Britney Spears – Til the World Ends (rmx) f. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha

blame it on Shake April 22, 2011

Umm… let’s atleast make this post interesting. Who would you marry, fuck, kill?

DOWNLOAD: Britney Spears – Til the World Ends (rmx) f. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha | Mediafire

  • solking10

    Fuck Nicki, kill the other 2 then kill Nicki when her services are no longer needed

  • bowbow

    Fuck them all and then kill them all

  • Rozko

    I would fuk nick and Britney spears but not Kesha…..she look like she stink

  • huey newton

    Ke$ha could tic tok on my cock, then Nicki is after, then britney can finish

  • charger

    titty fuck nicki, kill the other 2

  • 666

    Ke$ha pussy look like would smell like 10bricksuhduhfish..

  • Pauly Dee

    Fuck Nicki Minaj, Kill Ke$ha by being suffocated by my penis, and marry Britney…she’s the only real one with class…

  • DoubleClutch95

    Marry and fuck Nicki…

  • Fuck Nicki, marry Nicki, then kill the bitch and take her monies and give it all to Congolese orphans.

  • ant

    titty fuck nicki? @charger? have u not seen her godly ass?

  • oso_jo_ro

    have a threesome with Nicki and Brit,Kill the other bitch…
    marry Britney…she’s gonna keep me coming formore…

    P.S: NICKI killed Kim for the millionth time.

  • Ya Boy

    Marry Nicki Fuck Kesha kill britney

  • dopenezz

    titty fuck nicki because that ass is nice, but shit is pure rubber

  • Oak

    Fuck Nicki

    Kill Ke$ha

    Marry Brittney Spears and divorce her for half her money like K-Fed did.

  • BW

    Marry Britney, Fuck Nicki, Kill Ke$ha

  • dippy

    Out of all these bitches, Shake would probably fuck Meka.

  • kelevr4

    @pauly dee upskirt britney has class these days?

    Marry nicki, fuck britney (hopefully at like 19), kill ke$ha

  • Marry Britney (she’s loaded)
    Fuck Nicki
    Kill kesha

  • TheEnd

    Fuck Nicki
    kill myself

  • fuck em all marry them all then kill all… IM RICH BITCH!

  • t.bigums

    they all deserve to die and I hope they go to heLL

  • limassacre

    Nicki ruins another song………..


  • nito

    i would merry all of em then divorce them and be ballin for the rest of my life and stunt in my miata with the top down listening to this song SWAGG!!!

  • Mark

    @dippy LOOOL.

  • Venom354

    Marry Brit to get her money, Fuck Nicki for that ass and kill
    Kesha just because

  • Keahi

    Marry Nicki so i cld fuck till i die, fuck brit for da moment. Ke$ha….she can get killed

  • Brett Favre

    Marry Nicki, Fuck Ke$ha, Murder Brit. Obviously

  • kill ke$ha because she just pissed me off, fuck nicki for that sweet ass and tits, and marry brit for her enormous pockets

  • thethrilla

    first id fuck the glitter off of ke$ha,
    kill britneys lame ass
    and marry nikki of course……i didnt even waste my time listening to the song. lol

  • 2dope

    straight banger

  • GeeZuP

    I would fuck Nicki even with the fake ass, marry Britney 4 her money, n kill Kesha cuz I hate dat bitch! then I would roll up some bomb bud…Jets

  • Zero G

    Fuck Ke$ha, Marry Nikki, Kill Brittany

  • DamnYoToesTaseteGoodAsFuck

    Marry Nicki, Fuck Brittany, Kill Ke$ha
    (if you would marry/fuck Ke$ha you are disgusting)

  • Onederin

    Marry Nicki…Britney probably has more money in the tank, but I’d rather ride the hot hand of who could stay relevant (aka Nicki) and not go crazy again. Plus, Nicki got all the wigs and crazy voices. That means a lot of role playing.

    Fuck Britney…This is only if she’s in touring mode where she keeps herself in the best shape.

    Kill Ke$ha…It’s just better this way.

    Not gonna lie. I didn’t think the song was that terrible. I thought Nicki was pretty decent and some of the electronic and dub step sections were alright. I won’t be downloading, but at least we can all have a nice conversation on who we want to stick our dick in to.

