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Ja Rule – Real Life Fantasy

blame it on Shake April 23, 2011

New single off Ja Rule’s upcoming album, Pain Is Love 2. Also, up top is footage of Ja joining Lloyd and Ashanti on stage in NYC to perform Always On Time.

DOWNLOAD: Ja Rule – Real Life Fantasy (prod. 7 Aurelius) | Mediafire

  • Boss

    This is the best song from Ja in a minute. To say this is totally wack is just dick riding 50 and the masses….and i’m no Ja fan but this is nyce

  • SamSong


  • Brooklyn Kid

    dope shit

  • wordtobigbird

    i actually listened cus of the first comment..

    ja, let it og. juts let it go homie.

  • bxtodeath

    WOW is this really Ja? it’s actually good, he needs to stay in this lane

  • wordtobigbird

    if you have to copy other to the point where people dont even recognize it as you anymore then thats when you should stop.

  • Nexx295

    Dope song, definitely a hit. 7 Aurelius has delivered again.
    Great to see the fam back together, their reunion gave me chills.

  • RuanHoll

    nice beat
    voice and lyrics pure ja garbage
    how much they pay u to post this



  • honestly this ain’t that bad.

    beat is great. ja actually sounded ok on the track. haven’t listened to ja in years but damn i might start again.

  • Being Frank…Sinatra!

    two things that mae this song go awry. First, Ja rule, second is the weird robot voice lady. Had this been Eminem this would be billboard number1, but because its Ja itll have just a small occult following.. The hooks the best part of this song.The rest is meh….

  • RuanHoll

    Yelawolf ft Chamillionaire, Trae Tha Truth – Shit I’ve Seen (Remix).mp3

  • 2DopeBoyz Troll

    yo this nigga JA RULE sucks!!! real talk my nigga!!! this shit is booty!!

  • LordMort

    i dont know if its my speakers atm, who otherwise always are fine, but i just converted my My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cd to mp3 files on my computer, and the sound quality is pretty sub par considering what i could’ve expected. Monster especially sounds really wrong, it couldnt have been that badly mastered. Anyone shares the same experience?

  • @LordMart naw that didn’t happen to me. that sucks tho

  • Rio$

    naw this sounds gay……….i used to like ja but come on with this bullshit “hip hop” oh wait it’s changing to fag hop………….mainstream is ruining this shit

  • y silv

    this song is great stadium sound drums are crazy

  • dopebox

    how can the best rapper in the game at one point, go from that to hated on so much in 2011! Sad how hip hop treat artist just 6 years after there prime!!

  • dirtdawg

    goosebumps..ya’ll got to admit it!
    stop hating-deep down we all still got love for the man

  • Shzntt

    Ja do a video for this a.s.a.p. you got a platinum hit!

  • mineisbigger

    ashanti looks thick but i bet she’s not good in bed

  • BillyClint

    is that a queen sample???

    LordMort < did u buy it legit..wat did u convert if from? wat kina speakers u got??
    sounds fine on my speakers. but i think ye did put LOOOOAAADS of layers on that album..so i can see so much potential for it to sound wrong dependin on the speakers..

  • Marcus

    WOW ; very nice surprise, I could fuck wit Ja if he stay makin shit like this!!

  • Ja Rule blows the fat choad

    Fuck Ja Rule. This nigga sucks!

  • LordMort

    BillyClint: ye i bought it from a store, so i wasn’t expecting the sound quality to suffer in any way. I used windows media player to convert to mp3 (320 kbps) and I listen to music on my pc speakers all the time (http://www.testfreaks.com/pc-speakers/creative-gigaworks-t3/) and they are great and always play very clear. Albums that are somewhat “technically demanding” like Teflon Don and Thank Me Later and Kanye’s earlier albums, they play without problems.
    So do you think the reason for the bad quality is the layers he added?

  • Perper

    Yeah! I first heard it, and thought it was gonna be the hook and were like REALLY?!

    Track is actually pretty damn good! The change up to the hook is wack, but other than that.. Good job, Ja!

    Sure dude have been out of the loop for a while, but there’s been some songs leaking and a few guest apperances where he’s shown he still got it in him.. If Ja gets focused for albums again, I have no doubt that he got another banger or two in him.

  • Notorious

    Ja Rule is the shit… this is just the Start of the Mpire Movement!!! Keep watching cause the music gonna speak for itself…

  • Notorious

    Oh an for u faggots who think 50cent destroyed Ja’s career… far from the truth… add to that The Feds, eminem, dmx, dre, d12, busta, obie list goes on an on… yet Rule 316 still went platium funny that huh… an if u look at lyrics from a battle point of view… Ja killed Eminem with one line.. Eminems comeback Toystory haha… he rapped bout Ja the few years later admits he almost killed himself… Lyically Ja shitted on 50… but the bandwagon already set in… Vita harder then the whole Gunit… 50 never rapped bout dude that stabbed him huh… oh yeah Blackchild album 25th may look for it!!! anyways what im tryna say is Ja just left it alone… Murder inc had enough with the feds an shit an Gotti fucked up… Ja’s music was always ill…look at Hip hop now compared to then… ppl had to step it up an make good music to try top the best selling artist on Def Jam… now look how he is treated… Rock stars dont get treated like that… thats why they have greatest rock stations etc… Hip Hip never will… an Ja is a fine example of why!!! he should be respect as one of the GOATS same as DMX!!!

  • Notorious

    i mean’t eminems disses where bout Ja popping extasy then few years later he admits he a drug addict an he almost killed himself!!!

  • da kid

    ^^^this notorious dude? 100 cosign homie. Everything u said is on point.

    PS. Last bar on loose change = headshot

  • haters hate on this lol!!!!!! my nigger is back!