Ali Vegas – Bridging the Gap (FreEP)

blame it on Shake May 2, 2011

Man, I remember back in the day I would swear up and down about this cat being the next best thing. And while he’s still pretty dope, it’s too bad he never quite lived up to the hype that surrounded him.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Ali Vegas – Bridging the Gap EP [via]

  • I would pay big money for “Generation Gap” to be released in it’s 2001 original form. That was gonna be the Illmatic of the decade.

  • ironmike

    Is P.R. the one and only Soulbrotha#1 Pete Rock?

  • Backout

    Tracks are bangin … classic ny shit with a contemporary feel to it

  • B-Line

    Ali Vegas is a intriguing rapper. I bought the best of ali vegas volume 2 mixtape and completely enjoyed the whole disc. he also has a couple of CRAZY tracks The Town Bought It/Look in The Mirror/Cold Town. Lyrically He is a beast and his music has substance. What he needs is consistency in his music overall he is a complete package. Put him in Young Money good Music and this dude will Shine. Think of him less like NAS but more like Fab without the commercial shit.

  • Ali Vegas

    “Put him in Young Money good music and this dude will Shine. Think of him less like NAS but more like Fab without the commercial shit.”

    Officially uninterested.

  • basick


  • put him in young money FUCK OFF!!! a&R mahfuka why u think Young Money dat cream…….that will make him the same as all the rest off them format punks

  • Now this one, I am feeling.

  • P.R

    Yo thanks for the love people! P.R here! I’m a music producer from Sydney in Australia. I produced half of this Vegas e.p. Twitter : @pdotr

  • RemixCollector

    How you doin & Literature are insanely dope !!

  • hope this is worth it

  • Nyce

    Ali’s mixtape releases and such in the past has always been dope. Even though dude missed his spot for stardom he’s still a nice emcee.

  • HotNix

    most battle rappers never make it big. Its one thing to just spit venom at a dude for a minute and a half. Its a whole other animal to make a 4 minute song, with 32 bar verses, breaks, chorus and make it all congruent.

  • Saucey

    SHIT YEAH! This is crack! Reach Out is real nice.

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