• King Tyrone

    D.I.T.C. is probably my favorite crew... 2 of my favorite producers in Diamond D and Buckwild, all-time great in Big L, probably the most under-appreciated lyricist IMO, Lord Finesse, and then O.C., Fat Joe, Showbiz & A.G. to top it off. Great crew.


    Wow, Classick! Proud i was around that Era.

  • wordlifepeacegod

    wow. never seen this. crazy how nonchalant they are. when in retrospect, this is legendary.


    I remember watching this... Nice post
    And I love how you can always tell when Justice makes the post lol

  • willypilgrim

    Haha, cause it's usually the good stuff.

  • Cali Grown

    @PR Dean I envy you.

    @SHIIIIIIIIIT co-sign
    Justice be serving up some Hip Hop justice lol

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/def-chap Def-Chap

    These two were always favorites of mine. They have perfectly opposite/complimentary sounds. Such an epic battle

  • reptilecreator

    funny, i was just watching Deep Crates, and finesse was talking about how at the dealer swaps they would hold out particular records for P and how that irritated a lot of people (competitively). good stuff justice! these posts keep me inspired, having me put on classics.

  • http://www.youtube.com/shience ら全した裸連鎖