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Mod Sun – Australia New Zealand (Video)

blame it on Shake April 29, 2011

Brand new video off the homie Mod Sun’s Health, Welath, Success & Happiness mixtape.

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  • sounds like the name of one of those read this and you will be rich books “health wealth success and happiness”

  • Tyree

    Dude gives MN a bad name.

    Good thing nobody here supports him.

  • @Tyree: As a MN representative: You’re right.

  • Lolwow

    SWAG SWAG SWAG ODD FUTUREEE: http://tinyurl.com/3cf4u37

  • willypilgrim

    are you kidding me, posting this shit? saw him open for wu-tang, boo’d his whole set. I’ll second the he gives MN a terrible name. some fat old white bitches on the top floor really loved him though, i think it was his mom and grandmom.

  • milly

    Shake loves this guy lmao

  • skeeter


  • Cheez

    This faggot would get beat down in New Zealand.. I hope I catch him

  • Spike

    He doesn’t get any love in Australia, wack as hell

  • Supadupa

    lol nobody in New Zealand (and I’m guessing Australia) even heard of this clown. He probly just said that cause he thought nobody over here would even be aware of his wack music… But sadly i am now lol

    We got David Dallas repping NZ in America we don’t need this lame lol

  • Sample is amazing. Incubus.
    He is Meh.

  • clickityclack

    this is Mac Miller in 5 years.. smh

  • Abear

    Once again, i suggest no one listen to this douchebag so that MN can become pure again.

  • jack johnson

    these rhymes are fuckin terrible, i’m from NZ and i’ve never even heard of this idiot

  • Riktar

    ….wtf is this hippie shit tho…?

  • Love this dude! He just keeps getting better!

    And, to the people saying he’s never been to Austraila/NZ, he toured there last year & they love him.

  • Paige

    One of the most amazing human beings I have ever met in my life shake the fucking negativity if mn is hayeun why is he gettin sold out shows all over mn and the united states what the fuck u doing with ur lifes besides hating on someone following what the fuck he is believing in

  • mike

    Good thing he doesn’t care that all u douche bags are hatin cuz he can turn n e thing negative into positive cuz that’s who he is. By far one of the most positive dudes out there and has changed my life. Thanks mod sun for being u and fuck everyone who is hatin on u.

  • Sam

    Mod Sun is really inspirational to me, and alot of other people! You’re hating on him based on one song, thats just ignorant.

  • Mod sun is honestly one of the most unique MCs out there. All these people hating are idiots and probably bumb gucci mane and flocka and think they are lyrical geniuses. This guy is honestly super dope. I feel him.

  • ber

    an australian says no.

  • fuck you

    I rep MOD SUN in MN pussies.

  • Penfold

    He toured New Zealand? Glad I missed his show.