasittinlowasposible


  • Ryuk

    You should be rolling up by now

  • Braniak

    Niggaz make music every day but you’ll neva hear a nigga do it this way*

  • Oak

    I already been through the album multiple times. One of the best albums of the year so far (along with Big KRIT’s joint).

    Curren$y gets better each tape he does. If you’re just getting into his music you definitely gotta check his discography cause its deep with music. I’m talking like 300+ songs.

  • 11111

    this album and the new c-plus album made this 420 extra special….
    somewhere currensy is smokin readin this shit

  • GangstahGumbo

    A thumbs down gets you the Van Gogh treatment.


  • marty mcfly

    Currensy can spit but I want to hear him talk about something other then being cool or having game. He has proven he has alot of wordplay , now I wanna hear him spit with substance about some life shit.

  • hahahah

    one of the few rappers that doesnt attract any hater squads
    track 2 jus blew my speakers away

  • drftgyh



    I need some new draws after track 2!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!

  • bdubbs

    smoke up toke up curren$y the hott spitta bringin that flame!

  • D1

    In honor of 4/20 –

  • LOL

    happy 420 and a merry new year

  • LupeFaco

    lol @ D1 – that track is hot thx
    D1 – U Wonder Y

  • Thirst

    Happy 420 guys. Long live Curren$y, Alchemist and 2dopeboyz!

  • JETS

    @ Ab-sunk

    Dude has spit a few bars from classic songs. It’s nothing new and it’s dope cause you can tell dude just loves the rap game.

    This is dope as fuck. Way better than the Muscle car Chronicles songs that were coming out. Man I can’t even pick a favorite. Prodigy held it down.

  • Dreezy


  • BillyClint

    he neeeeeeeedsssss sumthing to actually RAP ABOUT! cmon give us a story, some poetry, some pain, something realistic,

    but dnt get me wrong love the music he puts out…i just feel like he cud b soooo much better..imagine if jay z got to rap over all the beats on pilot talk 1.


    oh my gosh
    oh la la
    track with prodigy is fire,fresh out the boxxx
    props ,the entire album is vintage

  • SynZ

    JETSxTGOD boiiii
    this shit is so fire
    prolly his best album. and hes got dank albums
    GODDAMN. and hes got freddie gibbs on this?
    wtf? that dude would murder ur whole family
    then eat their bodies
    this shit is hardddd cuhh. Spitta forreal.
    Down with tha systen

  • Realtalk

    @ Billy Clint

    Lmao Jay would be gasping for breath. Also Curren$y does do storytelling in his shit like Paternity Test. Just not as much.

    Dude is a 93 Snoop basically. Dope as fuck and laid back.

  • epic

    This goes too hard.
    I wish Curren$y picked beats for Slaughterhouse…

  • marty mcfly

    Currensy is dope no doubt but he only touches on light subject matter. Once he starts opening up about his real life , it opens the door for more connection with his music and more longevity in his projects.

  • Chris

    Alchemist is really a Genius . Every track is fire .

  • Mr843

    Just what I needed 2 start my 4/20 off the right way. Got my plane already ready waiting 4 this 2 finish downloading.

  • “A ch ch chch chyeah chyeah” *Black Jesus Voice*

  • keith of PHILLY


  • SmokinAces

    The people saying Spitta needs to talk about his “real life” how do you know he’s not. Not every rapper is gonna be Lupe and talk about politics. Some it wouldn’t even come off right. Spitta does what he does nd he does it well. It would be like getting mad at Melanie Fiona for singing only love songs. That what she does. It’s that simple.

    In other news, this joint is banging than a mutha!

  • 1!
    best release this year
    oh yeah and new random axe out… the hex

  • @BillyClint I’m not disappointed that he got them cos’ they match his style perfectly but I feel you about diversifying his content. NOBODY thinks about bitches, cars and weed 24/7 so there must be something else he has/wants to say. I mean it’s his decision, he can do whatever he wants but if he raps about the same shit over and over his career won’t have much longevity which is sad cos’ he has a good ear for beats, one of the most unique flows I’ve heard in years and a dope voice.

  • @smokinaces..thank you! if you want that substance rap go listen to kendrick, blu, jay electronica, or gibbs, but shit my dudes its 4/20 and im just lookin to blaaaze all day long and this cd is EXACTLY what i need for that thank you alc and spitta for deliving the best project a 4/20’s ever seen! (probably)

  • Pete

    never was into currensy until hearing this tape ba i respect the guys work ethic, he prob has over 300 songs and a crazy amount of releases per year

  • nigga please

    JETS over everything

  • cap100

    success is my colonge is hard as fuck.

  • dalek

    Best verse on the album: Freddie Gibbs.

  • KerryFigs

    Cold Blooded Tape. That Scottie Pippen track was so grimey.

  • CAKE

    I’m glad Curren$y isn’t selling out, even with a major label signing. JustEnjoyTheShit.

  • Freshen_Wiser

    Sure he promised us all dopeness.. He’s the one and my number 1.. Top of the list..

