President Obama Sons Donald Trump (Video)

blame it on JES7 May 1, 2011

Obama got mad jokes! Ha!


    Yo! You better shorten this shit to the jokes son. I don’t have time to watch this whole video nigga.

  • D23

    Obama JUST did what he was supposed to hah Trump wasnt wrong for asking about it and Obama’s right for giving it. Both of them are right

  • poo

    hah obama’s too good…
    btw, jokes right at the start

  • obama bodied trump

  • Stephanie

    Shimmy Shimmy Ya hahahahaha

  • Mofo

    I’m just going to go ahead and give this thumbs down
    And another thing
    You know how god can bless america…
    … By coughing up some tax payer money

  • jwiii

    trump is a dick. where were the tea partiers during Bush? the only real issue most of these people have is that they feel uncomfortable that a person with black skin is in office

  • Patrick

    where are Biggie and 2pac??



  • lol He shitted on bill o’ reily with the lion king joke, look at his face at 4:17

  • Stephanie

    How can this be shortened? It’s only twenty minutes long and it’s jokes from start to finish, with the exception of the last MINUTE. I mean, damn.

  • The doubters come in, the birth certificate comes out. Never a miscommunication.

  • justblazed

    lol @ matt damon



  • Protege

    can’t believe i actually watched the whole thing.

  • polish.czar

    @D23 so u are a/were a birther there should have been no doubt were he was born. how come no other presidents were asked bout there birth certificate?

  • G

    lmao. Breath of experience. haha.

  • boytoy1814

    President Obama SLAYED Donald Trump=NUFF SAID !

  • drugante

    i wouldnt never shown that Birth Certificate…fuck those racist ass crackers..and Jim Crow laws are gone!!…i dont need to show my Birth certificate to Vote…and THE PRESIDENT doesnt need to show his to prove his is “All American”…

  • fuckyocouchbitch

    too bad these jokes aren’t helping our fine nation. You brain washed fools are just as stupid as those “tea-baggers”, when are you’ll gonna wake up?

  • muzikxl


  • BenoitFlow

    Donald and Fox News just got Ether’d. Damn. Seth Meyers also destroyed Trump during his speech. It was painful to watch Donalds grim expression as they went in on him.

  • An Educated Black Man

    Real talk, Obama isn’t funny at all. Every black person thinks that Obama is the greatest at everything, when in reality, he is setting the black man back 20 years. He will go down as one of the worst presidents in history along with Bush and Carter. His presidential campaign was all about change. The only change that has happened is that we have an African American president who had little experience. And Obama proved his immaturity tonight when he attempted to verbally assualt Donald Trump. There needs to be a requirement for voters to have an IQ above 90 for them to participate in elections. That way I won’t have to worry about the “nignorant” people in my race setting back the great country that once was the United States. I will stop here as most of the people who visit this site are too close minded to consider someone else’s opinion that is contrary to their beliefs. God Bless America

  • drugante

    @An Educated Black Man ( who i think is a white kid from Arkansas) Go shut da fuck up!! b4 i take ur mom out on a steak dinner and never call that fat whore…she is a fucking PIG!!…Donald started and the President Finished it!!..

  • charles hamilton

    fuck an educated black man

  • LV

    Word to the dude above. Anyways Obama ether’d the shit outta the whole republican party.

  • haha go GOP bitches.

  • Coochie Mane

    When I voted for Obama it was one of the dumbest decisions I have made in my life

  • SomeGuy817

    I never seen so many niggas take that many L’s, In a formal setting in less than 10 minutes lol, But nah Trump deserved it and his uneducated following that wants him to step into the doors of the white house, Need to go use a Remington rife the next time at the shooting range(watch cnbc’s Remington under fire)

  • An Educated Black Man

    Drugante: You have serious problems and need to find our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. You are in my prayers

  • Shy

    Gahtdayum ol’ boy nutted all over dudes face with those celebrity apprentice jabs

  • Trappin Aint Dead BURRRR

    Obama dat nigga, he gonna pay for my gas bitches.

