Amber Rose x KING (Video)

blame it on Meka April 29, 2011

I can easily predict what kind of comments will pop up in the c-section of this post. Like you still wouldn't if given the chance, so save it.

And *dead* at Scarface's "High Note" being the song in the background. Props to KING.

  • wear a wig at least bitch

    get the fuck outta here with that shit Meka. Bad ass body ruined by a bald ass head. bitches shouldn't be bald headed. that's why broads be getting extensions they know being bald is bogus

    • > Bad ass body ruined by a bald ass head. bitches shouldn’t be bald headed. that’s why broads be getting extensions they know being bald is bogus

      i laughed out loud at this.

  • Perper

    What are you bitch, a boy or a girl?
    I can't tell cause your shit on the sides is gone

    I see some baaald headed hoooees

    Still would, though. ;)

  • Zero Kool

    bitches with extensions get stitches. p.s. fuck hair weave and wigs

  • steve

    ^ yeah but you'd prefer a bald headed bitch. fuck outta here with that shit nigga.

  • Gordon B.

    The thing is she's gorgeous but if she'd let her hair grow she'd be just another hot chick and she'd lose her niche.

  • Word bond

    This nigga knows heads are going to talk shit but he still puts the post up, smh...slow friday hu Meka?

  • burd

    idk why niggas front like the bald head would stop them from smashing if given the chance. its actually pretty suspect if you wouldnt smash because you cant get over her being bald

  • dave chappelle

    wish i had 4 hands so i can give those titties 4 thumbs down.

  • Jav

    Meka goes to rapradar and steals a post or two from them when he runs out of things to post. lmao. true story though.

  • she kinda had man hands lmao

  • who cares

    She is so beautiful, but I need a woman that has some hair. I don't like chicks wit no hair, or super short hair.
    I'd still hit is tho haha just tell her to put a wig on :P

  • youre not straight if she was in your bed and you wouldnt hit.

    scarface is too smooth haha


    @ Gordon B. You are exactly right. I think she would look like every other bad chick if she had long hair. I dont like bald chicks but she is the only exception I have ever seen to that rule. With no hair, her face just stands the fuck out. Plus her body is flawless fatality!

  • Mid City Mayor

    You seen her walk around in that LEOPARD CAT SUIT wit my manz Kanyeezy?! All talks of bald head this and that fly the fuck out the window bruh. Real Talk, a bitch that bad that can make you bypass a skee ball head says something in and of itself..

  • TheE

    Sexy as hell, but Overrated by the Hip Hop media

  • Rio$

    I can easily predict what kind of comments will pop up in the c-section of this post. Like you still wouldn’t if given the chance, so save it.

    why the fuck do shake and meka get so mad about comments these days?? why have a c-section if you gonna say " i can predict what people are gonna say", then say "so save it"...........fuckin dumbasses these days wtf happened? just post the music and stop TYPING (not real talk) bullshit comments like your so angry and annoyed by the c-section............

    • > just post the music and stop TYPING (not real talk) bullshit comments like your so angry and annoyed by the c-section…………

      you're looking way too far into that. maybe you're the one who is in fact verklempt.

  • moolaguap

    she looks OKAY....definitely not as fine as everyone hypes her up to be. i mean her body is on point, no doubt. and i most definitely would smash.

  • baba

    ugly girl. tinny ti's wife >> amber

  • naw homie aint just say Tiny > Amber smmfh but anyway Amber is a very pretty girl and her body is way on point even though I would prefer her to have hair especially after the pics Ive seen of her back in the day Id still smash if she offered rest of u niggas crazy sayin ud pass up or either gay u tellin me u havent seen some pretty bald headed chicks?

