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Swizz Beatz – Everyday (Coolin’) f. Eve (Video)

blame it on Meka May 1, 2011

Seriously, why are the Memphis Grizzlies a problem in the playoffs? Anyways, here is the one man band man’s Haute Living single in visual format, featuring the previously missing-in-action Eve.


    i would so give eve the business

  • solger

    because of zach randolph, you dumb nigga.

  • PRG

    Its cool, but I’m feeling this video better! http://youtu.be/S_rtqf1f4dQ?hd=1

  • yuurp

    really Alicia? “I’m chillin chillin chillin chillin! I’m coolin coolin coolin coolin!”

    Maybe in real life he’s a different person but on the mic this nigga is garbage…

  • Shawn


    Money talks, brah and he has a lot of money. Anyway, nice to see Eve back but this beat and song are garbage. Such a stupid ass beat and Swizz is annoying as fuck. I miss his beats from the early days, he was much better then.

  • cuz of Zach Randolph duh! i mean have you see the nigga play ball?

  • CharlieMcClure

    Shake, if you watched the Memphis-San Antonio series you would understand why the Grizzlies are still in the running. Aggressive defense and even better offense will always be hard to defeat. And btw post some interesting shit for once, no one gives a shit about Swizz Beatz.

    A die-hard Grizzlies fan.

  • Marvin

    @Charlie Meka posted this not Shake!