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Dynasty – Epic Dynasty (prod. DJ Premier) (Video)

blame it on JES7 May 1, 2011

Nicki what? Yeah, I thought so. Off Preme’s Year Round Records Presents: Get Used To Us out now. *dead* at Erykah BaNEW

  • #First

    Dopest song on the DJ Premier album #truestory

  • Deft Flow

    I feel like the beat is kinda missing something but she is truly dope

  • f12

    heat. thanks for this one.

  • Cage

    This shit was ridin… I dont know about that buck-25 though, she was lookin like a 95 pounder… Shorty can spit nonetheless hopefully she wont get the NYGs treatment

  • Dub

    She’s really dope.

    But y’all kill me by constantly trying to discredit Nicki Minaj. Look, in order to prove that something is good, you have to use something AS good or better as a point of reference. Right? Well CLEARLY, if Nicki Minaj is the standing point of reference over here at 2DB every time y’all want to post some no-name female rapper, she’s gotta be doing SOMETHING right.

  • Marty mcfly

    I dont care about Nicki Minajs status in the game cause this new chick just bodied her whole album in one song. This shit is that street hop DOPENESS.

  • Dub

    aight, b.
    yall niggas is gassin’ at this point. short wasn’t Jean Grae

  • Dub

    aight, b.
    yall niggas is gassin’ at this point. shorty wasn’t Jean Grae

  • marty mcfly

    I really dont need to compare rappers cause that takes away from the song but as far as Nicki goes I thought she was all right until she called out lil Kim but didnt wanna go to war lyrically cause that makes her look shook to me.

  • Yo, this came off fat. Good to see another female emcee reppin it and not on some coochie, diamonds pop ya g string ting ting junk.

    Click the name peep the radio show.

  • dev

    damn that beat is crazy serious!!!
    the girl is meh. Preme couldve found someone else to ride the beat better: Phonte, Skyzoo and Torae?

  • And Won

    yo this is really dope. def gonna stay checking for Dynasty.

  • AMP

    It’s amazing how DJ Premier’s production never gets played out. He’s a fucking genius.

  • casper wordsmith

    Lol @ Premo rockin a Wayfarer. Nice track though.


    dope Gurl is sexy to

  • Nicki sucks. This girl won!

  • props to 2dbz for the post. respect to all who commented. make sure to check more from her here: http://bit.ly/5ezY6w Peace!

  • dave g

    this is excellent. way to go dynasty / premo. was starting to think jean grae had it all to herself..