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eLZhi – Detroit State Of Mind

blame it on Meka April 22, 2011

May 10th can’t come sooner.

DOWNLOAD: eLZhi – Detroit State Of Mind | Mediafire
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  • Baller

    he fuckin’ bodies this

  • dunk

    prolly will be the best release of 2011

  • FUCK.


    Yeah, I can’t wait for Goblin to be released either.

  • ko

    feeling the subtle difference in the beat

  • killarmaik

    Cant wait for the Royce track. It supposedly features a big name whose name was hidden on the tracklist. Maybe Pharaoah Monch or some white boy from detroit.

  • LLCoolD

    the elest out there!

  • kamu

    a classic.. Only elzhi can make this close to what illmatic is…

  • oh shit.. this is amazing shit. i liked the Preface and everthing, had a lot of really good songs, but i always thought Elzhi could make some serious rap classics.

    ..this gives me hope that that’ll happen on May 10th

  • Protege

    i dont get it.. what is to like about this song? i cant relate to this shit. 4 mins of rapping about absolutely nothing.

  • Electrotherapy

    I would rather hear El spittin on Black Milk beats and original stuff but i don’t mind this at all. Will have to wait til the Feed drops for that.

    Elzhi > your favorite rapper

    yeah i said it

  • Mike Trocs

    to the dude who said whats to like about this….go listen to gucci mane or w/e pop ass bullshit u listen to….rapping about nothing??? lol u might wanna replay this and LISTEN to it

  • if…

    he’s gonna put this online and expect fans to Pay for this, and not download it for free. Nas should just staright up sue him. He needs the $$$

  • detroit stand up

    why does it play the full 4 mins but appear to only be 2:28 long on some mp3 players?

  • MoeBrad

    this is gonna be crazy
    elmatic will be classic

    hate hearin dudes say the top 5 rappers list n elzhi not bein on thr
    elzhi will body all the rappers now a days except maybe em

    em n el both rep the d tho so its gray


  • y silv

    illmatic should not be touched or remade by elzhi or fucken fashawn u dont touch classics

  • wait i thought it was gonna be all different instrumentals for this project

  • Your Average Jet

    Goblin >>>> This

  • john

    Elzhi needs to stop bitting wit this shit,and i thought he was using different insturmentals too. he shouldve just used the orignals.never fuck wit a classic

  • PRalines

    why not touch classics? its called paying tribute.

  • PRalines

    why not rap over classics? its called paying tribute.

  • Coolin

    I’d rather hear originals from El, but this will do for now…hopefully he’s got a mixtape on the way soon.

  • dmxeatsbabies08

    this WILL be piff, eLZhi IS an absolute beast, and easily without a doubt 1000000% at least top 10, and nothing will touch illmatic…..so stop all your bitchin, to those who are bitchin

  • 32424


  • LOL @ FUCK LAME. Me neither, that shit needs to drop asap.

    This was aight but I’d rather hear him make some original shit.

  • mal

    the song is cool and all but why do niggas wanna be nas so much. be yo own damn self. there wont ever be anybody who can top nas’ shit. he aint the only rapper who wanna be nas either

  • T0rr35

    I came.

  • bjt

    i wanna be nas

  • Chipz

    I dont think its a issue of duke wanting to be Nas. He’s one of the illest in his own right. Illmatic had a lot of influence on today’s generation of emcee, at least the ones who still value lyricism and diverse content..Emcees like Hope and Elzhi are not trying to mimic as much as show reverence, imo….Unlike most who attempt it, I think El zhi will actually do the illmatic beats justice…

    With all that being said, I would prefer to hear some original shit. lol

  • filthymcnasty

    One thing I don’t get about hiphop heads… You think it’s wrong for someone to do a cover of a song/album. In all other genres of music, people cover songs all the time. Sometimes it’s to pay homage or respect, others just because it’s a dope song. Elzhi prob did it for both reasons. Obviously, this is not going to be exactly like Nas album, but so far it’s sick as fuck. And that’s all I want in music…good shit. I don’t care about the “rules” or if it’s been done before or if you want to call it biting. If it’s dope, its dope. End of story.

    I just think it’s funny that some people are going to hate on this just because it’s a “cover album”. Thats stupid as fuck. Listen to it…put down ur guard..put down that Internet hater shit…put down your hiphop rule book..and listen to it. If you honestly can say you dont like it, that’s cool because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But, come on man..this shit sounds good.

    ok…elzhi hasnt dropped a great original album yet…i get that….im waiting for that too…but that doesnt effect my judgement on this project. So far, what I hear I like. when it comes down to it, i like the music. i dont care about the cover idea of the project or his lack of output. Also, no one is puting a gun to my head and saying “pick the remake or the OG”. I like them both. I love illmatic, but I havnt listened to it in years. this sounds good, so i want to listen.

    if you honestly dont like it, thats fine. Im not mad if you dont feel it. but when you say you dont like it because he needs to put out an official album or that you dont like the project because you dont like the idea of the project, thats where i have to disagree.

    people let this bullshit get in the way of the music. fuck rules, fuck other people opinions, fuck all that. just listen to it and see if you like it. if not, thats totally cool.

  • filthymcnasty

    by the way…this shit is gonna be free!!

  • drew

    I honestly think this has the potential to be just as good, if not better than, Illmatic. and im a big fan of nas and elzhi

  • moon1483

    Fuck people saying elzhi shouldn’t touch illmatic. Did you hear this shit? This aint no weak rap shit. Elzhi is as good a MC as Nas. He wants to touch on these classic beats and people are complaining? Enjoy this shit. I can’t wait for this ish to drop. fresh El is top tier music. Add to that the fact hes touching one of hip hops finest albums and you got guarenteed a classic.