  • iCon


  • man this the real shit STRAIGHT BANGER

  • PhrayzerMusic

    Make a sex tape with nicki and britney while Ke$ha gets herself off in the backround… then marry victoria justice

  • fuck em all and then take em to Utah so we can become Mormon and marry each other hahahaha

  • BRoman5thfloor

    anyone who said tht they would fuck kesha has not seen the bitch n a bathing suit!!! WITH THAT SAID EPIC FAIL ON YOUR PART MY FRIENDS. Marry Britney (MONEY) and Fuck Nikki CUZ I FUCK CRAZY BITCHES CUZ PSYCHO PUSSY THE BEST!!! Im not even guna kill kesha cuz someone else will come along and kill that FAT TALENTLESS BITCHES ASS SOON ENOUGH!!

  • Nobody Famous

    i could careless about the other too just give me nicki for a liftime and ummm good ill eat it up beat it up then switch sides

  • Klutch

    Fuck em all kill them rinse wash repeat

  • RED

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!

    v—-too drunk to handle this

  • klutch

    kill ke$ha fuck nikkio marry britt

  • simplydisgusted

    omfg would have fucked kesha till i went and saw the photos of her in her bikini like BRoman5thfloor said to do… fuckk that,0,0#7



  • F*ck Nicki, kill Ke$ha, make sure Ke$ha is definitely dead, Marry Britney.

  • Moe

    marry nicki (keep her fucking her for life) fuck britney once time just for the old her and kill ke$ha cuz,,,idk,,,shes actually dope,,,i just feel like she needs to die

  • red

    Oh btw I would fuck Nicki and completely ignore the rest. Ke$ha is nasty and Brittney was hot when I was in 4th grade. I’ll take Nicki any day though.

  • Nobody Famous

    fuck it throw in keyshia dior fine ass alon with logan browning um goood if u dnt know who she is thats the chick from meet the browns that plays the daugther

  • The Snitchuation

    Did this fool Pauly Dee at the top really say that Brittney Spears has class? My dude your better swallowin drake if you want some class… Oh you fancy huh?

  • Mr Xclusive

    i would Fuck Nicki, Marry Britney & Kill Kesha

  • ev

    Ha I actually listened to this. Kesha’s bit sounds ok. The rest is trash.

  • ck47

    Marry – Britney
    Fuck- Nicki
    Kill- Ke$ha


    marry nicki, fuck britney spears, kill kesha

  • AKiDNamedKoVie

    i would kill britney spears since the bitch got 2 kids & had kevin federlines penis in her, id fuck kesha cause she defintiley swallows shes a crazy white girl & id marry nicki so i can fuck her for the rest of my life & wake up to that ass next to me…..gotta be smart wwith it guys

  • Fuck Britney
    Fuck Nikki’s plastic tits
    and marry Anne Hathaway LOL

  • JPM

    marry nicki, fuck kesha and kill britney

  • id rather rape nicki and britney bloody and kill em then. and let kesha escape


    Fuck this song. Marry my mouth to a 9mm. Kill myself.

  • toot-z

    you serious… marry britney(she got the money), do nicki (she got the ass), and kill kesha (she is ugly)

    nuff said

  • Neil

    Fuck Nicki, kill Ke$ha. Might just keep Britney alive to fuck as well

  • Reuben

    Marry Britney, Fuck Britney, kill the other two

  • Goldie

    I’d fuck em all, then put them on the track and make them get me my money!

  • Marry Britney, Fuck Ke$ha, and kill Nicki so she can stop making horrible music

  • mmkayy

    marry, fuck, kill all of em in that order……

  • bobbychalkers

    Fuck Brittney, Rough fuck Nicki, Buttfuck Kesha.