  • melo15

    im high

  • james dean

    Is track 9 that Funk Flex freestyle…Haven’t listened but just guessing by the title

  • keith of PHILLY


  • htown

    find your lighters

  • mark

    surprised that this actually dropped on time
    props to curren$y & alchemist

  • jwiii

    mary mcfly, you don’t understand the jets. just exterminate thyself. your a shit head. anyways, dope give away but there’s been too much quality this year already for it to be a contender for top spot

  • Some of Alchemist’s best? My god…

  • red

    Happy 420 errbody.

  • seriously

    too much hype around this guy, he’s pretty average…

  • The whole project is banging…….

  • JETS High Life

    What a great way to start off 420 With a waken bake vapo and a new curren$y project

  • Rozay

    D Easy you da man

  • dre

    race cars and weed jars

  • jets at yah neck mofukka

  • Pootietang

    Spitta did it again Spitta did it again

  • despite panning him earlier, after listeing to the content…he does what he does..and does it well…yea i wud like him to diversify quite a bit..but the tape was DOPE…even tho the real star was alchemist..i will be playin these tracks over n over again.

  • bob

    hey thanks for the link faggots

  • FreshSup

    Alan the Chemist really kills the production (as usual)
    Curren$y fits too

  • DW Black Hippy

    Covert Coup is about to kill.

  • WR

    If you think Curren$y needs to rap about something else, you need to shut up. If it ain’t broke…

  • marty mcfly

    @ jwiii , what dont I understand about the Jets? Cause the whole point of this music is actually pretty simple. Get high and let the beats and Currensys voice give you a sense of escapism. Thats the only thing his shits about and if he keeps his subject matter light thats cool with me cause some music with little substance is dope but I was just saying. Not everything with substance has to be deep and serious sounding , he could just talk about a real life experience and there you have it – substance. Also once this wall between mainstream and underground is taken down , hip hop will be forced to upgrade itself artistically and as a business.

  • Spita is a Illuminati

  • deathbybong

    Marty you gottta be on somee kind of “substance”

  • lol @ marty mcfly have you not gotten the point that most people hate you on this site? what does curren$y like? girls, weed and cars… what does curren$y rap about… girls, weed and cars, hot the fuck is that not life expierience when thats probably what the dude does everyday.

  • RoshaneRonan

    Curren$y is moving up on my list as one of hip hops greatest mcs. He paints a vivid picture of his life, almost as if you know him personally. Alc is a genius.

  • Abstract from DMV

    Curren$y said he doesn’t like being tagged with the “smoker rapper” tag. He has lyrics and he’s gonna prove it. Dude is a hustler and one of my favorite rappers out here.

  • LOL

    lol @ marty mcfly have you not gotten the point that most people hate you on this site? what does curren$y like? girls, weed and cars… what does curren$y rap about… girls, weed and cars, hot the fuck is that not life expierience when thats probably what the dude does everyday.

    Seriously, y’all can’t even relate to the simple shit Spitta raps about? Sure, everyone raps about females, but who doesn’t like females? You’ve gotta be pretty gay to not like girls. LOL

  • boston

    ALC all day……never ceases to amaze me… nasty this dude really is on the beats……dj muggs taught him well….SOUL ASSASSINS!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    NOBODY thinks about bitches, cars and weed 24/7


    WTF?? I do. When you live a comfortable lifestyle, why wouldn’t you? Lol

  • young c

    track 1 was that freestyle he did for funk flex…. well obviously it wasnt a freestyle

  • Jonesy Stark

    Glad Alch cared enough to try on this on. These are some of his dopest beats in quite some time.

  • Jojoba

    this is good as shit! Short but good. Cant complain free shit on a Wed

  • cpb

    the type is the best song on the mixtape!


    please make this purchase-able, nothing would make me happier than buyin it

  • cpb

    the should have been a cd he put for sell, i would have bought it. i bet muscle car chronicles won’t be as good as this

  • facemask

    Dammit even Shake (yes, fucking Shake) could have made better cover art than that shit.

  • projetpat

    racks on racks on racks

  • this EP could have been just instrumentals and i still would listen…Alchemist did his thing on this

  • vlado


  • dda

    The fugg? Spitta does rap about his real life…he talked about it in his earlier mixtapes about takin over and gettin bread in which he’s done…adleast on the underground and independent route..I like it because Im not gaining his problems while Im listening to him rap, you feel me? I don’t need to hear a rapper constantly talkin about his problems over good beats, sometimes I wanna hear some some smooth game gettin thrown over some nice production…so quit critiquing and roll up somethin n listen.

  • Pugz

    Track 2 & 6 have the dopest beats IMO. and Gibbs went INNN on Scottie Pippen. Holy shit, but yeah, Curren$y and Alch did their thing. Only critique is that I wish Spitta would throw 2 or 3 verses per song, but I know that’s not his style so I’m not complaining. Fire.

  • G_Jets

    “Curren$y is moving up on my list as one of hip hops greatest mcs. He paints a vivid picture of his life, almost as if you know him personally” real shiet… Every new project he steps his bars up

  • marty mcfly

    LOL at people thinking Currensys life experience is just about weed , girls and cars.