  • yup


  • projectZero

    Let me tell you something alright ANYONE who hates on this joint or the Elmatic Project period is a fuckin idiot. DID YOU HERE THIS SHIT!!?? This dude took this shit to a whole other planet!!! Nas Album is untouchable even to Nas but this shit rite here is crazy ill. And ima a HUGE Nas Fan but if you cant see how dope Elzhi is for this your CRAZY and have no soul. PEACE!!

  • Sylver21

    co-sign @filthymcnasty. tru shit indeed.

    this song is ill.



  • DG

    to much damn bitchin in here. I’m glad he isn’t using the same beats but changing them up a little the beat was refreshing to hear I hope he changed all the beats a bit that’s what make it hot fuck using the originals if you want those just go to the nas album and stop bitchin

  • jwii

    I liked and think more or less Nas is the GOAT.

  • mal

    i get what yall sayin about payin homage, but basing your whole project on someone’s music is too much. instead,these rappers should aspire to surpass rappers like nas one day, and they can’t do that if their whole tape or album is based on someone else’s. they need to focus on their own shit and aspire to make an album that effects hip hop like illmatic did, which can’t be done if it’s tryin to be like illmatic

  • cz

    Nas is the GOAT in my opinion, and I liked this song. However,to the dude talking about how Elmatic might be better than illmatic, that’s just sad. Also, to the dude who said he hasn’t listened to illmatic in years; word? I listen to illmatic all the fucking time.

  • mal

    and im not saying the song is bad btw

  • nonyah

    HE HAS A VIDEO FOR IT!!!! http://youtu.be/aWxb71Fiv0Q

  • elzhifan

    IT LEAKED!!!!!! ELMATIC!!! —>http://bit.ly/gs7eod

  • yugang

    I had an eargasm listening to this

  • 730

    Some of these comments in here is about to make my brain explode! How can you say that he hadn’t made a CLASSIC?!! The Preface was tied with best album of ’08 to me along with Tronic. He is PAYIN’ HOMAGE!! WTF!! He can’t do that??!?!! He can do whateva he damn well please!! He asked the fans if they wanted this still and THEY DID!!! Damn I can’t stand ignant ass muthafuckaz man!! Do research before you start poppin’ shit!!!! Dumb Muthafuckaz!!

  • BigDub

    The funniest shit about Haters…is that there points be so dam DUMB! …LMAO. They said he should be orginal….LOL when the man has had his producer/band play the original Nas bests over to perfection! …..and he is rapping over half of these dumb niggas heads. SMH. ELZHI IS A MONSTER!!! And he giving this shit away for free! while paying respect to Nas and a classic album. I’m sorry dis nigga ELZHI holds the torch right now! Can’t wait for his next solo Album. I’m coppin 2 copies. One for me and one for my future grandkids…lol

  • Clark

    Can’t believe that being a hip hop fan at 29 I feel like an old man, over the hill. For kids to even mention Goblin in the same sentence as Elzhi blows my mind. This Elzhi shit is mind blowing while I would wipe my ass with all that Goblin/wolf gang garbage. I found out about wolf gang from reading comments on this site and it’s the worst shit I’ve ever heard in the history of music, I wish I had that time wasted back.

    Elzhi’s music is some of the only stuff keeping me interested in rap anymore, I guess this really is the genre for teeny boppers….oh well I’ll keep listening to Elzhi and 90s shit when rap was in it’s hay day.

    Oh and I understand both sides of the argument as to why he would make an album all over a classic (illmatic) album’s beats, but keep in mind Elzhi has lots of original shit and this is just a free mixtape that basically the fans asked for. I have a feeling he has more original albums to come, so just enjoy good music while we got it.

  • savoirfaire

    “the hood is like a glass house the devil throws stones through.”

  • DG

    Elzhi keep doing ya thing a whole lot of people appreciate good music. Even though you still have a few tricks who cry over dumb shit like why is he covering Nas do your own thing. Those people are true dickheads and really don’t understand the meaning of paying homage to one of the best to do it ever

  • Realmatic

    Dog have yall now herd the Preface. It was the best album of 09 forreal, All Black Milk Beats yall dudes are slipping.

  • I’m going to wait till the tape drops & it better not disappoint. I have heard people say a lot of good things about eLZhi but I never really listened to him so hoping for the best.

  • CAKE

    eLZhi is a fucking BEAST, I can’t wait for this shit. To all the people saying shit like he shouldn’t touch Illmatic – just enjoy the fuckin’ music. Don’t worry about him “biting” NaS or any of that bullshit, he’s paying homage to one of the greatest albums in hip-hop history.

    eLmatic! May 10th hurry the fuck up.

  • KingKev313

    People who really love and respect Ilmatic, should understand what El is trying to do here. He is not biting shit, he is paying homage to something that influenced him and many of us as emcees, fans, and heads. Most the people hating, I truly believe know nothing about illmatic besides the fact its considered a classic. Hip Hop fans today are simpletons, and its becomes a real problem, because I watch these flash int he pan artists come out, drop a hit, and most will be forgotten in 2 years. The business has changed, and its a sad state of affairs.. Elzhi is one of the dopest to ever do it, and would absolutely never disrepect Nas, or anyone who loved illmatic. I have heard alot of this album, and it blows me away. Will Sessions is the shit.. Elzhi is the shit, Detroit is the shit…

  • The YOUNG Hov

    Cosign @filthymcnasty