  • drugante

    @Educated Black Uncle Rukus!!….Yo go ahead And Bible Bang all u want!!….Trump pratically called obama an NIGGER…once he asked him for his papers…and now he wants to see his Transcripts?..THE MAN WAS THE EDITOR OF THE HARVARD LAW REVIEW!!..Smarter than you and ur Bitch ass Electorate …u fucking Scum ..PRAY ON THESE NUTSS!!

  • illicitly ill

    People hate on obama too damn much, quit blaming him for all your problems the man can only do so much. You say voting for him was a mistake, so you think we’d really be better off with John McCain? Maybe he hasn’t had the most successful presidency so far, but quit acting like shit is worse than it ever was.

  • An Educated Black Man

    Drugante: Considering your inability to get your point across without using derogatory language, you are clearly one of the “nignorant” people I was refering to in my initial comment. I never said anything positive about Trump. I hold Obama to a higher regard than Trump simply because of his position as president. You would expect the president to be poised and not to engage in a public verbal battle. The president should be above those matters

  • Runnin shit 2011


  • southcarolina

    ^ U MAD! stop blaming white people on your shitty life situation and take some initiative to change it

  • annoyance

    @ Educated Black Male
    Just letting you know, that there have been worse presidents than Carter and Bush such as Harding and Andrew Johnson. Carter isn’t even considered one of the worst presidents in US history.

  • An Educated Black Man

    Annoyance: I was listing the worst presidents in recent memory. I agree that there are presidents worse than Carter and Bush, they were just the first two to come to mind in recent memory. Buchanan, Filmore, Pierce, Johnson, and Harding are all reasonable candidates for the worst president of the U.S.

  • Jonnielluminati

    all of yall might as well just stop voting..the President is a puppet, he has no control over the decisions being made..too much shit going on behind the scenes, instead of expecting him to make moves and blaming him for all of these issues on him how bout YOU get up make some changes yourselves..the people that run this country don’t care about us, they’re evil (the love of $ is the root of evil) and greedy..Obama can’t change that

  • marty mcfly

    Do you people fully know Obamas story? If you know his life then aint no way yall would be so reckless with your comments. You know what he been through and how far hes come in his life? Even if you dont like him there is no way that you can talk down on him when you havent accomplished not even close to what hes done in his life. Im not even the biggest Obama fan but come on now this guy in the President of the U.S , what is your job title? Just saying

  • Jonnielluminati

    if Obama really wants to make a change he should tell the media (including these major record labels and radio stations) to stop promoting ignorance all day

  • stulllla

    This was a serious roasting session lol.

  • Early


    @marty mcfly

    @educated black man…WTF you on a blog in the middle the night going back and fourth with trolls?

  • thinker

    @educated black man
    u need to calm urself down with the “verbal assaults” obama is just crackin some jokes. been a while since ive seen some creativity like that in the white house. sometimes its good to poke fun. and wasnt even at one group, it was at everybody, even himself. take ur sensitive ass somewhere else man.

  • marty mcfly

    Im proud of Obama no matter what anybody says cause Im a 80s baby so ive been watching presidents since the Reagan era. So when somebody says Obama is the worst president , I dont know where your coming from cause hes not the worst president cause trust me ive seen alot worse. Some of you want him to address ignorance in the media and in music? Be serious because you people saying that shit are the ones fueling the negativity in real life and in hip hop and the president has more serious situations on the table to think about. Im glad hes throwing shots back at some of these devils that came up with a silver spoons in they mouth while Obama was in the streets of chicago putting his life on the line to stop gang violence and other problems that effect the real streets. I cant say if Obama is a puppet or not but I can say that he has alot of power and his background has proven that hes probably the most intelligent president to be in the white house in the last 50 years so hes no dumbass like Bush and I doubt hes a sucka because its alot of credible people out there who say Obama been a real dude from day one so if anything you should be inspired to be something greater then of a famous poser in the entertainment business. Fuck Donald Trump and have a good nite.

  • **************************

    hes allowed to crack jokes @An Educated Black Man, not everyones a square like you appear to be and it wasn’t a formal address or something, lighten up

  • Mammod Amadinejad

    Obama is a jackass. greetings from Iran

  • John Kennedy

    what da hell obama did to ur life niggaz i dunno. only reason i can get on this shit is so he’s just black and thats all u niggaz support him. he’s wasting everything. he’s an black idiot. u niggaz went blind.