  • AnT

    Listening to it for a second play through..
    Scottie pippens
    Success is my cologne
    The type-beat is fucking fire
    Gonna burn to CD when I get outta school
    Covert coup > T.G.O.D music

    Full metal

  • T0rr35

    DOUBLE 07 is pure great.

    Spitta sounds perfect over Alchemist production.

  • hbeasy


  • marty mcfly

    If you dont know nothing about oldschool cars with hydraulic systems or cars with rear mounted turbos or even a real jet plane for that matter. Then you dont really understand what hes talking about either. Currensy does drop alot of game that I know most of his fans dont get but still think they do. I just know he got way more shit he could elaborate on cause I get where hes coming from for the most part. This tape is still DOPE though

  • Ai
  • killa

    thats my nigga stalin lol best motherfucker that ever lived.

  • dDn
    Wiz Khalifa ft. Tyler The creator and Domo Genesis
    Rolling Papers Revisited

  • ray103367

    on a whole ‘notha level…

  • Washcloth: the son of Towelie

    Funny 2dopeboyz didn’t post Chamillionaire’s Major Pain 1.5.

  • djchay

    jeeeeeeezus freddie gibbs went in

  • BillyClint

    the problem is this spitta goes “i got haters” “im gonna make it to the top” “weed” “weed” “car” “weed” “i got a side chick” in rotation very quickly in each verse on each can get tiring…..but i think its the way he delivers it too…still a great tape tho!!! #just sayin

  • LupeFaco

    new curesnsy and new cplus album
    420 doesnt get any better

  • BillyClint

    who knows what the sample is on blood sweat and gears? track 3????

  • LOL

    I like it because Im not gaining his problems while Im listening to him rap, you feel me? I don’t need to hear a rapper constantly talkin about his problems over good beats, sometimes I wanna hear some some smooth game gettin thrown over some nice production…so quit critiquing and roll up somethin n listen.


    Ayo my dude is on point though foreal. Sometimes I don’t want to hear an artist complain about his issues/problems.

    If y’all don’t understand the simple concept of “Just Enjoy This Shit” I suggest you listen to something else because as long as people enjoy smoking weed, he’s not going to stop rapping about it, as long as people enjoy females/bitches, he’s not going to stop rapping about it, as long as folks enjoy Heavy Chevy’s, he’s not going to stop rapping about it. Lol

    Can’t wait for Curren$y to come through The Bay though next month, it’s bout to be fuckin foggy in that bitch.

  • LOL

    The guy releases an album on fuckin 420, what did you think he was going to rap about? Politics?? Lol get fuck outta here y’all some clowns.

    Ayo foreal though, I slapped on the first cover that came out on my iTunes.

  • joeyc

    @marty mcfly, Covert = Underground, Coup = Overthrow > Underground Overthrow. Curren$y is making a statement about all that mainstream bullshit out there, He’s overthrowing it with real hip-hop on a low key,as he’s underground keeping it real, He’s doing his thing man making movement’s, in his own lane, such a cool & humble dude! #Jetlife

  • sayWORD

    You guys should update this again with the real album cover and the official download links. They’re in 320kbps, FLAC, etc. Better quality than this.

  • Ben

    ayo this is on curren$y’s bandcamp. sooo…

  • piper


  • djchay

    hip hop fans are the worst. it all started with emcees using slick wordplay to say how nice their dj’s were. i know it has to evolve but spitta’s lyricism is up there with the best in the underground and ppl still complain. SMH


  • dro

    damn Alc is back on his old skool gangster sampling days. Reminds me of that Weatherman LP, doooppppeee

  • marty mcfly

    Spitta is dope BUT I could name other underground Mcs who can compete on his level , trust me. Alot of Spitta songs are one verse with no hook , its all good to do that but I dont think yall understand what I was saying about how a wide range of subject matter is a needed factor when it comes to longevity. I cant compare Lupe to Spitta but I will say that by Lupes 2nd album , some people already considered him the best and it wasnt cause they were high.

  • red

    Honestly this is probably my favorite album from Curren$y now.

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Without even listening to this, I would’ve bought it because these guys do their thing for sure. Good looks on the post, too. Thanks. PEace and GOD BLESS

  • wtf is that?

    what the hell is on the album art?

  • AnT

    for all of you bitchin about the album art..just go to google and search the other cover #justsayin
    this tape >

  • Talented

    Yea wtf though…1st cover was better i thought..sound like he came w/ a different flow this time around.

  • Talented

    (Time To Cash In: TWV interview)

    TWV: You’ve got Covert Coup with Alchemist right around the corner…

    C: Yeah. Covert Coup is from the word Coup D’etat, which means to overthrow. Covert meaning underground. So you have an underground nigga overthrowing the mainstream bullshit. That’s why I told everybody don’t trip off the Warner deal. That was me getting empowered to make music how we want it.

  • killad

    I swear I heard the beat to track 4 b4, anyone?

  • Cloud 9

    this tape ten times better than wiz album….sad lol

  • red

    Of course this came out on 4/20 so I forgot all about it until today.

    I definitely need to smoke something after the sabres loss.

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