Atmosphere - Trying To Find a Balance Live (Video)

During the NYC stop of Atmosphere's Family Tour, Slug controls the sold out crowd with a performance of Trying To Find a Balance. And if you haven't already, be sure to pick up The Family Sign.

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  • amazing performance and the album is incredible! favorite atmosphere song of all time...well 4 way tie between this, Little Man, Yesterday and God's Bathroom Floor. who else fucks with Sluggo on here? what's ur fav?

  • Saxon

    This the first song by atmosphere i ever heard. It was on a old tony hawk game i use to play. Classic!

  • gose

    i love hiphop the most but rock and techno concerts will always be better

  • sean

    was at the show and got to kick it with slug outside the venue before the of the best MCs to grace the mic....this, Gods Bathroom Floor, Yesterday,God Loves Ugly...they have classics

  • sticky

    I can't even decide I just go to all songs and shuffle every song's dope


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