Random Acts Of F*ckery: NYPD Edition

blame it on JES7 April 22, 2011

These type of actions go on daily, but it’s straight disgusting to see. I’m glad they got all of this on video. Father UC King the police!

  • Mr.G

    Niggas still ain’t gonna do shit. Cops have killed, harassed and beaten niggas repeatedly and WE still not doing nothing. When y’all ready for a revolution let me know. Because this shit is getting ridiculous.


    The way that things work in society is that that there are officers of the law. You cross them just to make a point, you face the consequences. This is not a misuse of power, but when dumb people make dumb decisions, you will face the repercussions. Real NYPD abuse of power can be found in the Larry Davis story, this is an idiot that deserved what he got, DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • fdkiani

    I never understood that GZA line “Father UC King the police”…can anyone explain

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Good Riddance, do like your fucking name and beat, idiot.. You sound like the ho-lice bitch!

  • nah you see some of yall niggas dont know how to talk to the white man…thats yall problem but i aint gonna lie i wouldnt have came back i would i just kept walking

  • “this is an idiot that deserved what he got..”

    For snapping on a dude when they were clearly fucking around? He wasn’t even talking to those hoes. smh.


    In a nutshell, it means Fuck the police, however coded in the Nation of Gods and Earth’s Supreme Alphabets.

  • BillyClint

    GOOD RIDDANCE < he got arressted for a joke? wait so jokes are illegall now in ur world…and ur cool with that? hope ur mum makes a non offensive non aggressive joke..and gets put in the slammer..and i want u to say "yep she deserved it".

  • BillyClint

    Lex!< yea dude shuda just kept walkin… but then again they mighta run up on him.

  • Slizz

    Straight up look where the fuck our money goes, this is bigger than just cops acting like punks. Doesn’t matter what the dude said, he’ll get off because of the video but think about it, think of the fees, salaries and all other expenses that are going to go into this. Which will eventually turn into a court case with even more expenses and the DUDE IS GONNA WIN. The govt are spending money to lose right now with this.

  • Slizz


  • MikeDao

    Yeah, this was a single case out of MILLIONS where you have fucked up cops. Every job is going to have your fair share of fuckups.
    All I’m saying is, don’t pick out situation out of millions and use it to generalize all cops in the country. That, or continue motherfucking all cops, but don’t call them under any circumstances, emergency or not. Goddamn people piss me off with this ‘Fuck the Police’ bullshit.

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    @ MikeDoo…. Fuck the police


    fuck the police with a sick dick

  • bjack827

    Commentary is classic

    “my nigga went to princeton and they coppin his id”


    LMFAO this is classic

  • Raptorsarefirends

    the cops were out of line.
    But we should definitely generalize a whole group of people

  • bjack827

    “you guys are being a lil bit aggressive right now”

  • fdkiani

    thanks for the info Justice
    don’t these mafuckas got some more important shit to do than sweat this dude?

  • marty mcfly

    I dont think all cops are good and are being fair to the people but I just gotta say people need to learn to stop talking crazy to police. When they come by just dont say nothing , dont even look at them. If they ask you a question just answer them with one word answers. The reason I say this is because the police have the power to do anything to you and if you dont like it , you could face years in prison or you can lose your life. If you have a problem with the police guess what , you have to settle it in court. The courts do what? Up hold the law , the police do what? Up hold the law. So they on the same side so even if you win in court do you think they lose? NO because they represent the law and a judge will not turn on a cop even if the cop is wrong.


    You waterheads have a problem with authority, clearly. Don’t talk &$*) to the police, unless you are willing to pay the price! This isn’t an abuse of power, this is what happens when you act hostile to a person that is above you; what you failed to understand somewhere in your education (from school or family) is that police officers are allotted power by the state to keep the peace. Although there are egregious encroachments upon people’s rights committed by dirty cops, overreacting to some idiot making a statement by talking back to a policeman just shows the very limit of your analytical abilities. You see a person get arrested and think immediately that there’s a wrong being done by the NYPD officers in this situation. You ever hear of Disturbing the Peace? I’m not talking Luda’s old label.

  • s

    The whole situation would have been avoided if he just gave the cop his id, how is this the cops fault?

  • smarterthanyou

    wow damn the cops were on bullshit but that man shoulda know better, ur black and talkin to the police like that nigga u in for trouble lmao

  • Damn, Good Riddance is truly brainwashed, hahaha. So talking back to the cops should get you arrested in a free country? You clearly no NOTHING about the U.S. Constitution. Fuck tha police and fuck enablers like Good Riddance, lol.

