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Lloyd Banks Speaks On Reuniting With Game & Young Buck (Video)

blame it on Meka May 2, 2011

File this under “Good Luck With That.” Lloyd spoke to Funk Flex on his new car show about any possibilities of Jayceon and David coming back into the G-Unit fold.

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  • gizzle

    Fuck GAME if go back to G-Unit

  • goldielocc

    give it up loyd blanks.. gunit been dead since 2004

    Aftermath/ BWS/ RED

  • RealHipHop





    where’s red? why wasn’t game invite to summerjam? oh it’s because he’s not relavant!

  • 89

    Ha! Where Game Been With All His Wack Ass Singles?

  • marty mcfly

    Games last mixtape >>> Lloyds last album and 50s last album. For every Game song you say is wack I could name 5 that you”ll admit are dope. True story now get mad.

  • Banks >> Game & Buck Put Together

    Bank’s last song from CC2 “Misery” >>>> Any Game Song Since 50 Stopped Writing For Him.

    *check it out under the video* (previous)

  • crevoonthetable

    LMAO Back on my Buck shit 2 rapes whatever the hell banks’ last album was. truth is, all of them need each other if any of em wanna go platinum again

  • U MAD

    Banks >> Game & Buck Put Together
    Bank’s last song from CC2 “Misery” >>>> Any Game Song Since 50 Stopped Writing For Him.
    *check it out under the video* (previous)
    YTOT said this on May 2nd, 2011 at 6:43 pm


  • gooddrink

    smh @ people forgetting how incredibly dope Game is

  • RealHipHop

    only Game dickriders would be goin back n forth on a Banks post..smdh…where in the header was Game mentioned again?

  • james r

    banks can out rap both buck & games name dropping ass. game is not a mc like banks . banks album was better then bucks rehab & games LAX album . at leaste lloyd banks has dropped an album. game & buck both can’t get any albums out .so save it you game stans & wannabe fake ass gangstas .

  • Oak

    Game is wack son. This is coming from a West Coast cat who used to swear by Game’s albums. He name drops too much. He might have a couple good songs, but when you saturate the music market with bullshit people are going to realize you ain’t that talented.

    I actually think that, out of Buck, Game & Banks, Banks is the dopest right now. That track on Raekwon’s last album with Banks proved to me that he can still spit.

  • im westwood

    Im from the westcoast and Game is a dope ass rapper, fucka lloyd banks, Game murked his ass on ‘Down’, you know what it is volume 3 bitches! Go listen to that shit!

  • TheStreetSweeper

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    cilvaringz1 Cilvaringz
    And that American patriotism is #fail if he was caught alive, cool.. but being martyred by his enemies is exactly what he wanted.
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    cilvaringz1 Cilvaringz
    I dont condone what OBL did, but somehow shit is bothering me. I dont know what it is.
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    cilvaringz1 Cilvaringz
    Why is everybody cheering while this is exactly what OBL wanted.. to be shot. IF this is what happened. Buried at sea? the muslim way? huh??

    I will never support this guy again.

  • VL

    Flex Have a show on MTV2? Now I see why I stop watching MTV Period.

  • Ratoma

    we need more SP!!!!!

  • Cage

    ^^ Nigga i stopped watchin MTV and BET over 5 yrs ago…. You won’t miss anything special

  • IAmKneeGrow

    LMAO @ ALL of you even wasting time arguing on this old as Game/Buck vs G-Unit shit Facts are facts Lloyd Banks has dropped his album, it has done pretty good in today’s market, where you have to be on Wayne, Kanye, Jay-Z status to move MAJOR units, Game keeps dropping all these “singles” but NONE are catching fire and his album more than likely will be pushed back to next year(probably even further)…..and as far as Young Buck goes, wait a second who the fuck is Young Buck?? I barely even remember him, When was the last time he was relevant at all?? EXACTLY! He’s still screaming “Fuck G-Unit” at shitty club shows in small venues, 50 and them don’t even mention those niggas unless they are asked about them, they moved on…Jayceon and David should do the same.

  • IAmKneeGrow

    old ass* my bad

  • marty mcfly

    Lloyd banks album did good? When the RED album comes out there aint gonna be no question who was and still is the best lyricist from g unit.

  • BigL

    Lloyd Banks is a real dude, he just make real music yall cant hate

  • Hussle21

    i think there all dope artist. i don’t care if they never make another g-unit album, but if they all went on tour together with shady and aftermath. i think it’ll be dope for hip hop!

  • G

    Not gonna lie, I miss the old times where G-Unit was on top.

  • Mitta

    If G Unit never split up… No beef.. They wouldve made some classics… Because none of them released anything better then the material they made before the beef…

    Documentary Game was insane.