  • Zoo

    the government always been the illuminati’s tyros nigggggas.
    fuck yall

  • Jonnielluminati

    Some of you want him to address ignorance in the media and in music? Be serious because you people saying that shit are the ones fueling the negativity in real life and in hip hop and the president has more serious situations on the table to think about
    – marty mcfly
    …you’re wrong..the media has brainwashed most Americans to the point its more important to have “swag” and follow the latest trends than to have high self esteem/confidence..its more important to worship money than to have wisdom..if the media taught the right values, if teachers and parents taught the right values to our youth instead of the youth letting their favorite artists and tv shows and magazines telling them how to walk, talk, think, and live their life, alot of the problems in this country wouldnt exist and Obama’s job would be easier..ANYWAY, we need to make changes ourselves, dont expect almighty Obama to do it for us

  • eat a dick

    carter was the worse president period. everything in the middle east right now would have never happened had his administration stayed away from iran. instead, they sabotaged the sha, got him exiled and then replaced him with a religious zealot nut case. the gas prices, the unrest in the middle east is all thanks to carter. bush was a puppet, and obama is a puppet. its all about greed and lining their oil buddies pockets up with trillions of dollars.

  • van city

    Hahahaha, America is so fucked up.

  • buthiphopstillcool

    You Americans used to be the greatest country in the world, now look at you hahaha

  • sassal

    Obama is a turd. And America is a joke. We (the rest of the world) laugh at you. He is going down as one of the worst presidents in your history. Imagine two complete failures back to back. Bush and Obama. The Hawk and the Turd.

  • look Trump is making soooooo much money off this publicity! damn. he actually got the president of the united states to respond to him..jay wont even respond to beans! lol…but seriously apart from this being hilarius…doesnt he have wars to fights..afghanistan anyone? that guy ghadaffi? how the hell is he wasting time on this wen theres stuff to b done.

  • Am I the only one amused that he had Optimus Prime in the vid at the beginning? LOL.

  • D

    lmao at ”where are biggie and 2pac?”

  • D

    they were playing shimmy shimmy ya in the back lol

  • I’ll Rape u Later

    …Obamas not the worst, he just troll goood jokes but there’s rly nothing to say he rly Changed the infamous Jorj W. Mush shit growth since he got presidency? naw at all man. uknowimean

  • saywhat

    How the fuck are you going to say that you’re “proud” of Obama? The guy aint your son, brother or daddy, he don’t give a fuck about you.


  • lolage

    ha – Obama’s birth certificate says he was born in the middle of a highway, check it out on google streetview! massive fail

  • dbly

    It’s obvious that he got put in charge because of his ability of holding a speech and because it’s easy to like him.

  • TIM

    it’s the WOLF GANG

  • Seth Myers is my idol

  • Sage

    I love how everyone talks shit about the presidents, if you feel you can do a better job, run for office. You think voting really does shit in America? It can easily be changed, proven during the Bush terms. You honestly believe your words and ignorance will even graze the government and White House? Naw, them niggas dont care bout anything but money, the whole US could cave in but they could just move elsewhere. Politics is nothing but a sham and why people still follow this shit is beyond me, we’re all slaves to the govt, anywhich way you put it. Enjoy the vid for the jokes and the response to Trump and stop bringing your bullshit to a blog site.

  • b.

    and ya’ll still believe obama and are dick riding. how dumb are you people… fuckin’ sheep.

  • barack O’drama

    ohhh shit, this nigga shouted out biggie and tupac

  • DK

    I don’t agree with everything Obama’s has done and he def needs to step and come through at least a few of his promises, but this was toooo funny Trump had it coming. I don’t honestly believe most of these Conservative and GOP candidates believe half of the nonsense they’re spewing they just want to appeal to their dumbass racist overly religous right wing base.

