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StartYourOwnRebellion – Let It Go f. J. Cole

blame it on Shake April 22, 2011

Photo: Chris Hayden

Off the band’s new LP3020 mixtape (available after the jump). Also, word is J. Cole’s new single will be dropping in 2 weeks. Y’all ready?

DOWNLOAD: StartYourOwnRebellion – Let it Go f. J. Cole (prod. Canei Finch) | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: StartYourOwnRebellion – LP3020 (Mixtape)

  • chaboy

    j. Keezy!! Keep killin it

  • Andrew

    that shit was weak – Andy

  • solking10

    J.Keezy? not gonna lie thats pretty wack man

  • DirtyDozins

    @Andy you buggin, this shit is crazy!

  • LendrickKamar

    That last verse…man, dude went it, definitely gonna check that mixtape out

  • prk

    im looking forward to this tape, but starting with the cole feature let me down a bit.

  • Being frank…Sinatra!

    Cole took a shot at drake “Its kinda funny you dont look like no killa to me” Drake did a song with Nipsey Hustle called Killer…Or am im reaching in to far?

  • Riggz

    Finally! Startyourownrebellion on 2dopeboyz, I been listening to these guys all year! Y’all gotta check them out

  • Adwiio

    Being frank…Sinatra! –

    wow you’re hella pressed. so anytime a rapper talks about killing the first thing you think about is drake?ummmmm ok….

  • Rezo

    @Being frank you’re an idiot. Cole and drake are boys. People need to stop acting like it’s high school or some shit and trying to make up a beef that doesn’t exist. They toured together, they have been in the studio together, they partied together over seas, and most importantly they respect each other. Do some research and watch videos of them mentioning one another. Stop reading internet bullshit.

  • JHP

    This song was pretty dope, fuck the haters, and Cole’s single is long overdue so I hope Shake’s right abt tht.

  • ChriZ

    Its about to get realll Cole soon.
    Summer is his

  • The song itself isnt that hot but I appreciate the refreshing lyrics

    The ultimate guide catered to blacks and latinos for beating debt, mastering your money and reclaiming your life!

  • Smallz4444333

    Cole mother fuckin World! What @ChriZ said… Way over due. I can’t wait to hear his album. FYEEEE

  • Being frank…Sinatra!

    Wow rarley do care to respond back to you c section sophist but you guys are to funny specially @Rezo. Have you ever heard of friendly competition? To act as if that wasnt the case here and excoriate me for a mere question comes to show you guys dont know how to communicate in the real world. Theres a false sense of pride when your typing behind a keyboard I guess.

  • marty mcfly

    J Cole dont look like a killa to me so why he acting like hes a street nigga now? He aint taking a shot at Drake and If he was it would just be funny cause Drake wouldnt have to respond to somebody hes way ahead of in the game anyway.

  • ColeWorld

    Cole took a shot at Drake haha



  • The YOUNG Hov

    I just realized, I think J.Cole staying on his own production might hurt his quality as far as albums. I hear this beat and I can hear this as a single if its 3 Cole verses with a hook by either himself or someone like: Drake(like the Over hook), Akon (Still Kill type), or someone with a deep voice.

  • George21

    Coles the best rapper doin it

  • kop

    cole is a great rapper fuck haters. he didnt take a shot at drake

  • Shy

    i wonder if cole reads these comments.
    Whatup, Jermaine?

  • red

    Marty you just got told by Rezo. That’s gotta hurt.

  • red

    And NYC/BROOKLYN your joke has gone on for too long. Just stop.

  • Yeppp

    @shake get that new Tech N9ne and Kendrick Lamar Track up

  • marty mcfly

    red , I just got told what? J cole just need to drop that album already because I cant think of any reason not to. If he does read these comments I just want to say , whats the point of doing all these feature verses? To get a buzz , why you already got a buzz. Just drop the album my nigga cause I know you trying to make a classic album but the thing is these kids nowadays wouldnt even realize a classic album if it hit them in the head cause their taste in music and knowledge of hip hop is limited anyway. Just do your thing cause the game has changed. Its all about cosigns and smoking weed and wearing trendy clothes now. Drop that album , get your money and go kick it with Hov and call it a day.



  • LupeFaco

    too bad lil b is gona blow before jcole

  • JPM

    OMFG this shit is sooooo fucking good, fuck these fools got it

  • Braniak

    not as bad as the PSN down….:(

  • omfgtom

    ready for what? a mediocre disappointment of a single? sure

  • D

    get em cole

  • 666

    golf wang

  • D

    We been ready, Shake ! Can’t wait for the single. I hope it’s the “one”.

  • red

    @ Marty
    I have no idea what I was talking about. I was drunk when I wrote that.

  • PhrayzerMusic

    mechanically Cole is the best rapper out. but i end up listening to more big sean, XV… people like that who actually release quality music and have fun with it.. Cole is still my favorite but i dont wanna see his talent goto waist like jay elect

  • Thank Me


  • afoXbehindthewheel

    @MartyMcfly I definitely gotta agree with that (even if i do so a bit grudgingly) most people wouldnt know good music if came through their home, and had a wild threesome with their mom and younger sister. I remember think that it would drop during this march just pass, now im hoping it drops this year…

    Dont get me wrong, im still looking foward to the it, but damn son…damn

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ WORD , sometimes a artists already has a dope album but they either trying to add to much to it or they just missing a certain piece that would make it complete. Sometimes its the sequencing of an album to because the order in which the songs are on it is really important. Sometimes I hear a album that people say they dont like but if the songs were arranged in a different order then they would hear it differently. Anyway im not the biggest J cole fan but I know some people who are and they dying to hear an album already.

  • this shit is dopeee

  • who can deny j coles ability?

  • mrcapela


  • MartsPantz

    These guys def. have a bright future ahead of them…instant download!!!