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Fly.Union – TGTC: The Greater Than Club (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 26, 2011

Much like how Self-Scientific finished off yesterday with their project, Fly Dot U starts off the day with their own. Dopeness. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Fly.Union – TGTC: The Greater Than Club (Mixtape)

  • Nice

  • cbusnative

    614. Rep.

  • b.

    this shit is sooooo fuckin ill!

  • b.

    btw… can someone please upload all of the fly.union Value Packs ep’s 1-6?

  • Chan

    SUPAH dope.

  • DiegoInglewood

    It’s not a mixtape if you charge $8 for it

  • DiegoInglewood

    There’s the download link! Just swell.

  • heretosanjose

    this is on point

  • kidDre

    I don’t fucks with their music after L.E. left but thats just me.

  • graffitiwhat

    is there a difference between this and the itunes version?

  • ayok3ith u, where dreams come true. its only 8 bucks? def. coppin’.

  • DG

    they did there damn thing with this album top notch shit right here

  • What happen to that track they were makin’ with Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q?

  • that downloadable is not good…they have no specs. on that shit…

  • ad.

    It’s a fucking free mixtape, if you want to support, you can buy it. Complaining ass people, man.

  • JustDope

    Ohio stand up! I’m proud of the homies from Columbus doing their thing.

  • MoeBrad

    @DiegoInglewood click the link and not iTunes and its not anything, ttly free
    @JustDope hell yea man Ohio’s on the rise

    OHIO x CALI r doin shit this year

  • milly

    got all the value packs, this shit basically puts the cherry on top. im 2 tracks in and my have these guys come a long way!

  • Tim

    @kidDre yea they not the same w/o l.e he tied the whole group together… they been soundin like saps lately… i’ll still dl tho.

  • Ben

    I didn’t know these dudes were from 614. Rep indeed.

  • Vash The Stampede

    Been Waiting on this for months. buying off itunes right now.

  • 5 ft

    flyy niggas. next to blow up

  • @OGBobbyMustache

    @Pblackk murrrrrdered that Look Up To The Sky jawn. Columbus whaddup tho?!?!

  • t.bigums

    this isnt a mixtape its their album…smh. Support FlyU and cop it!!

  • KIng Jaffe

    TGTC! boy, Fly U did their thing. Dope from start to finish.

  • big matt

    tgtc instant classic and all the haters come on now yall dont know how to make or grade good music bag that up and dont jump on the ship when they riding for real

  • Dope dave

    Wheres That Track They Did With Kendrick Lamar???

  • PATH

    gotta respect that all three of these cats truly take charge and control. from the rhymes, beats, engineering to visuals its the purest form of the DIY mentality taken to the big leagues. keepin all aspects of the art inside the group which is dope. gonna DL this right now. COLUMBUS OHIO STAND UP!!!

  • t.bigums

    “Greater than Glub” …really Meka

  • “Salutation”

    Didnt see that track With Kendrick Lamar…but i have to say i was one of the best mixtapes that came out this year. Only songs i have heard from these guys was the ones with Curren$y. But i was feeling the whole tape. Something you can listen all the way through Like The Game’s first major lable album and Kendrick Lamar’s too EPs. Glad i downloadedit, hopein to buy it buy friday.
    And oh ya “#JestGo”

  • Krate Digga

    Ive known these cats for many years…Im once again proud of their continued development as artists. Ohio stand up! #ohiotakeover

  • Dez

    They missing l.e. a lot. They was the only reason why i listened to them.

  • Dez

    this shit is wack

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