  • Rios

    damn these comments must be posted by the same 3-4 people because people coming on here looking for gucci mane and lil wayne can’t be that stupid can they? And btw black people aren’t getting “carded” it’s hispanics because people (who went to college and got an education as well as those with no education) want to blame hispanics for everything that’s wrong in America so they say shit like ” oh mexicans comin cross the border and it just started 10 years ago”…………’s a shame we still call ourselves a “great country” when the constitution was written and it said “ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL”, black people were still slaves and indians and mexicans were “savages” Just face it we are the same as every other country only difference is we won wars in the past and got land and other items after winning………..treaties anyone????look em up there is no god looking out for us just because we “defend israel” i dont care if obama (had writers) clowns donald trump because donald trump is a clown and buffoon regardless of the birth certificate nonsense

  • obama

    oh you mad cause i’m stylin on you

  • fuckyocouchbitch

    I agree with everything “an educated black man” has said, and if any of you’ll do your research and actually have an open mind and see, he (obama) really has set every AMERICAN in this country no matter what race back. Do you guys realize the USA is considered a joke around the world? The media is only shows you what they think the AMerican can handle, or what they think you should know or hear (not to mention most major news networks are controlled by the government.) This joke season just showed how immature he is. ALso It’s not about if your an “angry white man in arkansas, or an ignorant black man in proverty” all races have their verisons of “ignorant” and black folks are just as bad as white folks when it comes to this, and you know its true.

  • aOOP

    lol @ dude above saying u can only proud of people in your immediate family otherwise its a sin or some shit. What a mark… miserable ass square.

  • Moi

    And this is the leader of the US ? The great nation who should be an example to the world ? Meanwhile people are dying in the arab states. Your jokes will not last Mr. Obama.

  • BigDtown

    Lol, you can tell that a couple of these Obama haters are the same person, get a life.

    Obama is cool, black people expected waaaaaaaay too much from him though. As far as the birth certificate thing, thats pure racism. No white president would ever have to go through something like that and any black dude (Educated black man is not black btw) defending those birthers is an uncle tom and should immediately be dismissed.

    8 years of W Bush ruining the country and now people want to blame Obama because he had to take over a ship that was already sinking, gimme a break.

  • AnT

    For the donald jokes, just skip forward to 9:20-11min mark.

  • ghEttoblaster

    Dude obamas a muuuuhfuuuuckina G hoe

  • OJ Da Juiceman

    i like Obama (just because his black) but how many people agree that Gucci Mane shoulda been the president?

  • marty mcfly

    I not proud of Obama only because hes the same race as me. Thats what people say when they look for any reason to hate. Bottom line is Obama could have been a rich millionaire a long time ago but he choose to try to help this country. This dude graduated from columbia university and went on to become the first black president of the harvard law review. Then he taught constitutional law at the university of chicago for 12 years and he was a community organizer while serving terms in the illinois senate. I could go on and on about the shit hes done in his life so at some point it stops being about his race and then you have to respect him as a man. Hes been offered jobs that would pay him millions of dollars and he didnt take them so he could go sit in the worst position you could be in ( to help US ) which is the president because people around the world already hated america long before Obama. So thats why im like how people so mad at Obama when he knows way more about government then you? Obama cant change the people , the people have to be willing to change. One day you mite see something happen to you that helps you personally that can be linked back to a decision that Obama has made , then you”ll understand. Is Obama a saint or the answer to all americas problems? NO but he had the courage to give it a try. Would I want to be the president? Fuck No and Donald Skunk is a billionaire so what are his motives for being involved in government? It mite be to sell us to a foreign country because thats how he made his billions in the 1st place by selling property. Obama aint trying to fuck us like that , at least he still got some integrity.

  • hater

    ahahahah he destroyed him

  • Jest

    @An Educated Black Man

    Apparently you aren’t that bright despite being educated. This event is a fundraiser where it’s customary for the President to roast. Every President does jokes at this event. Every single one.

  • drugante

    @Educated Black Uncle Rukus..i dont need to articulate anything to the likes of you …reagan loving ..Juan Williams looking at punk fuck boi!!..remember what u said…on your 1st post…the President for 3 yrs have been graceful and quiet about the issue of of Birth Certificate to these Racist crackers…and now he unleash SUper Saiyen level 2…not 4….2….and u get your fucking thongs in a bunch because he defended himself?..U are a Fucking FAG…i wish there was people like u around me..i would soooooo smack earth wind and fire out of your House Nigger ass….LIKE I SAID…THIS ISNT JIM CROW ANYMORE…

  • Coochie Mane

    Obama’s ego is the only thing that is larger than the current national debt. This guy needs a reality check.

