• The HBIC

    Can't wait to hear this project, this song is Hard. Salute P.A. & State rep'n that Gold Chain Military

  • bombito

    Dope ! real hiphop ...P.A and State spit that hard shit

  • http://berpwillie.bandcamp.com Berp Willie

    IDK bout that tristate cat.... i'll have to wait to hear more

  • Jerk Sauce

    @Berp Willie You must live under a rock or smoke rock bruh, TriState is the truth. Get aquainted with the Gold Chain Military album "Chain of Command" dude spit that shit every verse. General Monks please hurry up & drop.


    TriState has been fuckin dope since he's been on. Muhfuckers aren't on top of true raw hip-hop.
    This is that family shit!!. Check DJ Woool out as well!!. RAW TRADE !!.

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