  • Nuff

    probably u niggaz gotta be criminal minded. dont u dare approach bitchez with many watchdogs around lol i know u wackhearted niggaz

  • Bzo

    YO you gotta fuck Nikki, kill Kesha, and marry Britney. That shit alOne will get ya ass a recOrd deal, ask my man K-Fed

  • fael.

    smash nicki, marry britney, kill ke$ha

  • Ali

    sticki minage is gonna look like micheal jackson in the next 10 years, agree with anyone who said kill her so she can stop makin horrible music n brainwashing stupid little bitches over the world, matter fact kill this bitch live on TV so her barbie-arians fans (whatever the fuck they call themselves) can scream n cry in every living room across the world, britney gets the fuck treatment right after she performs toxic and slave 4 u in a stripdance version, kesha that white girl? i don’t know her too tough to comment so i’ll just marry Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman costume

  • DJ Fade

    Marry Nicki, Fuck Ke$ha, and Kill Britney, she can’t take care of home

  • kaboom

    Kill ke$ha no doubt, and I could never stand marrying Nicki so I’d have to fuck her and then marry Britney.

  • DJ AK

    Fuck Nicki
    Kill Ke$ha
    Marry Brittney spears, and divorce a week later.

  • JB

    ha, I guess of those three I’d marry Britney.

    Definitely FUCK Nicki.

    And kill Ke$ha.
    come up w/ something harder.

  • Julian

    Why is this on here?

  • CAKE

    Fuck Nicki then kill her..kill the other two too, they’re all garbage musicians.

  • adam

    mary britt
    kill kesha
    fuck nikci and make sextape

  • Nicki was awesome on this. Fuck Shake

  • J_UNO!

    every girl will be blastin this song in their cars until summer.FML

  • jay

    Marry Nicki
    Fuck Britney, keep her as a mistress
    Kill Ke$ha after fucking

  • Marry Nicki (cause once we married we fuck as much as i want)
    Fuck Briney
    Kill Kesha
    And i’m pretty sure britney’s in debt, or at least she was before this album

    PS: Didn’t liste 2 the song

  • ShaunisDope

    Marry Nicki cause she’s the only one that doesn’t look like she has a STD

    Fuck KeSha with a trash bag on my shit cause she looks dirty as hell but a freak

    Kill Britney cause that bitch act like if she got the dick she would be a stalker

    P.S. won’t listen to the song

    P.P.S. Follow @ShaunisDope follow back

  • D

    Feck em all, then murder ’em


  • ThaGhostKilla

    I would titty fuck Nicki while I cum all over her make-up-filled face. Then I’d make her ride my cock. That humongous ass has its uses.

    I would kill Ke$ha, she’s fucking annoying.

    And I’d marry Brittney for the money and fame. That’s the only reason she still matters.

  • Libs

    marry nicki because she seems like she’ll have a better/longer career than Kesha, plus she is finer. and Britney just seems psycho

    fuck brittney because she is too crazy to marry, though her career is pretty much set and no one is taking it away from her

    kill kesha because her time is almost up and well she isn’t as good looking as the others

  • Dawg

    damn u SHAKE you are crazy man. but actually know how to amuse people LMFAO

  • PaulyDee

    Wait, can i change my answer? Kill kesha by having her choke on the dick. And commit polygamy with brit and nicki.

  • JaySpaceE

    Well I’d marry Nicki as black women usually age good compared to white women. I’d need to be remotely attracted to the bitch later in life.

    I’d fcuk Ke$ha as the bitch will be so fcuked up I could strawberry shortcake her then force her into letting me anal her raw and she will have no recollection of what happened.

    I’d kill Britney as I could become the next Mark David Chapman. Just think about the infamy.

    Don’t judge me =(

  • I’d fuck the shit outta Nicki Minaj, but I couldn’t keep her. Plastic women are for fun only.

    I’d marry Britney cause she STILL looks good as hell at 30 so she should age nicely.

    I don’t have it in me to kill anybody but is it me or does Ke$ha just look like she has herpies? I’d let her live and buy her a lifetime supply of Valtrex (using Britney’s $$$ of course)

  • 12

    Kill the shit outta nicki cuz she annoys the shit outta me and she ain’t hot.

  • Dick Butkissass

    I’d let all them bitches slob on the tip,then give Britney a good pounding…then slide the winner between Nicki’s titties while watching Britney & Kesha slurp on each others tongues…Then they all get a pearl necklace and I drink a Powerade,lol