  • baba

    SHIMMY shimmy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!

    lol obama youre the best for this one. rip odb

  • Unkle Rukus

    Preach on Educated Black Male, preach on. This young niggas need to hop of Obama’s muslim dick

  • ghettoblaster

    “An educated black man” is a uncle tom

  • ghettoblaster

    fuck you uncle toms

  • Raptorsarefirends

    Really!? What is up with all the Nihilism going on in here? I mean you can only have so much faith in the office of the President. You don’t have the influence that multinational corporations, so you can only expect so much. You’ve got to make changes for yourself. At least with Obama in office social conservatism is being kept at bay to an extent. He at least got rid of DADT. I’m not saying he is a great president, but everyone else is going to do shit like cut social spending which is just going to make shit for the lower class worse. We do need to get out of our wars, like Ron Paul said, but we know he isn’t getting nominated for shit even though he has SOME good ideas. Unless we’re going to have a full fledged revolution to change the system and the impact of corporations, then you have to pick the lesser of two evils. McCain would have entered the conflict with Libya too btw. And the financial situation would be virtually the same.

    But I’m sure you guys are ready for President Palin or some shit like that.

  • Willie P

    So, do you guys really think that Obama was gonna step into office and make everything change in four years? It takes way more than one presidential term to turn around the last two terms of overspending and mistakes and the meaningless war(they are NOT fighting for our freedom, so please stop saying that shit) and other missteps during the Bush/Cheney run. Anybody who thought Barack was just gonna step in and deliver on his campaign promises immediately is extremely naive. It takes time to change the country and unfortunately I don’t think Obama is gonna get a second term to even try to make do on the change he wanted to make.

    HOWEVER, if you can name me a Presidential candidate who CAN do better than Obama in 2012, please let me know. Because I don’t see anybody taking Obama out of office.

  • ghettoblaster

    ron pauls a faggot

  • Cyrus & Jama

    Obama had some of them weed brownies Professor Deen Kane had. lol

  • Jason

    Obama is such a fucking nigger…him and his porch monkey bitch of a wife are destroying America by giving to handouts & welfare to all
    You dumb niggers

  • he got him on that tupac and biggie line lol

  • marty mcfly

    Black people are bringing down america because of welfare? That is so far from the truth its unbelievable. You could take all the black people on welfare ( like were the only race on welfare ) and thats not even a pocket change to the money america spends on other shit that is bringing america down.

  • collegeboy

    fuck @an educated black man, you racist cunt, Obama is doin a great job, Bush fucked everything up before he left, yet yall dont say anything about that. Obama cant fix everything in 4 years, it takes time dumb ass. Actin like Obama is God and can fix everything, he is human just like us and he is doin the best he can do and its not like he is running things because there is congress and most of them are fuckin republicans. Yall get off Obama’s dick and let him do his job, we will decide if he was great president when he leaves in 2016.

  • Shade

    I don’t really care for the birth certificate ordeal, but what’s funny to me is there are so many of you which I bet are true believers of 9/11 being an inside job. So, am I to believe that with the precise sophistication that the government used when planning and executing the 9/11 attack, they can’t fake a long form birth certificate? I don’t believe in conspiracies at all, I actually mock and make fun of those who do, but it’s amazing how people can show a blind eye to something that doesn’t support their argument, especially when they believe something that’s as asinine and as outlandish as what they make fun of other people for.

    “I believe the government was behind such a complex, full scale attack on American soil, but I refuse to believe the government has the time or the resources to falsify a long form birth certificate.. If you believe that, you’re just retarded.”

    Does anyone see how much of a joke that is?

  • marty mcfly

    and no ive never been on welfare but I do know that the money that ten families , white or black spend from welfare in a year. Is money that some of these white people in politics spend in one day on shopping sprees.

  • G Dubya

    Sorry Shade 9/11 was an inside job. How else do you explain pillars of the WTC being so evenly cut, so as to indicate a building demolition procedure, in the aftermath? All post attack footage of ground zero contains shots of the pillars sliced Diagnally? YES, This gov’t would kill its own people to scare the shit out of us so we can vote laws like the patriot act into effect. Hitler did the same thing in 1933. WW1 WW2, Vietnam were all started on lies and propaganda. Maybe you can get a government job, bust your ass and be quiet for about 10 to 12 years, and maybe you’ll get promoted to secret keeper.


