X-Men: First Class (Trailer)

blame it on Meka April 27, 2011

Okay, this looks a lot better than the first trailer. Peep the first look at Havoc, Zoë Kravitz (who, alongside her mom Lisa Bonet, CanGeddit) and more. June 3rd is the date.

  • Klutch

    I’d fuck the shit out of zoe kravitz and her mom

  • Realtalk

    It looks the same as the first one. Still pissed it ain’t the actual originals.

    Thor and Captain America look way better.

  • ASi-EH

    Movie may succeed cause of simple minded people. But in reality it looks like utter shit.

  • Bigwill

    Zoe bad got up on her from Its kind Of A Funny Story and Californication

  • LT

    What is Magneto doing in the Ministry of Magic? Has potential. Pray it’s better than Last Stand.

  • hater

    hot damn! loved the music

  • mark

    most movies that don’t follow the comic books are usually shit
    but i have hope for this one.
    btw didn’t havoc shoot beams from his hand?

  • DJ Daz-One

    I don’t know bout this one, May have to sit out of this one and just make it a download.

  • solking10

    That blond chick has a nice rack!

  • PJ

    Looks like a good movie. ParisMortonMusic.com

  • secondbest21

    who’s the negro mutant?

  • secondbest21

    oh, Darwin. wasn’t introduced until 2006. the first class came about around the 60’s (i think)? holly wood makes me sick…

  • Stephanie

    Man, I like that kid from Skins, but this looks like garbage.

  • Soji_1

    Hmm…nope, still looks like trash.

  • CJmagic900

    first class was cyclops, jean, angel and beast. how hard is it for these fuckers to get it right?
    #nerdrant over

  • truexile

    ^^^^^and iceman, but youre right, they never follow the comic