  • NesTa

    Naw, Thats The Thing…Cops Are Regular PEOPLE (Too)…Dem Fools Aren’t Above Nobody…Its JUST A FUCKING JOB. Muhfukas Take Shit Too Far Too Often, Fuck The Police! Honestly, I’d Rather Do My Own Justice.

  • BillyClint

    You ever hear of Disturbing the Peace? I’m not talking Luda’s old label.

    I dont hate the police….but honestyly how was he distrubring the peace???
    if ur a grown ass man wud u feel the need to call the police cos a guy made a joke about u?

  • Raptorsarefirends

    People just don’t get it.
    Fuck it
    Fuck the Police, Fuck Black People, Fuck White People, Fuck Eskimos, Fuck Kids with Red Hair, Fuck anyone who has ever worn a suit, Fuck anyone who has even seen a church, Fuck teachers who give detention, Fuck guys who have names with vowels, Fuck white tees, Fuck polos, Fuck horses, Fuck sega dreamcasts, Fuck hats, Fuck Nikes, Fuck beach goers, Fuck car drivers, Fuck Bus drivers, Fuck dolphins, Fuck whales, Fuck everyone indiscriminately!!!!!!

  • Cops are on some bullshit there, but props for the guys for running their mouth at the fucking cops.

    Just shut up, obey the nice man and you’ll be off quickly. Act a fucking dick and they’ll act like dicks.

  • Shane

    See what all you guys are missing is that he kept playing with the cop. hes yelling all the way down the block for no reason then when the cop went to talk to him he kept being loud and walking away. then he refused to give him his ID. if he would of just said what he did when he was by the guy then walked down the block quietly none of this would of happened. stop acting like a jackass and you wont get arrested for “nothing”. and i like how everyones still talking about black this black that when the cop who had the main problem with him was black. Stop using a race as a reason for being arrested when hes just an idiot

  • Tea Time


    This represents all cops like these women in the McDonalds represent all black folks…

    KnowXOne, I thought you weren’t a knucklehead. Suppose I been wrong.

  • Teddy

    The Moral of the story is mind ya fuckin business. The police were wrong on all counts. But when you see the Police doin their job dont interfere unless they are doing something wrong.

    That guy shouldnt have interfered he knew the police aint calmed down that much yet. We at that point yet where you can do that and not get arrested. He should have just gave him his ID talked in a calm manner giving them Jive and he wouldnt have got arrested. Mind ya business. I’ve seen white people get arrested for not minding their own business. Not as quickly as he did but still mind ya business.

  • guest

    fucking cry about it. dont talk shit to cops, its pretty simple

  • And Won

    cops are traitors to humanity.

  • B-Line

    And the term KEEP IT MOVING applies to this video…

    this nigga had to say something should have kept it moving

  • s

    fdkian- he’s saying fuck the police father represent’s 5 percenter roots so an Abbreviation for fuck

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    ^ Basically. Dude shouldn’t have even got involved in that shit. Mind your business and shut the fuck. He played himself. End of discussion. Just a dumb ass who doesn’t know how to mind his own business. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Call me when there’s a REAL injustice. SMH.

  • Mr.G

    Point blank, they can’t FORCE you to show I.D. Regardless of the situation. Since when can you get locked up for “talking shit”.

    This is and abuse of power because they wanted him to show I.D. He showed it, but they choose to further instigate a problem.

    People generalize and say “Fuck the Police” because the police generalize all of us and say “Fuck Us”.

    Until you’re repeatedly wrongly accused of shit and pulled over for driving while black, you will not understand.

    So all you white boys in the c-section, don’t try to empathize because you can’t.

    Police across the country abuse there power, and something must be done about it.

  • Bob Costas

    Umm this entire situation would have lasted about ten seconds if he wasn’t acting like an idiot. It’s not a cops vs the world thing it’s a fucking treat others how you yourself would like to be treated. He talked shit to the cops and got the cuffs, easily avoidable.

  • ironmike

    Yelling FUCK THE POLICE after watching this movie (or others) is the same as saying FUCK BLACK PEOPLE after your girl got cheated on you with a black dude.

    Have you ever thought about the necessity of authority?

    Can you imagine a world without police? Do you actually believe the world will be a better place without cops?

    You think your mother can go outside if there was no such thing as authority?

    And yes this is a serious issue and should be adressed. If cops misuse their power they should be punished hard.

    Saying FUCK THE POLICE will only make things worse.

    Be constructive.

  • MickyDs

    fucking hate police, they should be there to make us feel safer, but we just paranoid every time we see one of those fuckers. idk whether to like or dislike lol

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Good Riddance and Shane, what fucking video were you guys watching? The one I was watching shows a man poking fun at the guy on the bike, not running his mouth to cops. Fuckin retards I swear..