    Trump just got his pants pulled down and spanked in front of everyone

  • Maga D

    I’m with Sage on this shit. Yo marty, I feel you on what Obama did BEFORE he was president, he did great things, not for the world but for the Chi. BUT he’s president now,& all that “hard work” he did before hasn’t translated over. It’s like, for you hip hop heads to relate, it’s like when Cassidy was destroying the underground with his tapes & just killin every flow, good job, but he could never make an album, he had about two good singles but overall the album sucked. This is Obama’s presidency.
    I feel you Sage, Gov don’t give a shit & so neither will I. “the President of the U.S , what is your job title? Just saying” I’m not trying to be the president either, fuck politics real talk, Imma move by 2018, stand tall or sit the fuck down niggas peep game.

  • Maga D

    & I pay OBAMA to be a good president not be be a comedian, At least I didn’t vote for him, or anybody.

  • TekZilla

    @ Shade wow.. youd get laughed out of any real conversation on the subject, so keep those bullshit opinions to yourself. Ever hear of building 7? Another WTC building that had no visible outside damage and still fell HOURS after the twin towers did. Explain that. Theres so much more to this, its not worth getting into it on 2DBZ comments. It just shocks me that there is someone as ignorant as yourself spewing that bullshit like its the absolute truth. Obama is a carefully chosen celebrity with no real power. The NWO is very real and the agenda is being pushed harder than ever, please dont sleep.. and to Shade, do the knowledge before you even try to speak on this.

  • TekZilla

    This shit is chess, not checkers.

  • ^G Dubya< maby u saw the pics of the tower pillars after emergency services had got to it?

  • Jasper Dolphin

    Obama is the newest member of Odd Future.

  • cdubkush

    its funny how racist people get when there behind there computer screens. fuck racism, fuck the war, fuck the national deficit and get some pussy. trump looked like a dumbass. to be completely honest america was so fucked before obama you cant blame one man on the whole country. when the house and senate cant agree on shit. obama cant do anything he wants to do. odb track was clean though!

  • ^G Dubya< maby u saw the pics of the tower pillars after emergency services had got to it?

    Billy said this on May 1st, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    For one minute entertain the possibility that 99% of what you see n the news is bullshit.
    Your comment / question makes absolutely no sense.

    Click name for further instructions

  • G Dubya < er..u kno..cut the pillars to make them safer…smh

    Click name for further instructions

  • Ryan

    Why exactly are people bagging on Obama for making jokes toward Trump? An Educated Black Man, how exactly was this a verbal assault? You do realize that the point of these Correspondents’ Dinners is for laughs, right? It’s essentially a roast.

    2010 Correspondents’ Dinner:
    Did he verbally assault himself last year?

  • Uknown


  • ha

    1478 who liked this are black

  • And Won

    Obama is better than Bushjr, but only for 1 reason and it’s unrelated to his presidency. Obama is better because he’s done more in his life for social upliftment programs. Bush and Obama as presidents are practically the same person.

  • rt101

    obama was roaaastn peoples!

  • Deter

    Trump wins. Obama takes the L for even mentioning Trump by name, essentially acknowledging the things he’s said, regardless of how outlandish & ridiculous they might be.

  • PJS192

    This isn’t a fucking Hip-Hop beef, you don’t take ‘L’s for mentioning someone ‘beefing’ with you. His job as President is to deal with issues head on. You Americans are so fucking ignorant it’s incredible. You’ve finally got a qualified President and you’re complaining that he’s too educated?! I really do feel for Obama, he deserves a lot better.



  • ha


  • tyrone

    Co sign on he is the president who are you? His job sons your job title? But watched the whole thing and I am always pleased at a leader that can see humor in over exaggerated subjects. Rather than respond vehemently he responds with humor, that is intelligent and smart, wins over all viewers!

  • Tom

    Most of the comments made here indicate that the people who made them are nitwits.

  • warpath

    Obama is the man!!!!

  • ProductChris

    Obama 1 Trump 0

  • GoBama!!!!!! He trashed Everyone he spoked about, way to go.