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Big Sean Speaks On Music, Gets Violated (Video)

blame it on Meka April 29, 2011

While In Maryland, Sean spoke to DD on artistry, family and more. Meanwhile, head down bottom for... a different perspective of Sean's MD show, courtesy of Perajok.

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  • billy

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  • JonesTheMenace

    Haha her friend was mad jealous. Thumbs up for white girls wit ass. Every time nigga.

  • CeeDee Rawom

    LMAOO!! Her friend hella tight

  • :P

    lol she's jelly.

  • Hpno

    I have yet to be impressed by any of big sean's music and I doubt I ever will be plus its really hard for me to take him or anybody seriously who wears skinny jeans..+_+

  • Really

    Really this bitch was cooking. Only white hipster bitches fuck with lil b..and gay niggas. And to the nigga that said "she a white with ass" Nigga are you blind? That bitch ass is flatter than a peice of paper. Also she a groupie whore no respect. Probaly got std's and shit.

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  • aconcerneddaddy

    wut. y u get hype for bland sean? girls father needs to be informed and slapped.

  • aconcerneddaddy

    that chick brings more personality and stage presence than sean's entire career combined.

  • Shy

    "that chick brings more personality and stage presence than sean’s entire career combined."

  • PhrayzerMusic

    i dont understand the hate on big sean.. his lyrics are as good as any of your favorite rappers; j cole, kendrick, currensy, Blu, all of them.. i personally like Cole more, but Sean's great, his shows are pretty good too. (yes ive been to one). his flow is maybe the only thing about his music that isnt great.

  • ^^wow this cat had the nerve to put Big Sean and Kendrick, Blu and Currency in the same sentence.

  • nOF

    I'm surprised Sean's arms didn't break.

  • PhrayzerMusic

    @kalil Kash.. first off kendrick blu currensy cole are all some of my favorite rappers, especially blu and cole.. but Kendrick has a lot he needs to improve on technically, Blu makes classics but he rarely puts out any type of full project. and for such a big Curresy fan you'd think you'd spell his name right........... but anyways Big Sean has it all, lyrics, flow, work ethic, and love for hip-hop.. i just see a lot of hate here but no logic or reasoning behind it.

  • yerpes

    "for such a big Curresy fan you’d think you’d spell his name right"

    lol wtf

  • haha damn girl got skillzz haha

  • riv

    hahahaha WTF nobody can spell kurren$y............oops

  • aconcerneddaddy

    "his flow is maybe the only thing about his music that isnt great."


  • jfalpha

    good gyrations