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Nesby Phips – Magic f. Curren$y & Stalley

blame it on Shake May 2, 2011

DOWNLOAD: Nesby Phips – Magic f. Curren$y & Stalley | Medaifire

  • licks

    When that Miles Davis / Nesby Phips joint dropping ??
    This track is aight still !

  • AnonyMouse


    It’s Ski Beatz. Fuck do you expect


    this guy needs alot more music out..

    I still bout that Phips tape from time to time

  • Roe

    Phips the truth

  • tesetherapper

    its sounding more and more like spitta is talkin about wiz to me now

  • foriegnexchange

    @testtherapper what do you mean by that like talking about how he’s selling out?

  • facemask

    Yeah and my cousin Sheneyney who’s best friend’s cousin’s friend heard that Wiz called Spitta a Sucka.

  • Sage

    Curren$y was always a better rapper than Wiz, thats nothing new. I dont think he would throw shots @ him either.

  • tesetherapper

    @foriegnexchange about wiz takin his whole persona, not even just spitta”‘s style. Something just tells me they arent as cool as they used to be anymore(via the HOW FLY days)

  • mrbattle


  • Wtf

    curren$y has said plenty of times on twitter “you show the world everyday how much of a G you’re not” & that was said the day wiz album dropped & he was performing on 106 & park. Lets be real spitta know the boy a lame & im pretty sure he lets wiz know whats G & whats not the boy is a straight peon captain save her…

  • joeyc

    ^ @tesetherapper co-sign! Curren$y shows it in his new interviews, when Wiz is mentioned he snaps. #JetLife

  • Res

    this song was recorded over a year ago, ya’ll reachin’ with any analysis of spitta’s rhymes

  • tesetherapper

    @Res its not just this song tho its others where he talk about it to like “Full Metal”, “Ventilation” and “smokers break” all on covert coupes which is all recent material just listen to it

  • CK

    yall read into it too much.. spitta doesnt seem like one to hold a grudge and denied takin shots at wiz numerous times.. he’s probably shales his head at every new wiz step but no beef..

  • red


    Spitta definitely has a grudge against Wayne. Neither Wayne or Curren$y want to acknowledge each other.
    It’s a shame to me that Spitta would start having problems with Wiz Khalifa. I think it’s a long shot to say his music has gone to shit and I know that a How Fly 2 would be in the top 5 projects of the year.
    They both need to clear their heads and get back in the studio.

  • It’s lonely at the top

  • Dope track!

  • NickyCee

    All this shit is hearsay Wiz and Spitta work best with each other!!!! Any true fan knows this!!! Jet Life & TGOD Bitch!

  • Rozko

    Slowly but surely Wiz has TURNED INTO that lame nigga Spitta has always rapped about since before he even fukked wit Wiz.

  • SwishasNKush

    Don’t know if Spitta was talking about Jiz Khalifa but i was wondering if i was the only one thinking he was taking a couple jabs at that lame on “Smoke Break”. Hmm i hope so.

  • red

    I don’t think he was throwing shots at Wiz on Smoke Break. I mean Curren$y has been claiming he’s ahead of everyone that isn’t a JETS an that no one can fuck with the JETS. The three things that Curren$y raps about is materialism, addressing the haters, and smoking weed (that’s not a shot at Spitta he’s one of my favorites).

  • Ty

    the track Record Deals off of smokee robinson was a definite shot at wiz…

  • red

    And Wiz was on Mazel Tov (which means Congratulations) and I Don’t Fucks Wit Em?
    Seems unlikely.
    I don’t think Spitta would be that slimey.

  • Marley Superhigh

    Wiz Didnt Even Have A Deal when smokey robinson came out dumb ass

  • dappz

    this is a post on Nesby Phibs you knuckleheads, curren$y stans Just.Enjoy.This.Shit , that is, this track…#Dopene$$

  • Rozko

    Record deals was offa return to the winners circle….