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Sapient – Letterhead (rmx) f. Illmaculate & Macklemore

blame it on Shake April 28, 2011

Illmaculate and Macklemore add a verse each to the remix of the Sapient’s 2008 original in support of the Los Angeles based graffiti artist Revok’s recent arrest.

Revok is a master at what he does and is obviously a vet. He has earned his way in the world of graffiti, in the world of art, and in the world of business. His influence is more than just “street art”, and it motivates thousands of up-and-comers wanting to be recognized for their efforts. He has shown that new art initiated projects can be purchased by some of the finest collectors worldwide, this is not a simple minded form of vandalism. I respect Revok on many different levels and as a person incarcerated who will come out with tons of legal fees, I want to offer what I can. – Sapient

The remix is now available on iTunes; with 100% of the profits going towards Revok’s legal defense fund.

  • red

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    That really fucks this site up–worse than those mouse over pop ups and background ads.
    Fuck automatic playing video ads.

  • 11111

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  • daveg

    uuhhh, when the hell is Macklemore gonna blow up DAAAMN he is fuckin crazy. His verse was sick as hell. Very nice track overall

  • DamnRight

    only gonna check this cuz of Macklemore.

  • mR

    macklemore is so nice

  • Sarah

    Sapient at it again…His production is so clean!

  • oh

    Wasn’t this on Macklemore’s “The Unplanned Mixtape”?

    Anyways, always refreshing to hear 3 dope ass emcees

  • DamnRight

    @oh yes the original was but the remix wasn’t on there

  • hereatlast

    so dope.

  • Advance

    This is the remix and it was on Macklemore’s mixtape. The original Letterhead is on Sapient’s Letterhead album


    BASICK 702!

  • DamnRight

    @Advance ok my bad

  • DamnRight

    swore the original was on the Unplanned Mixtape but I just checked and yeah it was this one

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Only checkin this out because of Illmac.

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    Only checking this out because Revok is a savage. And because Sapient, Illmaculate AND Grieves are pretty much the sickest thing going on in the Northwest. PNW^

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    And I just typed Grieves instead of Macklemore for some reason. but you get it….

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Only checkin this out because of Illmac & Macklemore.

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    Macklemore is a fag.

  • Csaugh541

    NOOOOOOOOOORTHWEST! Glad to see this on here. Keep doing this! From Portland to Seattle, the northwest has alot of dope talent.

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    “Macklemore is a fag.”
    cute. I can type someone else’s name in that shit too.

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    I know Macklemore is a fag because so am I, I want to suck his dick