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The Lonely Island – Turtleneck & Chain f. Snoop Dogg

blame it on Miss_Peas May 1, 2011

“The fatter, the puffier, the fluffier, the bigger the turtleneck, the more gangster it is.”

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  • Doc Rovers

    if you thumb this down you probably fail to realize that this is a comedy song. dumb fucks

  • Rozko

    I know it’s suppose ta b a joke but snoop is and has been corny for a while now

  • GR

    The singing ad located at the bottom left is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard

  • Big Bank Hank

    Snoop is easily the worst rapper on this song.

  • kamu

    The joke is understood.. The idiodicy of it well I can’t digest it… fucking cornballs all of them..

  • solger

    doc rovers, stfu u dumb ass nigga. we get the joke. the joke isn’t funny. fucking stupid nigga.

  • Doc Rovers

    no-sense-of-humor-having commenters on here damn

  • And Won

    gangsterism is unintelligent, so much for it.

  • gose

    snoop been shitty since like 2002

  • joe

    hey – at least these cats are cooler than dame, man that cat is THE Corniest.

  • yeah


  • Shy

    Sippin on a light beer!!

  • AMP

    Snoop just wants to have fun..clearly you’re not about that.

  • david

    the whole ‘if you dont find this funny you dont have a sense of humour’ idea is funny itself, parody songs can be funny at times but rarely, these guys just aren’t funny at all, just remind me of them stupid youtube comedians that last a few years at most then get forgot about


    Beer light all night stand up and get dizzy


  • jk hahaha

    Im sticking with Das Racist