• red

    What the fuck? The ads on the side play by themselves now?

    That really fucks this site up--worse than those mouse over pop ups and background ads.
    Fuck automatic playing video ads.

  • 11111

    its called flashblock its on chrome and firefox now jus google it

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  • daveg

    uuhhh, when the hell is Macklemore gonna blow up DAAAMN he is fuckin crazy. His verse was sick as hell. Very nice track overall

  • DamnRight

    only gonna check this cuz of Macklemore.

  • mR

    macklemore is so nice

  • Sarah

    Sapient at it again...His production is so clean!

  • oh

    Wasn't this on Macklemore's "The Unplanned Mixtape"?

    Anyways, always refreshing to hear 3 dope ass emcees

  • DamnRight

    @oh yes the original was but the remix wasn't on there

  • hereatlast

    so dope.

  • Advance

    This is the remix and it was on Macklemore's mixtape. The original Letterhead is on Sapient's Letterhead album

  • http://www.youtube.com/baysick basick


    BASICK 702!

  • DamnRight

    @Advance ok my bad

  • DamnRight

    swore the original was on the Unplanned Mixtape but I just checked and yeah it was this one

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Only checkin this out because of Illmac.

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    Only checking this out because Revok is a savage. And because Sapient, Illmaculate AND Grieves are pretty much the sickest thing going on in the Northwest. PNW^

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    And I just typed Grieves instead of Macklemore for some reason. but you get it....

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Only checkin this out because of Illmac & Macklemore.

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    Macklemore is a fag.

  • Csaugh541

    NOOOOOOOOOORTHWEST! Glad to see this on here. Keep doing this! From Portland to Seattle, the northwest has alot of dope talent.

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    "Macklemore is a fag."
    cute. I can type someone else's name in that shit too.

  • Phidelis/Kutastrephi

    I know Macklemore is a fag because so am I, I want to suck his dick