• http://www.howapropos.com SirCatalyst

    I would pay big money for "Generation Gap" to be released in it's 2001 original form. That was gonna be the Illmatic of the decade.

  • ironmike

    Is P.R. the one and only Soulbrotha#1 Pete Rock?

  • Backout

    Tracks are bangin ... classic ny shit with a contemporary feel to it

  • B-Line

    Ali Vegas is a intriguing rapper. I bought the best of ali vegas volume 2 mixtape and completely enjoyed the whole disc. he also has a couple of CRAZY tracks The Town Bought It/Look in The Mirror/Cold Town. Lyrically He is a beast and his music has substance. What he needs is consistency in his music overall he is a complete package. Put him in Young Money good Music and this dude will Shine. Think of him less like NAS but more like Fab without the commercial shit.

  • Ali Vegas

    "Put him in Young Money good music and this dude will Shine. Think of him less like NAS but more like Fab without the commercial shit."

    Officially uninterested.

  • basick


  • http://steezekillin goonkillah

    put him in young money FUCK OFF!!! a&R mahfuka why u think Young Money dat cream.......that will make him the same as all the rest off them format punks

  • http://WWW.ItsMe.com Nesbit

    Now this one, I am feeling.

  • http://www.twitter.com/pdotr P.R

    Yo thanks for the love people! P.R here! I'm a music producer from Sydney in Australia. I produced half of this Vegas e.p. Twitter : @pdotr

  • RemixCollector

    How you doin & Literature are insanely dope !!

  • http://berpwillie.bandcamp.com Berp Willie

    hope this is worth it

  • Nyce

    Ali's mixtape releases and such in the past has always been dope. Even though dude missed his spot for stardom he's still a nice emcee.

  • HotNix

    most battle rappers never make it big. Its one thing to just spit venom at a dude for a minute and a half. Its a whole other animal to make a 4 minute song, with 32 bar verses, breaks, chorus and make it all congruent.

  • Saucey

    SHIT YEAH! This is crack! Reach Out is real nice.

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