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T3 (of Slum Village) – 3iLLA

blame it on Meka April 22, 2011

Is it even okay to put “of Slum Village” anymore? Fuck it, I still will because that’s how I want to remember them by.

DOWNLOAD: T3 (of Slum Village) – 3iLLA (prod. Young RJ) | Mediafire
SLUM VILLAGE FOREVER: eLZHi – Detroit State Of Mind

  • sfs

    man, i’d love another slum village album.. i like everything they’ve put out.. T3 really has no choice but to bring it on a solo attempt though.. so maybe he can pull it off

    a lot of people hate on T3’s raps, but I always enjoyed him in SV

  • Kareem

    So, why didn’t you put “Elzhi (of Slum Village)”. I mean…he was in the group, right? *shrug*

  • dalek

    ‘Cause Elzhi has more buzz than T3, outside of SV.

  • Yeah nobody knows who T3 is and he’s an original member haha. That’s what he gets for screwing Elzhi

  • @93090tilinfinity

    @sfs Slum Village-Villa Manifesto came out last summer

  • lowe
  • Kareem

    @Chi2LA23 LOL. Church.

  • hotdog

    T3 is okay ..I just miss slum village


    t3 is dope…..dope music is dope music stop hating

  • jeff

    i think this shit is dope. wasnt hype to check it out but im glad i did.

  • Squidmanuva

    he gets no love from me. its all about the Slum Legacy,Elzhi, and Illa J. This dude suspect. Pay Elzhi.

  • Heir

    3 gets an E for effort but might as well hang it up. His magic was in the chemistry of the Original SV. T3 is like plain jelly …Nobody gets excited about plain jelly and eats that by itself. Baatin was the Peanut Butter and Dilla was the 2 slices of Bread. That was the magic.
    Not hating on the mans dream just sayin the obvious. Wish em the best of luck tho..