  • marty mcfly

    Im not gonna act like the cops are right about everything cause I have been mistreated by the police before But you people say the police cant make you show your ID , yes they can. You say they cant take you to jail for talking shit , yes they can. The police can do anything they want to you and there aint shit you can do about it. You dont have to commit a crime , if they want to take you to jail , kick your ass or just blow your head off. They can do it and thats just the way it is , thats why I said just dont even talk to them in the 1st place. This is not a free county because nothing is free about except for oxygen and as black people , we have to learn how to move in silence and handle our politics ourselves within our own communities behind closed doors so that way we make it harder for police to fuck with us.

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Iron Mike you’re an idiot and way off too! Seriously you think tha analogy is the same? We say fuck the police when instead of protecting the community and figthting REAL crimes, they wanna abuse their authority on some power trip shit.. muthafuckas like you, Good Riddance, Shane and whoever else don’t deserve your freedoms, SMH.. Brainless sheep, look at the bigger picture. next thing you know muthafuckas will get arrested for looking at the police wrong on some Nazi SS shit..

  • Good

    @fdkiani FatherUCKing THE POLICE get it?

  • AppalledandOutraged

    Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety. That is from your white founding father Thomas Jefferson. You house negroes that are sitting up here letting fear rule you have directly contributed to the reason that police brutality exists. The police are SUPPOSED to be governed by the constitution the same constitution that SUPPOSEDLY protects your free speech. The ppl should resist when the police infringe upon their civil rights and we damn sure should get in the habit of rebelling when we see grave injustices. Why in the f*ck can’t I joke with my NEIGHBOR without being confronted by the cops who should be held to higher standards because they are in a position of authority and instead accost me no differently than some hoodrat knucklehead that they should be protecting me from? All you dumb asses willing to give up your liberties so that you may “keep the peace” are exactly the reason the police can shoot someone 19 times and be acquitted. The only difference between gangsters and cops are the damn uniforms.

  • Ben

    hahahaa lmao at when the guy on the bike says “could you call the cops please?” haha that shit was the best fucking part of this video

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    @AppalledandOutraged, finally somebody in here with some cotdamn sense in this muthafucka! Once again, that’s why we say muthafuck the police! Not all of them but most of em..

  • marty mcfly

    Thats because people trying to fight the police with words while the police are gonna fight back with bullets. Im not letting fear rule me , im using strategy to stay outside the prison system and the graveyard so that I can be present to tell the younger generation whats going on. Who told you that you have freedom of speech? Just cause its written in the constitution. Who told you that you have rights? Cause once you leave your house your not standing on property you own anymore. Everybody has human and civil rights but what you gonna do if those rights dont get respected? You have freedom of speech but if I pull out a gun and say shut the hell up or die , what you gonna do? Keep talking… If you call somebody a house nigga for following the rules of america what do you suggest? That he should leave the country? Should we fight the police when they roll up ? If you say yes we should , then tell me when has that ever worked and what do I win for fighting the police with words? I think people should keep the order in their own streets. Example – there are some places in the hood that police dont need to go because the adults there have proven that they can protect their own community and stop all beefs themselves , so the police respect that and stay out. Thats what needs to go on everywhere.

  • Del

    watching this just ruined my night…whoever’s been in county for more than a day for some petty meaningless bullshit probably knows the feeling.

  • Really

    AMEN @AppalledandOutraged

  • DJ Sapien

    I quote in the words of the great American poets Dead Prez, “And it don’t stop, ’til we get the popo off the block.”

  • DK

    People never learn. This could’ve been avoided if he just kept walking…

  • Flohno

    Wow! The only thing this dude did wrong was that he didn’t keep walking. I don’t know how it work where y’all at, but it’s not illegal to talk back to cops and you only have show id if cops suspect you of breaking the law. Cracking a joke is not against the law (the joke wasn’t even directed to the cops).

  • AppalledandOutraged <amen.

  • Aremac


  • TE

    When I grow up, I wanna be just like Eddie Kane. You da man homie.

  • ED-E Kane

    this dude deserved to be arrested. dont argue with the cops unless you like to sit in the back of cop cars

  • Black Police showing out for the white cop

  • shwag

    Dude Fucked up by engaging in conversation with these pigs.

    Dont speak to police.

    If you have to make sure a lawyer is present.

    Niggas need to start excercizing their right to remain silent.


  • nito

    i wonder what would have happen if the dude just gave the cop his id then what was the cop going to do? THIS ID IS FAKE U GOING TO JAIL HOMIE!! i really don’t get how it went to mind your own business to let me see your id

  • NYPD is wack as fuck… theres nothin like em, real talk… buncha fuckin dirt bags