Bad Meets Evil Producers Speak On EP (Video)

blame it on Shake April 30, 2011

With Royce and Em’s upcoming Bad Meets Evil project on the horizon, MTV caught up with Havoc, DJ Khalil, Denauan Porter and Bangladesh to speak on their contributions.

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    D3Troit Stand Up !!!!!!!!!!!!

    The carter wha ?!?!?!

  • Ted

    bangladesh what? cant imagine em and royce on a 6’7 beat lawlz
    fuck all commercial ass niggaz and overhyped bitchez
    we underground niggaz rule hiphop fuck ya’ll nice ass cats

  • dev

    Eminem needs to stop fucking around and get ALC to produce for him. he’s been his DJ for years and the only song they did together was on the the Chemical Warfare album.

  • Pauly Dee

    Cosign @ dev

    In all of Em’s greatness, he fails at not using Alchemist’s talents…

    Sounds like a dope production list…Anyone know if anyone else is aboard?

  • Anunikke

    I was going to comment on the alchemist thing as well, but Dev already said what needed to be said.

    ALC probably my favourite producer not called DJ Muggs, Don’t understand why ANYBODY would pass on an alchemist beat.

  • dörk

    I love the fact that Havoc works with Em & Royce. Co-sign @ dev too

  • Ali

    and i’ma put my stamp on the Alchemist comment too, IT NEEDS TO BE DONE! fuck is the point having 1 of the illest producers on your team and not using that? that Chemical Warfare track was hella dope but even then i was 1 verse, even the freestyle over the Microphone beat Em own’d that shit + that other ALC beat him n Royce went over on the westwood show, it got great response all over so why’s he not done more based off that? confuses me but maybe Em wants to remain a popstar and fuck with the Underground fans emotions

  • Cali760

    Wish Alchemist was involved

  • Rec

    Yeah what the fuck is up with no Alchemist, man Shady makes poor decisions sometimes.

  • marty mcfly

    Havoc – The beat sounds like walking down a dark hallway with a bunch of monks screaming at you. Havoc gave diddy a beat that sounds just like that already on the Press Play album called Hold Up.

  • White Mike

    Who does Alchemist have to fuck to get work on an Eminem project??? Does Em think he’s just a DJ? Shit.

  • White Mike

    Okay so before people say, “White Mike, Em has worked with ALC alrwady on Get Back and Chemical Warfare.” Okay fine… But Get Back is old as shit and Chemical Warfare sounded like it was a favor. One silly ass verse. Although I thought that beat was really fucking dope.

  • Luda

    Alchemist overrated. Em knows

  • 7

    On the Alc tip, don’t forget No Apologies, which was dope. But the big question is where is Dj Premier???

  • ctbs15

    There’s 9 songs y’all im sure em and nickel nine did some shit with alc

  • OJ Da Juiceman

    yeah wtfuck happened to that DJ Premier n Eminem track Primo was boasting about before Relapse came out? Keys To The City i think it was called, like i said this guy loving the spotlight so much that he don’t wanna fuck with Hip-Hop no more, fucking popstars