  • marty mcfly

    A couple days ago I said she wasnt that bad and I still feel the same way. I said she had a little ass , ill take that back and say she has a lil bubble but im not all googly eyed. I mean would I fuck? Maybe but she would have to approach me , I wouldnt be pursuing her. People gon be like your gay if you aint crazy attracted to Amber but thats not true because not everybody is thirsty like that. Everybody got their type of girl and Amber just never been my type. She got a cute face and a nice body but Thats not all im looking for I dont no Amber so maybe she got personality thats sexy. If thats the case then id be feeling her way more. I know it mite sound like some square shit but im attracted to personality just as much as a pretty face and a nice ass. Too me Amber looks like she'll do anything to gain acceptance and those just aint my type of chicks. I like a chick thats bad as fuck and knows shes killing em but also got some substance in her brain. Amber looks dumb to me. Once you find that girl thats bad as fuck and shes intelligent with a unique personality its over cause thats a bad bitch.

  • Freeze

    im gettin fuckin sick of this MARTY MCFLY guy.. ur shit is alwaaaays like a fuckin novel - go getta job or someshit as a journalist so u can write paragraph long opinions somewhere else where someone may even read em let alone give a fuck lol

  • Freeze

    like freal no1 gives a fuck if amber rose aint the type of girl for youu lol
    unless ur rich as fuck, the hottest rapper in the game, n ignorant as fuck then she most likely isnt checkin for u either playa sorry
    this post is for dudes lookin 2 take 30secs outta there day for sum eye candy
    head over to MATCH.COM if ur lookin for love man these is jus bitches

  • VictorRivera




  • Nuff

    so why over eighty fuckin thumbs up? ass niggaz

  • Marty McBitch

    Hello niggas my name is Marty McBitch

  • ????????????

    i didnt wanna comment cos i feel like im contributing to the corniness of the comments ive seen but....
    so far im seeing nothing but "oh shes not all that" "she got man hands hehe" etc....STOP IT. please just grow up..please leave ur basement and grow up @ ALL THE COMMENTS ABOVE ME.

  • marty mcfly

    You guys are funny as hell to me... and BTW sex with models? Been there and done that way before Amber came along.

  • I THINK KAT williams said it best..."YOUS A BITCH NIGGA" thats all im seein in the comments...SO WAT IF SHE AINT GOT HAIR lmao..PPL who make comments like that probly in the closet or dont get no pussy or just plain old bitch niggas. i bet u go ewwww wen u see a girl with an actual butt haha.

  • moolaguap

    damn this nigga marty mcfly is actin like he is givin his dessertation on amber rose, chill bruh

  • @Top5DOA

    Personally i can care less how long a broads hair is ... some women look better with short hair than long hair anyways ... i'd definitely SMANG!!!!

  • Chipz

    Bunch of lame ass follow the leader frontin ass mofos on this site. Everyone of you lame asses would hit that pussy. Not only would you hit it, you'd eat it too. No ASS? ok, if a perfect bubble booty is considered no ass than give me a chick with "NO ASS" in the amber rose sense of the phrase anyday, lol. Face isnt the end all to pretty but who cares, the body is stupid, dumb nice, lol...Legs all thick, and u know that pussy is top notch, u can probally sleep in it, lol. If you wouldnt fuck this broad its probally because females are not your cup of tea, which means you're either a heterosexual woman or a FAGGOT(with the koby tone)...

  • Chipz

    Wiz is a lucky bastard. both Amber and Natalie have the craziest bodies. Stop hatin and step ya game up, you can be like Wiz one day, lol.

  • chipz

    I mean really...cats are saying "Id fuck" as if that needs to be said. GOD WOULD FUCK, lol(im a atheist so being blasphemous doesnt bother me, lol)... As if u'd ever have a choice or fucking or not fucking a bitch that bad. Stop frontin!...Net mofos be the corniest ppl on the planet, but sites like this give them the opportunity to pretend as if they're not, lol.

  • yeah

    marty mcfly, what a fag

  • dro

    I would definitely hit, but why those hands looking crusty as fuck in the first sec?

  • "bitches with extensions get stitches. p.s. fuck hair weave and wigs"

    This. Fuck weave and all that shit. I'd rather smash a bad bitch with a skin fade than a chick whose head looks like the back of my modem.

  • BiGGiEC

    maaaaaaaaan i'd hit it wit a wig on


    HO! HO! HO!

  • ivan

    why doesnt she just grow some damn hair. it'll make everyone more happy